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Ancient Sparta Boys

Don’t Label Me



I am a daughter, sister a cousin. I am a swimmer and somewhat a soccer player. Sports makes me feel energetic and feel good about myself. I am a shopping addict to the point where I can shop all night. I am a shy and quiet student, but in one of my favorite subjects I am apparently not shy. Being lazy and being crazy are talents. I am never so neat because It will get messy eventually. My gender is a girl, and sometimes I don’t like being a girl. I love black and white because I think it’s the most basic and simple colors. I am a food lover, food powers over everything. I am frightened of dogs running crazy up to me and barking. I am very weird, and I understand why. I love the smell of Chinese food. I feel calm and peaceful by listening to the waves and the wind. Don’t label me.

Day One Simulation!

Day One Simulation Reflection!

During the activity today, I personally had a job to make the for the group and I also went to trade stuff with my other teammates. As a group, we decided the law so its fair for all of us not only one of us. We also made symbols to agree with. One of my teammates were writing and one or two of us were trading. We basically shared ideas so some people did multiple thing for example, trading and making the laws. Some people went to trade and also make the symbols. So as a group member I think we worked well because we shared ideas to other teammates and there were no arguments unless if you count recommendations.

Our biggest accomplishments were to communicate with each other and get works done. Because we were finishing our jobs one by one. Our weakest point in the civilisation was that we did gather almost all the stuff, but we didn’t get to trade the tape sadly. So, we couldn’t really build anything since nothing would really stick together. Also, when we were about to build one of the other groups were finished so we basically couldn’t survive.

If we do this activity again I would change that some people should work on something else. So we can gather everything all together to make a temple

Ancient Maya’s Calendar

This is a video of the Maya’s Calendar! We researched about all these facts and transferred it into a skit! Hope you Enjoy!

One Day Photography

I think I did good in taking pictures in different angle so one of the pictures are taken on a lower angle, and the other one is taken on a higher angle. The challenge for me was that the weather was so cold and it was a very distracting me to take a picture. I think one day is important because you can learn new stuff.


Come On, Let’s Move to the River Side!

Come on, Let’s Go to the River Side! 

I think it’s a better idea to live near the water. Because overall everyone needs water to live and if you don’t you apparently will die. I mean though you live far away from the river you still can drink water but what if you need it in emergency, but you must walk say for example at least 2 km. This is something I think that is one big thing. Well there are still so much other reasons that I think it is to live near the water. 

This is another big reason I think you should live near the river.  When your farming you need to have good soil, and if you live near the river you can also give water to the plants. But if you live far away from the river you won’t be able to water your plants every day and that causes not so good soil. 

If you live near the river there might be fishes in the river so you can go fish instead of just hunting. 

Another reason why I think you should live near the river is because it saves your time. What I mean by that is if you live near the river you can just take 1 min to go and get water but if oyu live far away from the river it can take you 2 hours to go and get water. So then if you live near the water after you get water you can spend some money. When other people who lives far away from the river still must walk to go and get water. 

Don’t you feel like water just gives you a healthy calming mind? Because I honestly think it does. Because if you live near water/river the air won’t be so dry and it makes you breathe in better air. 

So that’s why I think living near the water is better than living far away from water!

Early Humans and Modern Humans Community!

For the last 1-2 weeks I have been working on a Thinglink about early humans and modern humans community.

Save the Penguins!& Cup Insulator!


The first picture, me and my partner made this cup insulator. We decided to make the outside felt (purple because we thought felt was really warm and this project was judged by the look too. So we decided to use purple felt. You might not be able to see but inside the purple felt there is a layer of bubble wrap. Than under that there is a layer of cotton. We used velcro to stick the end on the other end. The cap i made out of wood onto of that a layer of  foil, and the handle of the cap is made out of cotton.


The second picture is about our penguin project! This project we did it as a table group. We knew that mylar foil is the best to reflect the light so we put a layer of mylar foil on top and inside that there was a layer of foil to protect the ice cube/ penguin more. We made the door out of mylar foil too. But our first try was a fail we lost so much mass of the ice cube/penguin. We thought that it was because of the hot glue gun on the top of the dwelling and when the light hits the top of the dwelling the glue gun lightly melted. So we over layered the hot glue gun and put another layer of mylar on top of the dwelling to cover the glue gun. Guess what we actually had to close up the door more because we noticed the light can go through the door. So we definitely closed it up more than before. Finally the day of the second testing day came. We  did improve about 2 grams. Which isn’t that good or either bad. For our penguin dwelling if we did it again I hope that our group collaborates better because some people mostly did the work when some people were off track.


The third picture is our story board. We basically add something to the board every time we do an experiment. Like for example we had to record the stuff about our penguin dwelling project and we had to sketch it too. But next time, if we did it again i hope we can make it neater and definitely colourful.I liked how we worked all together on the story board.

I really like how me and my partner designed our cup insulator by thinking of the look and how warm it is. I hope our group can collaborate more for the penguin dwelling. To make a better dwelling. I wish i can put more layers on the cup insulator and make it more warm.

Cranky Contraption!

 Overall I think that me and my partner did a good job on collaborating together and making a cranky contraption idea. We also did well i making the cranky contraption look creative.

One thing we need to work on is to find something better to crank. Because we made our crank the last second and we were hurrying to finish it. Plus we have to make the crank more up and done. Instead of just moving a cm.

One concern with my cranky contraption is that the faces o the pipe cleaner is too flappy because its just paper. So next i will put cardboard under it to stable the flappy paper.


Water Cleaner

This a water cleaner that me and my partner made.

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