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school uniforms

School uniforms


The vast majority of kids don’t want to wear school uniforms. According to one districtwide survey in Volusia County, Florida, nearly 70 percent of students said they were against a uniform policy. Personally, I don’t like wearing uniforms because it can take away the freedom of expressing yourself, really expensive and really uncomfortable.


Schools should not have uniforms because students should have their own way of expressing themself by wearing the unique clothes that they have. According to uniforms destroy individuality article, students with experience in wearing uniforms says it takes away a sense of indivitratiy, and because of this kind of taking away a sense of indivitratiy kids then would just wear a bad style of school uniform style to work and people would laugh at them then they will feel bad. This is why schools should not have uniforms.


Secondly, schools should not have uniforms because some schools’ uniforms can be really expensive, and some kids can’t afford the uniforms then they get picked on. According to a school elastic article, an investigator investigated that the average price of uniforms in schools around America, and the average price was $25-$200 per uniform and if every summer and winter they change the uniforms. How much money does the school get in a year just for a piece of clothing? This is also why schools should not have uniforms!


Lastly, schools should not have uniforms because school uniforms not only can be expensive, and it can also be really uncomfortable. Most teachers say that students should wear uniforms so they can concentrate more on their learning, but if the uniforms are uncomfortable then how would the students concentrate on their work or the teacher? School uniforms can be very uncomfortable because most female students don’t really like wearing skirts or dresses like me, but the problem is we have to wear polo skirts for 7 hours and plus. According to school uniforms, teen ink articles we shouldn’t wear school uniforms because school uniforms have to be tucked in the skirts or paints and uniforms have to be all tight and suited up. Some people will say that some school uniforms are comfortable, but if the uniforms are comfortable then the fabric would be really good, but if it is really good fabric then it would still come back to the problem of being expansive, and that is why schools should not have uniforms.


These are the reasons why schools shouldn’t have uniforms because they take away the freedom of expressing them-self, and they are pretty expensive for some students, lastly it is because the uniforms are really uncomfortable. This is why 70 percent of students in Florida is right.


My word vocabulary

  1.  About: “About real life. And how your studies apply to it.”

on the subject of; concerning.

Wrong Sentence: one sentence about in english.

2.  Bedlam: This place is total bedlam.


Wrong Sentence: I slept on the bedlam

3.  Torrential: The rain was torrential.


Wrong Sentence:My sister said I was torrential.

4. Hellish: The hellish future of Las Vegas in the climate crisis.

Very bad/terrible

Wrong Sentence: I like my hot dog hellish.

5. Sprawling: The sprawling economy of china affects the world.

Getting bigger/growing

Wrong Sentence: When I bumped my knee it started to sprawl.






6 Word Expression

Have lots of things to do.

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