Cuban Revolution-the revolution that could have caused the nuclear war

This video is The Cuban revolution by Brian and Jacob.

The main idea of this video is to tell about how missile crisis, one of the most important incidents in history, and why it happened. basically, in the video, we talk about the background of the revolution, what caused the revolution, what things happened during the revolution, and what did this revolution affected the world. Things we learned during having the classes are about how amazing the Cuban revolution is because it started with only 20 people because of the early defeat, and also, about 2 views of this revolution one saying it made Cuba worse and one saying it was a good revolution. I think the Cuban revolution, however, was a good revolution because, after the revolution, corruption in the government mostly disappeared, care systems were improved, and differences in the economy of people also disappeared.

Unpunished Murder: people are not punished when most of people agree on them.

This book is called ‘Unpunished Murder” written by Lawrence Goldstone.  Theme of this book is “people are not punished even if they’re guilty when other people ignore them” because, on page 74, there’s a letter talking about the case of general Forest, the soldier who wrote it described it as “butchery”. And general Forrest was not punished for this because other whites supported his idea and the government ignored it. This also happened to C.C.Nash, the leader of whites at the massacre of Colfax. But, he ran away before troop from New Orleans arrived and lived happily after that. This situation, also had no one punished. no one ever tried to catch Nash and the trial of punishing those murderers failed. At last, there’s a case of the White League. the White League attacked New Orleans and took off Governor Kellogg. But they also were not punished even though they killed several people. This happened because the government didn’t really care about racial acts and whites ignoring and supporting them.

The reason why I recommend this book to you is not only because it’s a serious story about racism and what happened to blacks through history, but it also is connected to nowadays situation like the black lives matter activity and America divided into half.

What I learned from this unit is that nonfiction book is really interesting and cool but I should be careful and should reread.

Electronic Bookmark!

This project is a bookmark with a game character’s face on it. I chose to make a bookmark because I love reading novels, and because I sometimes have to stop reading, I needed a bookmark. I also thought of making enderman bookmark, but I failed because there were no purple lily pads. During the making process, it was new to me to stitch the battery holder and lily pad, and for the first time, I failed. However, I overcame it by making a really tight one. A tip that I can give is to think about the process and find which one to do first. I also wanted to make a wrist band, but I got Drama.

Old legation quarter in China after Opium wars and story of Boxers’ slaughter in this area

if you want to know more about the Boxers’ rebellion, visit here or here.

The Boxers deserve a bad rap because they killed a huge amount of people including Chinese people and caused damage to the city. “It was a horde of Boxers going through their rites, burning incense, crying, ‘Kill the foreign devils! Kill the secondary devils! (Christians). Kill! Kill! Kill!’” (Luella Miner). After opium wars, wars that occurred 2 times in China, occurred, foreign countries were able to set legation and this is what happened in the legation quarter. And, the Boxers, people who practice a martial art, wanted to kill foreigners because they thought foreigners were devils destroying their tradition and thought Chinese Christians and supporters of foreigners as secondary devils even though most of the foreigners and supporters were innocents. Hoping for help, foreigners tried to contact their own countries by using post office near the French legation, but this was useless because the Boxers already destroyed telegraph lines and railways. This impacted foreigners heavily because they are now isolated in the legation quarter with the Boxers wanting to slaughter them and because of loss of communication, their nations think that they are all dead. “The Boxers are coming to destroy the place. Many Catholic settlements were spoiled, and thousands of Chinese were killed and our station we know was destroyed” (Hua-Cheng Kwei). In the legation quarter, Boxers slaughtered foreigners and their supporters and destroyed foreign buildings. So, people hid in legations and church. Then Boxers, because most of the important people were hiding in legations, started to target legations. Boxers first stroke French legation by setting dynamites next to French legation’s wall. Which eventually only made French and Australian people to hid in British legation. Also, because of the Boxers’ belief that they can control fire, they didn’t worry about the fire that will go on villages, so they set fire to the French legation. The result was villages and buildings were left burning. These Boxers were different from people like Africans who fought against foreign power because what Africans did was resistance to foreigners for safety, but Boxers slaughtered innocents and even their race if they have a different belief.










在冬天, 瑞士是最好的去处。瑞士的冬天很冷也下大雪。瑞士的冬天是从十一月到三月。气温最高六度最低零下四度。瑞士的夜空很漂亮因为雪。


Theme for “The Monkey’s Paw”: easy earning always has a big cost

Have you ever thought of being rich with only one wish? Like Aladdin. However, it’s impossible to get rich by only wishing. If can, there should be a huge cost that will come next. In the story “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W Jacob, he talks about the story of one family with an old man,  old woman, and their son. This family, one day, got the magical monkey’s paw from the old soldier and started to wish for things they want. Until then they were so happy with the thought of being rich that they never thought about what would cost for it.

The theme of the story “The Monkey’s Paw” by William W Jacob is easy earning always has a big cost. The old man, firstly said,  “I wish for two hundred pounds”(Jacob, pg.3) and next day, a strange guy came and said “I have to tell you that Maw and Meggins do not hold themselves responsible for what has happened,’ the visitor continued. But in consideration of your son’s services they wish to give you a certain amount of money as compensation”.  This quote shows the old man wished for 200 pounds, and the next day, the wish came true. But, these 200 pounds were a payment from a machine company whose machine killed the old man’s son. 200 pounds, caused their son to die. Actually, the old soldier, already warned the old man once that if they take something, there will be something they will loose. But the old man’s greed for only 200 pounds, got so high cost. Then when the old woman’s condition, because of her son’s death, got worst, she demanded the old man to make one more wish: ‘I wish my son alive again.”(Jacob, pg.5) and finally, something strange happened: “A loud knock echoed through the house” (Jacob, pg.5) but the old man, knew what would happen if they let the thing in: ” For God’s sake don’t let it in!”. this quote shows the old man and woman, once more tried wish for make their son alive, but the old man knew what cost they would have for making their son alive. If they make their son alive again, he will come back with his dead body. And again, old soldier, this time helped the old man by throwing the monkey’s paw in a fire. Everything they wished to get some benefit, caused more cost than the benefit they got.

Circuits and Me #1

I really loved connecting circuits to make it work because it excited me when I felt like it will work and when it looks so cool.

The first challenge I faced was flapping because I didn’t know how I will connect the battery with the anode part. I failed once at flapping when I tried to flap by using only copper tape, but I overcame this challenge by using a small piece of paper and connecting the anode part’s copper tape with paper so it could reach the coin cell.

A challenge I have now is making a tape flat. because I have to poke LEDs first, I have to tape copper tape on air, so it was really hard to do it. This challenge led me to failure for the first E-card, but I will overcome this challenge next time by taping copper tape first and poke LED through the paper.

I really loved your feedback on my E-card because it taught me how I can improve next time and new ideas that I can use.

Project Reflection:

My E-card is a birthday card with LED as candlelight.

I’m so happy that I can use three LEDs and I can try making the best circuits.

I would poke LEDs at last next time because it is too hard for me to tape copper tape on the air.





Time Changes Everything-The Last Kiss

I chose The Last Kiss by Ralph Fletcher for the found poem. this story is about the boy who always got kissed by his parents losses kisses from his parents when he got old. My conflict for this story is time. because of time, the protagonist’s father, the antagonist, rejects to kiss the protagonist when the protagonist got old. I think my conflict is external because, in the story, time made the antagonist think that the protagonist is too old to be kissed. My poem shows this conflict in the sentence “I recognize I was too old to be kissed”. My drawing represents the antagonist, starts to reject kissing the protagonist and at last, doesn’t kiss the protagonist at all.