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American Revolution

My character is Harvey, he is 25 years old, living in Boston and working in bank.

Now that the revolution is over, some things have changed.
Colonists are free to work and get money. They can sell what they want. Something else that change is freedom of worship. They can practise any religion. Other thing has changed is the separation of church and state. Religion can’t make government rule.

Electronic BookMark

I made a bookmark. I choose to make electronic bookmark because when I read a book I have a bookmark at home but, I don’t want to use that I want to use my bookmark that I made with my hand.  My design discard was LED computer because I made it but, LED didn’t work. My new thing was to make running stitch and put the circle LED thing. Headrest thing was doing running stitch. I overcame to ask teacher to help when I don’t know how to do something.  I would give to next semester student to watch youtube and prepare or look at in google. This project makes me want to learn is how to sewing or stitching.

The little girl who would not work

In the story the little girl who would not work, by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey, the author believes that work is important for children to grow up. Bee is gathering sweets and making and making honeycomb. ‘’Why I am always working, gathering sweets and making the honeycomb for you. I have not time for play.’’  Other animals talk to girl have to work. Ant said, “Once some one stepped upon our house and crushed it. We Ants thought we would go and hunt for a ready – made house, but we traveled very long way, and we were not able to find a house ready made, and we were obliged to come home and build.” Work is important to animals or people to survive for good life.Early in the story girl like to play and not doing work. But as the story continues she is working after when she saw other animals working.The squirrel believes that he has to work to survive winter and says, ‘’ I have a family living in the old oak tree, and I must store away nuts for winter. I have no time to stop and play ‘’The squirrel is trying to explain to the girl that it important to work because squirrel family have to survive for long winter so, they have to gathered lot’s of food.

Circuits and Me #1

My favorite circuits in the class was to make star electronic card because I never use any electronic card item before. My challenge overcome already in the class was to make electronic card. My challenge was where should I put LED first time. I tried to make LED right but it didn’t work.  I ask teacher for help to make LED right. My difficulty have not overcame yet was to check LED is working. My challenging is about what should I draw about for electronic card and where to put LED. I tried to put tape and put LED. My next step  continuing is to think a lot how to make electronic card. I really like to make electronic card because I like to put item in  electronic card that I didn’t use it  before. I really dislike about to put LED because it didn’t work well. LED represent to make light. My aspect that happy was to draw something on electronic card because I like little bit of drawing.

Turn into green eye

This is external conflict.  Her parent wants to change her eye color.  Mae eyes turn into green. Her grandmother also turn into green eye.

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