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Why Is The Cuban Revolution Significant?

This video is an overview of the Cuban Revolution and whether we think the Cuban Revolution was worth it or not. Our goal was to create a video easily understood by anyone who has an interest in Cuban Revolution. Including an idea of Cuba’s history, its background, and its economy. The video also contains what caused the Cuban Revolution and what happened after it. We concluded the video with changes and continuities since it’s important to mention. Overall, I learned, when a country corrupts, it’s most likely that many will have complaints about inequality, poverty, etc. Eventually, the accusations spread. However, the one who caused corruption is unbothered to change. It leads to impatience, and that’s when you can predict a revolution. You can see an over occurring pattern within rebellions. Inequality caused both Cuban and Russian revolutions to occur. It was evident that some got treated unequally while some got praised. Now we know inequality was why it caused the Cuban and Russian revolutions.

“Quiet Power” by Susan Cain is a book about different personalities and abilities introverts and extroverts possess. This book contains many different sides of stories of introverts. Intoverts in this book does not possess much power in this society and are nonexistence. However, throughout the book, introverts gain more power and rights in this society. I realized a big theme in this book is that intoverts have strengths, just like extroverts, and their potential shouldn’t be underestimated. An example of the theme is on page 51 where it proves that introverts have strong leadership and overall the outcome of their work is better than extrovert’s outcome of the work. Another example is on page 141 this page mentions something called “deliberate practice” the only introverts possess this skill. This means introverts can master something by utilizing the skill of deliberate practice. Last but not least, on page 195 it is proven that “some of the greatest performers of the last few decades are introverts” Even though introverts can come of quiet and shy they can be amazing performers. Although this book gives you a deeper understanding of the different personalities of introverts and extroverts, this book was not entertaining throughout the whole book. The book was also very repetitive and many of the stories contained in the story were basically about the same topic but with different characters. The book also doesn’t have many juicy parts which is why I read a book, and to be entertained, and curious about it. However, this book did not make me feel entertained or curious. Although this book wasn’t very entertaining to read. I learned that introverts tend to have a much harder time in this society but they can overcome whatever is in their way. Introverts also can use their introverted personalities in beneficial ways. The main thing I learned is that different personalities don’t mean any is better and that they all have a reason to be in our society. 


Did the Boxers Deserve A Bad Reputation?

The Boxers deserve a bad reputation. The Boxers brutally killed foreigners, Christians, and many innocent villagers that had nothing to do with the situation. The Boxers also were unreasonable in many ways and overreacting. According to the Newsela article “What was the Boxer Rebellion?” 230 foreigners, 30,000 Chinese Christians, and 100,000 Chinese civilians were killed by the Boxers. A firsthand account of a peaceful missionary in Shansi states, “It was not long before the Boxers, like a pestilence, had spread all over Shansi…the feeling of alarm deepened,” (Fei).  This shows how much the Boxers affected innocent bystanders who were not participating in the violence, which is also seen when the railways and telegraph lines were cut with no regard to people inside of Beijing and even outside of Beijing. The Boxers also had a very violent mindset. The Boxers also killed people “whom individual Boxers had a grudge” (Fei). For example, they would go into catholic churches and kill anyone inside the church. They would also chant: “Kill the foreign devils! Kill the secondary foreign devils (Christians). Kill Kill Kill!” (Miner). The Boxers destroyed churches, railways, and telegraph lines in order to block communication inside Beijing. Also, the Boxers were violent even before the foreigners were in China. This shows that Boxers are violent and killed innocent people they felt threatened by. The Boxers were wrong by thinking violence was the solution. It only brought more than war.  In conclusion, the Boxers definitely deserve a bad reputation.

Desire: MSND Magazine Cover Task

Closer to Closure: 10 Tips for Moving On After Getting Dumped

Why Some People Can’t Stop Thinking About Their Exes

Important Elements of Humanism

    This is an infographic about humanists mostly during the renaissance, and its 4 most important elements in my opinion. That includes achievements over social class, science, education, nature. I also got to know how much of a humanist I am!

Being Greedy Has Consequences

The Monkey’s Paw summative CERER

Having three wishes would feel like having the world to yourself. However, there is always a consequence of something. Thinking and considering people’s words is an important task, in your life. Because it can change your life completely. You may even lose things that you love.  The big idea in this short story is that your greed can lead to major problems. All the way to losses of loved ones. In the story “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W. Jacobs the author believes that greed often empowers the words of your surroundings. When Morris was at the family’s house, he brought the monkey’s paw. But he had no intention to give it to the family. Even when the family wanted the monkey’s paw Morris did not like the fact that they wanted it, he said, “But I warn you the consequences.” (Jacobs 2) Morris even said, “wish for something reasonable.” (Jacobs 2) Morris tried to warn the family in many different ways about the monkey paw. However, the family first wished for two hundred pounds. At first, nothing happened as Herbert son of the family said, “well I don’t see the money.” (Jacobs 3) The next day, a man came to report Mr. and Mrs. White’s tragic news that their son was dead. As the cost of their son the man said in consideration, they will give Mr. and Mrs. White “two hundred pounds” (Jacobs 4) Right now, at this point in the story the wish of two hundred pounds has come true. However, they lost their one and only son. Further in the story in the middle of the night, Mrs. White half crying half laughing yelled, “The paw!’ she cried wildly. ‘The monkey’s paw!” (Jacobs 4) She insisted Mr. White who was terrified of his wives’ action to bring her the paw. Mr. White was hesitant, but at this point, nothing could stop Mrs. White. She was impatiently saying “I wish my son alive again.” (Jacobs 5) Of course, nothing happened at first. Mr. and Mrs. White were hopeless and depressed. But just a moment later they heard a bang following after several bangs on their door. Mrs. White shouted, “it’s Herbert!” (Jacobs 5) However, Mr. White knew it wasn’t, he tried stopping Mrs. White in opening the door. But when she did all they did was try to stop the thig coming from outside. Mr. White frantically found the paw and panted the last wish. Then, silence filled the house. Just because of their greedy wish they lost their son forever. When someone tells you something you should have a moment to think about it. As it clearly shows in the short story “The Monkey’s Paw” there are always consequences to your actions.



Traditions Can Be Different, But Thats Ok

This story “Fish Cheeks” is by Amy Tan. This story is about a girl called Amy who wants to be more American.  Amy is embarrassed of her chinese tradition during Christmas Eve Dinner. The conflict starts when the antagonist which in the story is the minister’s family is invited to Amy’s house for Christmas Eve Dinner. This is when the external conflict kicks in. My found poem concept is to show that tradition is something that you should be proud of but the words are black and is outlined with black marker because the words in this story is not so bright and Amy did not enjoy christmas eve dinner. There are also fishes that are black and white because in the story Amy has a miserable time because of her Chinese family and celebrates Christmas with fish instead of turkey. The steamed fish made Amy so miserable that I wanted to show that in the fishes. This is what my found poem is trying to show.

Black Death vs Smallpox



The Legacies of Ancient China

PE summative

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