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The George-off

At first, there was nothing. Then God said, Let there be light! Ok well I’m not gonna bore you with the entire story but later, and I mean like 4.54 billion years later, a child was born. His name was James, James Mackay. He was just like his father, a bright, hardworking, charming individual. He had been writing in a journal that he left behind after he himself had left us behind. You can read it if you want, I’m sure he won’t mind.

It’s a shame that he never got to saw the masterpiece he worked so hard for, but we will all remember his contribution. The ruler of the country has now been renamed to the president; he would have been delighted to know that Mr. Washington he often waxed lyrical about, was going to be the first. Now it didn’t matter much on who you were born to, as we have lessened the importance of family status and value hard work more.

This country, however, still had some major flaws. Women and people of the other races did not matter as much, even though their contribution to society was just as much as the white men. Slavery was still a huge problem in the south, as they didn’t care that it was inhumane to “own” people. Power was still in the hands of the aforementioned slave owners, as they always had the most land, which was valued for some reason. All in all, I think he would’ve been happy with how this country turned out.

Tea, Taxes, and Some Terribly Tragic Decisions

The American Revolution started because the British needed lots of money, the British had just fought the French and Indian War for the colonists, but the colonists didn’t want to pay them, so they protested. A lot. The British didn’t care, so they continued implementing taxes, how many? A lot. The colonists were fed up, they tried a last resort to find peace and stay with Britain, the British didn’t care. So they fought, a lot. Eventually, the colonists won after some tough battles and founded the United States of America.

After the Revolution, many things changed but a lot also stayed the same. They replaced King with Mr. President to seem “not like the other countries”, they split into different political parties, and slavery became much more controversial. However, white men were still in power, and women and colored people were regarded as less than white men. All in all, this was a major step towards the America that we know today.

Was the story of Lizzie Borden butchered?

The Borden Murders by Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller believes that the theme of The Borden Murders was that parents cannot be replaced easily

You should not read it because it drags on for too long and doesn’t really tell you about the actual story that much. Another reason is that the story gets kind of boring later on and can feel like a bit of a chore to read. 4/10

I learned that having sticky notes by your side when reading a book you have to do a report on is very useful

Were the Boxers’ fighting spirit justified?

In my opinion, the Boxers don’t deserve the terrible reputation they have, they were trying to defend their country (even if their methods were kind of bad).

I can see how both sides of the argument are made but since there is more concrete evidence that they deserved their reputation, I have made my claim around how they deserve it

In my opinion, the Boxers deserve their bad reputation. The Boxers were the first ones to attack, although their original system wasn’t super desirable, it worked until they attacked. Just because of some bad timing, the Boxers made a reckless decision to attack the foreigners. There were droughts and floods when the foreigners came to China, they thought that the churches they constructed were messing with the weather, and instead of thinking it through clearly, they decided to attack mostly innocent people.

Love magazine- 11/17/20

This project is from the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

I chose Lysander because I find that he has more a complex character design

I used an image of Henry Cavil because he fits the role of Lysander, a handsome, charming man

I am proud of the way I named the short titles for the quotes

As a human, are you a humanist?

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If you want to learn more about humanism, click here, or click here for a fun little quiz that determines whether you are a humanist or not.

Jacob drama summative

Drama exercises- Filmed by Kendrick and Gavin

Money can’t buy you happiness (or a son)

Did you know according to pewresearch.org 16% of Americans believe that curses are real? Mr. White, Mrs. White, and Herbert received a magical monkey’s paw that is said to grant three wishes. However, the wishes come at a heavy price.

In the story, The Monkey’s Paw, by W.W. Jacobs, the author believes that having too much greed can cause terrible outcomes. In my opinion, the big idea is that you should be careful what you wish for. The old owner of the monkey paw warns them about being too greedy, “’ If you must wish’, he said aggressively, ‘wish for something reasonable”’(Jacobs 2). Here, the most recent owner of the paw warns them about making wishes. He basically says that if he wishes for something too big, it will end up with him being hurt or changed in some negative way. Later on, in the story, Mr. White’s first wish is “For two hundred pounds,’ said the old man distinctly… [Herbert dies at work] ’But in consideration of your son’s services they wish to give you a certain amount of money as compensation.’ … ‘How much?’ he said, ‘two hundred pounds’”(Jacobs 2-3). Because Mr. White wished for 200 pounds, his son died. The compensation fee that they had received was the 200 pounds he wished for, this shows that his wish was sort of twisted by the monkey paw. His wish came at an enormous price which he, later on, decided he couldn’t pay

This reminds me of the Greek myth of King Midas. Midas took good care of Silenus the satyr, who was good friends with the Greek god of wine Dionysus. In return, Dionysus said he’d grant Midas any wish. Out of greed, he decided to wish for everything he touched to be turned to gold. He quickly realized that he couldn’t touch anything that he didn’t want to be gold, he nearly starved to death because he couldn’t touch any food. Saddened, he walked to his rose garden where he saw his daughter, Marigold, she ran over to hug him only to be turned to gold. He realized that he let his greed ruin his life.

To sum it all up, greed can completely destroy someone’s life if used wrongly (as seen in Midas’ case), having greed should be treated with extreme caution and never let it take over you.

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Deciphering Dad Disagreement

The found poem was taken from pages 1 and 2 of “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher. It is a piece with external conflict which was man vs man and man vs nature of Ralph (protagonist) versus his dad and time (antagonist). In the rising action part of the story, the conflict first appears when Ralph doesn’t get kissed for the first time by his dad, which was a normal bedtime activity for him. My found poem shows his struggle with not being kissed, and eventually accepting the fact that he is too old. My graphic design is a child playing with his father with a faint image of a clock. I decided to go with that because I thought that time was something you don’t consider until it’s too late, and didn’t take good care of the time. The child and father represent him and his dad. The font, color, and size were basic to make the words easily readable. The layout was made like an arch to show the main object.


Drama project 2

I wrote a monologue about love because I didn’t want to do another one about depression and seem weird


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