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A devastating decade

The main character Ning Yi is a smart boy who born in 1953.7.6. He was born in a very bad time, his parents died in the Japanese war, and he doesn’t want to be a hero, he just wants a common life.  His best friend is SuShan, however, because of many reasons they spread for many years.

Now many things change, people were free to choose their religion, teachers began to be respected, and China began to cooperate with foreign countries.  Guards soldiers began to be restricted by law instead of destroyed the things they want. However, there’s something that didn’t change, such as there is only one party in China.

Lightbox Reflection

For our first Product Design unit, we were challenged to create a lightbox. My lightbox is about an island, I choose a mountain and trees to represent the scene on the island and I used blue color to represent the sea. And I used orange and red colors to represent the sun. This is a place I dreamed of every day, it lets me feel relax.

I learned a lot of different skills during the process of making my lightbox, most of which had to do with Adobe Illustrator.  I learned what to create some shapes and put them together.  I learned about how to design and put the different shapes in one box and how to add the light into the box. The light is around the sun to show the sun more clearly.

There are several things I’d change about my lightbox. First I changed thin trees to this one because the original one can’t keep out the blue area.  Next, I made a new mountain because I need to add more things to my lightbox to make it keep out the light. The sunshine makes the lightbox more natural.


A Devastating Decade For China

This is the video made by Jack and Sophie. In 1966 Mao initiated the Cultural Revolution, the end of the Revolution was in 1976. These ten years have had a great impact on China. Some people say that these ten years have ruined China’s development. I learned many things from this lesson, for example, I knew who is  “Gang of Four” and I knew what some bad things that Mao did before.

October 1, 1949, at 2:00 p.m, the new China was born.  At that time people were very happy, partly because of the Anti-Japanese War, and partly because people thought they could lead a good life.  That history is not often mentioned in China and is only partially covered in history classes. But it is one of China’s most important histories. That history has its dark parts and its good parts, and the following video will answer all your questions.

Book you should read-“The 57 bus”

This video by Jack gives a overview of the story, discusses central ideas, social issues, and the theme of “The 57 bus”.

This book is called “The 57 bus”, written by Dashka Slater. This book mainly about what happened between two people,  white person is a homosexual called Sasha, a black person is a bad boy called Richard. This book explores discrimination, racism, and gender discrimination. Sasha and Richard tried to let others accept them and they tried to change, because of some external influences, they fell. However, they never gives up. Richard started to do the homework and to earn money for his family. Sasha don’t care other’s thought, so Sasha wear dress on the street, this is the reason that Richard burn fire on Sasha’s dress.

One theme of this book is one mistake is likely to affect many people.  Three reasons why we should read this book are 1) This book is very interesting. This book is written in the form of a story, as long as you finish the story, you would get a lot of information. 2)This book can inspire you and let you know more, you can learn some truth and life lessons. 3)This book explores discrimination, racism, and gender discrimination in America, which seem to be issues that continue in America today.

Somethings I learned in this unit is that I need to make the connection between each part of the book and to reread the things that I don’t understand, to make a deeper understanding. Before I thought I don’t need to reread and there are no connections in this book, but now I know I need to make the connections between each part and reread to things that I don’t really understand.

Walk though history

According to the field trip, boxer deserve a bad rap.  Boxer burn fire, they wanted to burn everything foreign, including buildings, food and supplies.  The boxers destroyed the railway in Beijing, that’s makes outsides can’t communicate with Beijing. Boxers thought it’s the lightning rods of foreign buildings that break the skies, causing the drought. The boxers also thoughts that the lightning rods of foreign buildings burst, causing the drought. Sometimes boxers did things without thinking, they believed that the fire would not burn Chinese, but it actually did and many Chinese dead. They always thoughts the things they did it’s good for China, but it has brought China a lot of trouble. The boxers destroyed the railway makes social impact and business impact. They need lots of time to fix the railway and people don’t know what’s happened, people unable to live a normal life and many trains have been forced out of service. Boxer thought it’s the lightning rods of foreign buildings that break the skies, causing the drought. This idea has caused many people who do not understand to have a prejudice against foreigners


