The Boxers deserve their bad reputation. I claim this because they performed violent and unnecessary acts to protest against the increasing foreign influence in China. For example, as stated in a Newsela article, “The Boxers killed more than 230 foreign men, women and children in China. Thousands of Chinese who had converted to Christianity were also killed by the Boxers”. Though you can argue that the deaths of the men and women were justified, the deaths of the children and thousands of Chinese who were victims of the influence is irrefutable proof that the Boxers performed unnecessary acts of violence. Not only that, but some of the motives behind the rebellion are pretty unjustified as well. One of the motives were the floods and droughts that were going on around Shandong province at the time, as stated by an article on “…massive floods struck the whole province and destroyed commerce on the Grand Canal…”. The native Chinese took these natural disasters as “Heaven’s wrath” against the increasing foreign influence, and they blamed the foreigners and Chinese Christians, when, in reality, the droughts and floods were completely unrelated to the increase in foreign influence. In the end, the Boxers ended up killing thousands of innocent people who had nothing to do with what they were angry with.

Below is a ThingLink I have created that provides some information on a couple of key locations during the Boxer Rebellion.