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Making Lip Balm Part: 2

Using the trial four’s recipe from last time I made two new lip balms. The scents I made are lemon and mandarin. These scents of  mandarin and lemon came through, though the scent of the lemon one is stronger. I think this was because  lemon is a stronger scent. Both of the lip balm scents came through a lot stronger and more prominent than rose. When I was making these two lip balms the essential came out more easily so more essential oil drops were used this gives the final product a stronger scent.  I got some feedback on the lip balms I made and their responses were all very similar. “strong scent, good scent, and could be more solid because it feels like it could easily melt” So, if I make more, I think I might play around with the amounts, maybe by adding more beeswax and less coconut oil.


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Trial 3 -scent rose







The amounts I changed this time was switching the amounts of beeswax and oil, this worked really well so I won’t change them. But what I will change/ do better is making sure that the lip balm mixture isn’t too hot before putting the essential oil in (in order to make sure the scent stays) and another thing is making sure it is completely hardened before I touch it because I always accidentally end up messing up it’s hardening process . My mom and my sister both tried trial three and their responses were good, “good consistency,”- mom and “better and it applies better too,”-sister. So I think I am getting close, yay! My goal for next time is, 1. as mentioned above not to touch it until it is hardened completely, 2. is to wait until the temp. of the lip balm is at least 40 º before putting the chapstick mixture in the container and finally get the rose scent to stay (maybe I’ll try lavender essential oil).  From the feedback I was given it seemed I need more essential oil or need to let it cool down more, so I made a note in the procedure to wait till the lip balm mixture cools to 35- 45 degrees then add essential oil in order to preserve the scent.  Another thing that was suggested was to add coconut oil might be a good idea to try and I think it is too because someone used it for all her trials and her lip balms have good texture so, I decided that I would take 0.2 grams from beeswax and the seed oils and in place of those grams I would put 0.4 grams of coconut oil in.

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Trial 2 lip balm scent Rose

birds eye view of trial one and 2

Ingredients in small beaker

I got two people to try both lip balm trials. Both  preferred trial 2, here are their comments for trial 1:   “Not bad, interesting.” – My mom and my sister said-“makes my lips feel soft, tastes good, could be smoother, nice texture “. Trial two: “Doesn’t go on smoothly,  covers lips and seals in moisture”- my mom and my sister said- “smoother than trial 1, good scent, tastes good, cool color”.  To improve my lip balm next time I will make sure to check the temperature of when I turn the hot plate on low heat and when I decide to put the essential oil in speaking of which I will make sure that the temperature is isn’t as hot (when the essential oils go in) as last time (in order for the scent to stay), I would would switch the amounts of beeswax and oils to see if applies more easily, and above all wait for the lip balm mixture in the container to fully harden before touching it. 

original Procedure

2nd version of procedure.




Table of trials

Most recent procedure

Trial One Lip Balm -Scent Rose?


New edited procedure










I had the exact amount written down in the word doc. but it didn’t save. What went well was that it was good until it hardened and made it impossible to put in the chapstick container which leads me to the part were I tell you what didn’t go well scent disappeared because I had to re heat it so many times and not a lot made it into the container. And there wasn’t enough to tell if there was different shading and texture was funny and rough. Next time I will put the scent in earlier so I can put it into the container before it cools, this is because it cooled too much after I put in the essential oil and I had to reheat the mixture due to this it ended up with the scent closer to beeswax then  the original scent of rose.

These are my materials and ingredients.

This is mixing the ingredients together in the pot.

Fully mixed ingredients ready to pour into chapstick container.


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Shackles From The Deep one on one

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Chapstick research ingredients

Active ingredients:

  • Octinoxate (7.5%) -sunscreen
  • Oxybenzone (3%)-sunscreen

Inactive ingredients:

  • Aloe Barbensis (aloe vera) Leaf extract- soothe and hydrate dry lips
  • Cannabis sativa(hemp) Seed oil -nourishing benefits, conditions and moisturizes even the most sensitive of lips
  • Cera alba(beeswax) -lock in moisture and protect the fragile skin on your lips
  • Euphorbia cerifera (Candelilla) wax -barrier agent to prevent loss of moisture (usually due to cosmetics)

Glycine soja (soybean) oil- as an emollient (to soften and smooth)

  • Helianthus annus(sunflower) seed oil- nourish and repair the delicate skin on lips
  • Limnanthes alba (meadowfoam) seed oil- gives lips a rich moisturizing feel and a bit of shine to lips

Mangifera indica(mango) seed butter – leaves the skin soft and has a non-greasy after feeling, it also keeps skin hydrated for long periods of time

Rosmarinus officinalis(rosemary) leaf extract – help chapped lips and prevent drying (has moisturizing properties)

Simmondsia chinesis (jojoba) seed oil – Plant-based liquid wax that deeply cleanses and nourishes cells, soothes chapped lips, and promotes glowing skin complexion

Tocopherol (vitamin E) – boosts circulation and may help generate new skin cells and makes lips softer


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