What is This?

The goal of this project, was for me to create a scaled timeline using items in my house as a scale. I decided that binder clips would be a good idea, because they are small and come in large quantities. The binder clips that I used were roughly 1.5 cm long, so my entire timeline would be 150 cm. Each binder clip represents about 45.43 million years.

The Time Line

That is the entire timeline, not what you expected, right? Me too. Apparently about 85% percent of the amount of time Earth existed was taken by the “Precambrian Era”, and the rest follows up pretty tightly.

Here is a close-up of the more “juicy” part of the time line. As you can see each time period has at least 3 layers of information. The top layer is the era or period, the middle/second layer states how old the earth is (In binder clips), and the the last/third layer states how old the Earth is in years. The last/fourth layer only appears when a new era starts, and it states what the first era of the era is. Now you may notice that the third label states something like “3975.125” million years. I decided to do this instead of 3.975125 billion years, because the decimals make it look messy and a bunch of other nit-picky things.

The Making of the Time Line

The easiest part to make was to get the binder clips attached to the wall without them falling off. I realized that if I lined all them up on the same piece of tape, they would be harder to control so I split them up into fourths. It was tricky finding out how to stick them on the wall the first fourth, but after I figured out an efficient way to do so, the rest was easy. The hardest part for me, was to getting the measurements right. I had messed up the measuring so many times to the point where I was able to create a ball with all the tape that I had used.

With the measurements out the way, I could create add the labels which was difficult, but not as much.


This was a fun little project that frustrated me a lot for some reason, and it helped me get a better understanding of our planet’s history!