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How Did a Swim Cause the Cultural Revolution?

Jakob Shen and Harry Lee

What caused the Chinese Cultural Revolution to start? Was it, chairmen Mao swimming or was it because of the Great Leap? This video goes through four main events which are, ‘The Great Leap (1958 to 1962), The Red Guards (1966 to 1967), The Power Struggle (1968 to 1971), and Mao’s Death. (1972 to 1976).’  These events will explain how the revolution started, incidents that happened, and how the revolution ended.

“Google It, a History of Google”


“Google It, a History of Google” is a book written by Anna Crowley Redding, the book talks about how google began, and how Google changed the world. The book addresses the fact that when the internet was born, search engines and websites were extremely hard to use and navigate. Search engines used keywords to find what you searched, search results were very vague and many of the websites shown would be irrelevant, it could take hours to find what you needed, Larry Page wanted to change this, so with the help of Sergey Brin, they created Backrub (now known as Google). When Larry and Sergey first met they did not get along, but the more time they spent with each other, they noticed that they had many similarities and grew to like each other. To simply put it, without Google, the world would not be the same.

The theme of the book is innovation, on page 5 it states “And even as kids, google co-founders larry page and Sergey brin knew they wanted to change the world.” This shows that even as kids Sergy Brin and Larry page wanted to have a large impact on the world. Before Google no company in the past thought to include fun in work, Google let employees work on any project of their own choosing. At the Google headquarters employees could take a break any time, there were pool tables, food, a doctor’s office, and much more, all of this was gree. Google did this since Larry believed that happy workers were ultimately more productive (Page 104). By 2017 Google was not just a search engine anymore, it had branched out and made programs such a Gmail, Google Maps, Google calendar, Google earth, Google translate, and much more. This was all thanks to Larry and Sergey letting employees research anything.

I strongly recommend you to read this book; we use Google every single day, whether it is for research or for an online class, without the creation of Google, this would all not be possible. This book goes through how google started, why it started and the conflicts Sergy and Larry ran into while developing Google. One of the main conflicts in the book is whether Larry and Sergey should have sold Google. Larry and Sergey started Google when they were only still in college, so when Google grew too big, they either had to drop out and make Google a full-time company or they could stay in school and sell Google, they originally wanted to sell Google since they felt pressured by their family to stay in school, but nobody would buy google which forced Larry and Sergey to drop out, this would ultimately be a blessing in disguise.

Humanities CER Paragraph and Thinklink Map

CER Paragraph – Do the Boxers deserve a bad rap?


I personally believe that the Boxers do deserve a bad reputation, but this question is far more complicated than just a yes or no question. The Boxers were anti-foreign, anti-Christian and their motto was “Support the Qing, destroy the foreigners.”, this motto was obviously very violent but to understand why the Boxers hated foreigners and Christians, we have to go back to after the Opium war. After the Opium War, China was forced to sign an unequal treaty, “This agreement the first of the “unequal treaties,” opened China to the West and marked the beginning of Western exploitation of the nation.” (Sue Gronewold), many countries bullied and exploited China, countries would also send many foreign Christian Missionaries and foreign diplomats to China where the Christian Missionaries would advocate their beliefs. At the same time, foreigners were coming into China, villages in Shandong was suffering from flooding and droughts, Shandong villagers blamed the natural disasters on the Christian missionaries since they were building Churches and changing the village’s land. “The Divine Word missionaries did not limit their activities to efforts to convert local villagers to Catholicism,” (Kallie Szczepanski) local villagers one day grouped up and attacked the German church, this resulted in 2 German missionaries murdered and China giving up a portion of Shandong to Germany. As word spread around of what had happened, more and more Chinese men grouped together and formed the Society of the Righteous and Harmonious fists (also known as the boxers), their goals were to get rid of the foreigners and reclaim Chinas former glory. Boxers trapped all foreigners in the legations and there was almost no way for the foreigners to communicate with the outside world since the Boxers had taken the Post Office and cut the railroads. Once imperialist countries had caught on to what was happening, they formed the 8 nation army (Britain, America, Austra-Hungary, Germany, French, Japan, Italy, and Russia) and retook Beijing. By the end of the 2-year revolt, over 100,000 people were killed by the boxers, most were Chinese Christians and only a few were Foreign missionaries. In conclusion, the actual goal of the Boxers was not morally bad, the Boxers wanted a change in their country, but the way the Boxers carried out their goal was very wrong, many people were killed and all they did was worsen the situation between China and foreign powers.

Midsummer Night’s Dream Magazine Cover Hermia

How to be more Optimistic!

How to be more Daring!

The Main Ideas of Humanism

Our assignment was to create an infographic explaining the Humanism during the Renaissance.

“The Aged Mother” By Matsuo Basho

The story “The Aged Mother” is a story written by an old Japanese author named Matsuo Basho. In the story all elderly are immediately put to death, this was because the leader of the country wanted to only the young and strong in his nation. The story tells the tale of a young man whose mother had just been sentenced to death, the story shows the bound between a son and a mother and the love they have for each other.

In the story “The Aged Mother” the message that the author is trying to send is to always love and respect your family; when the word got out that the leader demanded that all elderly were to be sentenced to death once again, the son had no choice but to bring his mother to Mount Obatsuyama for her death. “Her son did not know the mountains many paths and his return might be one of danger, so she stretched forth her hand and snapping twigs from bushes as they passes, she quietly dropped a handful every few-steps of the way so that they climbed, the narrow path behind them was dotted at frequent intervals with tiny piles of twigs.” (Paragraph 4) Even though the mother knew that her own son was bringing her to her death she still cared and wanted to help him. When they finally reached the peak of the mountain, he broke down in tear and shouted “Oh honorable mother, your kindness breaks my heart! I will not leave you. Together we will follow the path of twigs, and together we will die!” (Paragraph 5) What the son just shouted showed how much they cared dearly for each other; the son is willing to sacrifice his life to save his mother even though the odds of the surviving were beyond low.

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