For Better or For Worse?

Michael Davies, American journalist extraordinaire thrown into the turmoil of 1960s Cuba. Beginning as a passionate reporter on an adventure, to an unwilling bystander in Castro’s reign of fear, to a CIA informant in a time of paranoia and delicate world politics, this journal brings you on his journey of uncertainty and change. This is the story of the Cuban […]

From Batista to Bombs: the Cuban Revolution

In this video, Rachel, Yuki, and I explain the events of the Cuban Revolution in Plain English. Spanning from Batista’s first term as president in 1940 to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, we explore the roots of the Cuban Revolution, how a small band of rebels defeated an entire army, its messy aftermath, and its lingering effects on the […]

Unpunished Murder: Systematic Racism and the Tragic Events at Colfax

Unpunished Murder by Lawrence Goldstone is a book about the often overlooked story of the Colfax Massacre and the long history of systematic racism in America. The main theme of the book is: in times of change, hatred and violence often arise. Following emancipation, white supremacists committed several racially motivated crimes against black people when their status quo was challenged. […]

Design Challenge: Smell Detector

For Product Design, we were challenged to make a prototype of an invention that can identify an unknown smell. My invention works by sucking in the moisture around it through the vents at the top like a dehumidifier and analyzing the particles in the water to identify the smell. The clear bar in the middle is an ‘upload bar’, the […]

The Boxers: Liberators or Terrorists?

The Boxers did not deserve a bad rap; they were only trying to protect their culture and to retaliate and defend their country from the atrocities the foreigners had already committed during the Opium Wars. After the Opium Wars, in which China was defeated and humiliated by foreign imperialist powers, the people of China were weakened by natural disasters and […]

Lightbox Design: Cloud Gate

In Product Design, our task was to design and create a lightbox that depicts a scene of a place that was important to us in some way. For my lightbox, I chose the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago. When I lived in the United States, my family and I would go to Chicago for long weekends every year. My biggest […]