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The Unbroken Book Review

Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, is a book about the life of Louie. It mainly explores the historical “World War 2”, with an overarching theme of “Always keep fighting”. This is because, no matter how tough the challenge, physical or mental, Louie kept fighting on as hard as could.

I really recommend this book because it offers an experience that very few literary non-fiction pieces can. Instead starting off at a low point and climbing his way to the top, like most literary non-fiction characters are, Louie is thrown down to the very bottom, and does everything he can to survive. And instead of fighting for his rights and privilege, Louie is fighting for his life and sanity.

Something I learned from this humanities unit, was that World War 2 was a very traumatizing experience for many who fought it. Not only was it tough during war, but all the mental disorders that come with it afterwards. I also discovered how criminally the Japanese treated their prisoners during the war.

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  1. I really liked how you connected the evidence from the book to the theme, and I also liked the way you recommended the book by showing off its distinction from other works of literary nonfiction. Your delivery was also very clear. I think that if you included more examples that are not direct quotes that connect to the theme and take out the generalization of literary nonfiction characters, then your book talk would be better.

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