I was born twice first as a nice and week fourteen-year-old girl who would do anything to get into the best college. The second time was when I woke up with a red armband on me and bloodstains on my shirt. Hearing the cries and screams of children and women as I woke up, I knew that at that moment I would never go back into being the warm-hearted Wang Moyao I was. Everything that happened is written in my journal. I kept my journal with me all along I hope you can see what had happened.

Although things had changed like the way that people thought of foreign culture and the four Olds, there were still things that stayed the same. In china communism was what held us to this point, if we didn’t go by communism, I wouldn’t know if we could still get to this point today.  Not just communism stayed the same, but also the levels in people. I know it is not good to have a different way of treating people way their level. In nowadays china they don’t judge the levels people are in, and now the government is helping a lot to the people who need the help. Things come and go, but things that need to stay in the future must stay whether you like it or not.