In “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” which was written by William Shakespeare, Lysander and Hermia loved each other, but Hermia’s father, Egeus disagreed about it and wanted Hermia to marry Demetrius who was also an admirable man.  I think Lysander is a brave, kind, persistent and admirable person. Lysander was not afraid to oppose the rich and powerful Egeus, father to Hermia. He defied Egeus when he said: “You have her father’s love, Demetrius. Let me have Hermia’s. Do you marry him.” (Line 93-94). Hermia’s father is really powerful and rich, no one dared to provoke him, everyone obeyed his wishes. But instead of following Egeus’s arrangement, Lysander opposed him, which shows that he is a brave person. Egeus said it’s true that he like Demetrius, Lysander heard that and said to Theseus. “And-which is more than all these boast can be lam beloved of beauteous Hermia. Why should not I then prosecute my right.” (line 103-105) When  He provoked Egeus because he wants to marry Hermia. He is very smart and handsome. Many people like him but he only likes Hermia. And he is a kind person, but he fought with Demetrius that’s also means how he love Hermia. Hermia was sad and upset because her dad forced her into marriage, Lysander said that to comforted Hermia. “Ayme! For aught that I could ever read. Could ever hear by tale or history. The course of true love never did run smooth. But either it was different in blood” (line 132-135) He knew how to comfort people even though he is also upset but he could control his mood and he tried his best to be kind to others. Theseus tried to prove that Demetrius was better than Lysander, but Hermia didn’t think in that way. She thought they didn’t know the positive points about Lysander and she also wanted to tell them Lysander was better so she said: “Demetrius is a worthy gentleman…So is Lysander”(Line 50-56) Hermia thought Lysander was an admirable man and that’s one of the reasons why Hermia loved Lysander. This is what other characters think about Lysander.



This is what we learned in humanities, humanism has lot’s of new ideas. In this blogs there’s four ideas about humanism and how much I agree with. During the Renaissance, people thought this ideas and most of people agree with this.  They use art and new kinds of building to change their cities.

Horrible greed

Jack. Guo


A reward that falls from the sky is often a trap. In the story which conveys a monkey paw that is able to give out wishes, a family asked for 200 pounds the price for this son dead. The main character is a old man who became greedy. The main conflict of this story is internal conflict, at first the old man wish he could have 200 pounds, after the money’s paw gave him, his son dead, then his wife wanted to bring his son back to life by money’s paw. But the old man doesn’t think that’s a good idea, because he didn’t want to lose 200 pounds. In the story “The Monkey’s Paw”, the author believes that greed usually harms people because everything comes with a price. “’I wish for two hundred pounds,’” said the old man distinctly. As Herbert played a loud, dramatic chord the old man suddenly cried out in a trembling voice. His wife and son ran towards him.” (Jacobs 123-125) “’He became trapped in the machinery,’” said the visitor in a low voice. ‘Trapped in the machinery?’ repeated Mr. White in a daze”. (Jacobs 194-196) After he told the money’s paw what he wanted, he got 200 pounds from cashier because his son dead in their machine. He was very happy after awards, but he didn’t think his son would dead. This sentence shows he have to pay something for 200 pounds, If the old didn’t asked for two hundred pounds then his son would not dead. In China people think when a person became greedy he would not think for somethings else. “The knocking stopped suddenly, though it still echoed in the house. He heard the chair scraping back from the door; he heard the door open. A cold wind rushed up the stairs and a long, loud wail of disappointment and misery broke from his wife. It gave him the 330 courage to run to her side, then to the gate outside”[326-339]This shows they already knew the life lesson, they has to face the thing that they did. The old man became dark. They think it was too late but the truth was if you want to change there’s never late. At first they were a great family without fear, because of the greed, they change, they change too much, the boy dead, the old man’s days were over, this family broke because of greed. I also think that is the money’s paw really harm people or they were helping people, they harm people but they tells the life lesson.

Found poem : Chinese

This is a found poem about a story called, “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan. “Fish Cheeks” is mainly about the main character take her American friend coming to her home for Christmas, because her mother invites someone else to their home. Due to different culture and diet, the main character thought her friend would feel boring or feel bad about dinner. She is very angry, she feels very shameful about the Chinese dinner. The main conflict is the internal conflict of the thinking of the main character about she wanted to be the girl friend of that boy but she thought that boy would feel weird of her culture But she like the food .

My found poem shows this by the main character wants to disappear in their dinner and she feel shameful.

Because the name of this article is “Fish cheeks ” so I used a fish background

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