mesopotamia catapult simulation

The simulation on the ancient Mesopotamian civilization is about making the secret invention by trading and designing buildings like temples. The secret invention was the catapult. we had to make our own language and trade without words and design a 3-story temple with many kitchens, living rooms, staircases, and other things.

During the simulation, my first job was to make the laws and then I moved on the temple designing when Takumi finished with his job. When we selected the jobs for each of our members, we had Takumi make our language while Emily was our trader, I was the law-maker and angel was the temple designer. Our biggest achievement was to be able to trade very well which caused us to win (a tie). Our weakest part was designing the temple as I’m not that good at making blueprints. If I could do this activity again, I would change the planning of the jobs so I was the trader, Takumi was the law-maker, Angel was the temple designer, and Emily was the language maker.