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The Hate U Give

Right now the book that I am reading makes me feel like I would like to jump into the deeper meaning of the book and also to understand more of the techniques that the author does to help us as readers to understand everything and to feel like we are living in the book. what I would like to do is to read lots of the parts that I think are useful in the book and start to put some annotations to help me when we are going to start the end of year project, but I will also be reading other books just not as much as I will be reading The Hate U Give.

Common Vertical

what did you do well?

I don’t really know what I did well

what do you still need to work on?

I still need to work on a lot of things for example my grammar and my narrative techniques.

my goal is to get meetings for my narrative techniques and my vocabulary.

Independent reading 1

The book that I am reading is The Hate U Give. Right now the main character in this book had gone to a party and she feels that she doesn’t fit in and she feels really uncomfortable. I actually really enjoy this book it is really fun to read because the book has lots of details and an interesting setting.

English 9 Goals

My strengths are I can read and write and my weaknesses are I have a hard time getting important information in my head I tend to ignore the important messages in an article or an essay. one of my other weaknesses is I am not good at spelling and my grammar is not that good. This year I have two goals. my first goal is being able to stand in front of the class and give a speech or a talk, and also I would want to try to read 5 books from start to finish throughout this year because I am not that good of a reader also because I don’t like to read. to help me achieve these goals I would like to have some book recommendations from my teacher and also I would have to manage my time for how long I should read and what type of books are good for me to read. another thing to help me achieve these goals are also to finish and do all the work that I am given. some obstacles I think that i will meet is when i am reading, i feel like i will feel bored and stop reading then i won’t read enough then I can’t reach my goal so that is a really big part of why I am not good at spelling.  I am not reading enough.

The Cultural Revolution

I was born twice first as a nice and week fourteen-year-old girl who would do anything to get into the best college. The second time was when I woke up with a red armband on me and bloodstains on my shirt. Hearing the cries and screams of children and women as I woke up, I knew that at that moment I would never go back into being the warm-hearted Wang Moyao I was. Everything that happened is written in my journal. I kept my journal with me all along I hope you can see what had happened.

Although things had changed like the way that people thought of foreign culture and the four Olds, there were still things that stayed the same. In china communism was what held us to this point, if we didn’t go by communism, I wouldn’t know if we could still get to this point today.  Not just communism stayed the same, but also the levels in people. I know it is not good to have a different way of treating people way their level. In nowadays china they don’t judge the levels people are in, and now the government is helping a lot to the people who need the help. Things come and go, but things that need to stay in the future must stay whether you like it or not.

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

During 1966-1976 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution happened. What caused The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to happen and get really serious was in 1958 after the first five-year plan. In the beginning1957, Mao made his plan to modernize China. In that same year and the years to follow, Mao promised to get a better economic system, let everyone have the same amount of wealth, and the conditional development of the country, then surpass ofter countries. then in the early 1960s, because China was struggling from the five-year plan, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping, and Premier Zhou Enlai gave economic policies to the great leap forward that they were planing. These leaders didn’t really agree with Mao’s opinions and visions. In 1962, when Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, and Deng Xiaoping were in charge of the economy, Mao had decided to start a revolution into making China a better country. Then what happened next is in this video.



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Covid has a Great Great Great Grandmother?

“Fatal Fever Tracking Down Typhoid Mary” is written by Gail Jarrow.  Here is an overview of how they tracked where typhoid had come from and how people found out about how the sickness traveled around and killed lots of people.

“Fatal Fever Tracking Down Typhoid Mary” by Gail Jarrow talks about the outbreak in 1907 of typhoid fever and “Typhoid Mary”. This book explains how healthy people can still carry bad diseases and infect other people. Healthy people can still carry bad diseases because the victims of typhoid fever can become immune to typhoid.  The meaning of this book is that they want people to know how important it is to follow and cooperate with the government regulations because they are studying the diseases and finding a cure. In this day we are living in a pandemic and still, we have people who do not listen or even do not even care about what the government has to say.

I really recommend this book because first students can learn about the the1907 outbreak of typhoid fever in this book there is a perfect historical perspective of the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic that is happening in our world today, and also in this book, there is a glossary, timeline, and a list of well-known typhoid sufferers and victims so people can learn a lot in this book. I learned that not only we need to listen to government regulations, but we also have to beware of what we do and what we have in our own bodies.

Something I learned in this unit is if I really concentrate to read non-fiction books and read the text, I will gain a deeper understanding of the book’s meaning and I can learn new and more stuff with just reading a book. Before I use to think that reading non-fiction books were lame and boring but, now I think it is really interesting and can teach me things.

Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Reputation?

The boxers do not deserve a bad reputation.According a local historian d that the Boxers lived a dangerous existence in the foreign legations in Beijing, so they decided to kill or attack the Boxers, but because the Boxers were undercover the British people killed lots of innocent people living in Beijing at that time. The Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation because the Boxers were not the people who started the war. The foreigners after the opium wars pushed their way into China and started to spread their own religions and beliefs, then to start claiming parts of China heirs. In this war, the Boxers were trying to protect their homeland, why they used such violence was because talking it out would not work cause the British and the foreigners would not listen.

HELENa daughter of nedar by Gracie

This characterization magazine poster was based on the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, I choose Helena because she was a really easy one to write about. The photo I used for this magazine poster was a really beautiful photo of Helena, why I choose this photo was because she said that she was not as beautiful as Hermia, but in this photo, you can see that is very pretty. I feel like the quote that I used was really good because it gives me a good vibe when I hear it.

Humanists of the Renaissance

The Elements of Renaissance by grace.king

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