My book name is Shackles from the deep and the author is Michael H. Cottman.

This book is about Michael and his friend David trying to search for the Henrietta Marie, sunken slaveship. He wants to learn about ship because his ancestors might be on the slaveship.


In Shackles from the deep, the author Michael H. Cottman believes that slavery causes people to lose their home , family and their freedom.


When author saw slave ship he thought “I could only imagine what it must have been like to have a normal life in your village and then suddenly be kidnapped – stolen away from y ou mom, dad, sisters, brothers, and grandparents – and then brutally forced down into a dark hull of a ship where you’re shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of frightened strangers who might not even speak the same language or dialect as you, and you have to wear painful iron chains day and night.


Chapter 7


It is ok to read this book. I will recomand to read because 1= is kind of like mystery book about where the ship came from. This book is about slavery that European captured some Africa people. If you want to learn about Henrittea Marie slave ship and the author who is learning about his ancestors, then this is good book to read.