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Everything works around you they do that for a reason, so do you so try to take a step of responsibility. The main character “the little girl” from the storyThe Little Girl Who Would Not Work”, does not like to work and never even thought about getting a job. But when one day she went to go ask the squirrels, bees, ants, and flowers if they worked and they all said yes. after the little girl went around to ask, she started to take responsibility for herself by making a choice of to get a job or not. The big idea of the story was responsibility and self-worth.

In the story “The Little Girl Who Would Not Work”, by, Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, the author believes that responsibility is really important in life because it can help you go further in life.  During the story, the main character asked two animals if they do work. After the two animals answered her question, she started to think about it: “‘the girl walked along very slowly, for she was thinking”’ (Bailey 1).  The author showed that there was something up her mind, so she was walking slowly and for what was on her mind. She was thinking about if it was better to get a job and work from now on or just play and not do anything forever. As the story continues the girl said to her mother, “‘mother the squirrels and the bees and the ants and the flowers all work…I want some work to do”’ (Baily 2). When the little girl says to her mother about how she wants to do some work you can see that she takes responsibility for herself and she makes a choice of doing something that can help her get through life, and she had this thought because she noticed that everything around her has a job and they work every day for a purpose. In conclusion, you have to give yourself a push into things that are important and have a reason to be, just try.