Red Colonization

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“Die fighting to protect Chairman Mao!”

From 1966-1968, the color red spread all across the country. Including millions of red guards, 740 million copies of red books. This video includes what influenced Mao to stand up, right and wrong decisions made by Mao, swings and problems between members of the party, and deaths of leaders from the communist party.

Introduction: George

Cause of Revolution: Jerry

The Great Leap Forward: George

Start of the Proletarian Cultural Revolution: Jerry

Power Struggles: Boyan

Hope from Surviving

“Lost in the Antarctic” A book by Tod Olson that talks about The Endurance, with 28 men, took off from England in 1914 to explore Antarctica. Half way through the expedition, The Endurance crashed in ice leaving the crew with no food nor water. How do they survive in these harsh, freezing conditions? Reading through the book, I eventually figured out that one theme is working together often helps people survive and overcome challenging situations

I recommend that you read this book because the suspense parts of the book that makes you want to turn the page until you find out the consequences. The crew found ways to entertain and make themselves destress throughout the adventure; find out how they do this.

After reading, I learned that being selfish would not solve any problems to do with natural phenomenon. Rather than having one person pulling a one ton boat, I would have a group of people. In my eyes, I see these men very tough. I should try to find more books about Man vs Nature and learn how they survive.

Fear the Uprising Boxers


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With violence and negativity in the actions of the Boxers, they do deserve a bad reputation. The violent horrible Boxers stupidly thought the cause of the drought were catholic churches built in China. The westerners does not deserve the false rumor of the drought. Additionally, thousands of Boxers grouped up and burnt down mission buildings and catholic homes around the whole country. They bombed walls of the French legation, killed two German missionaries at their home, and also killed the Japanese diplomat. These are reasons of Boxers deserve a bad reputation. They hurt China in different ways such as killing people from their country and burning Chinese famous architectures. Violence does not lead to a good and peaceful ending.

Star Magazine :Lysander

Lysander by Jerry

This Magazine is about Lysander, a role played in Shakespear’s MSND. (Mid-Summer Nights Dream) I chose Lysander mainly because of the interesting relationship between Lysander and Demetrius. Lysander to my seems like a gentleman, that’s why I chose this picture. Young man in the picture looks formal.

Pursue your Dreams

Faith, Despair, hope… The car spun and hit the Light pole. All was heard were the breaking of windows and the screams of the mom. The Protagonist’s dad (Jim Blair) loves to play basketball. He had wished that his son will have the chance to play Basketball too. It all happened when their family got in a car accident. Jim was ashamed of himself. He got his son and wife sit in wheelchairs. But when he got to school, the coach offered that he should join the wheelchair basketball team.


In the story “Sometimes a Dream Needs a Push“, by Walter Dean Myers, the author believes that hard work and risk will always lead to success. The injury started at a rainy day when they were driving home. When his car was heading off the highway, “[their] little car spun on the road, squealing as Dad tried to bring it under control. But he couldn’t avoid the light pole. I remember seeing the broken windows, hearing Mom yelling, amazingly bright lights Kashing crazily in front of me” (Myers 1). Jim Blair wished and wanted his son to play basketball, after they got in wheelchairs, Jim was ashamed and thought that the wish wasn’t going to happen. But the thing is, The protagonist can’t walk again. Further along in the story, the protagonist’s team thought they weren’t adept enough to play in the basketball league. But as soon as they finished their first match, the team all agreed that they would play in the league, “Hartsdale Posse all agreed that we want to play in the league” (Myers 5). Team Hartsdale Posse played and experienced the first game. They did lose but the team thought they did well: “We had lost the game, but everyone felt great about how we had played” (Myers 5). Turns out every one in the team, agreed and was comfortable to play in the league.


In conclusion, risk and hard work will always earn you success and comfort. The importance for games is not about winning, but the plan and how you play. Don’t be ashamed if you are injured and disabled to walk again, it is all about attempting.

Found Poem G8

Found Poem



Story: Fish Cheeks 



By: Amy Tan




Conflict: Man vs Society



Words from the poem was found in paragraph 1, 2, 6, 7. In this passage, the protagonist Amy had a crush on ministers son named Robert. Amy found out her parents had invited the minister for Christmas dinner. During the dinner Amy cared and observed more of Roberts action, at the end of the dinner she was ashamed of herself. Robert should be expecting roasted turkey as an American. at the end of the passage, Amy’s mom told her You want to be the same as American girls on the outside.” She handed me an early gift. It was a miniskirt in beige tweed. “But inside you must always be Chinese. You must be proud you are different. Your only shame is to have shame.”

Here is the word doc more the Found Poem



Robotic Petting Zoo




What was the most difficult aspect of this project?


For our group, we had a lot trouble trying to cut out perfect pieces. It turned out that our alligator is a rip off from the other one. For example, we cut out unequal pieces of card board for the body, so we ended up not having equal heights from each side.


What was the most enjoyable aspect of this?


We enjoyed the part when we successfully made the alligator work. We thought our project wouldn’t work out as good, but after painting it, the alligator looked better than not painting it.


What did you do well?


We did the painting well, we finished the painting in one class. Well we had helpers who already finished their own one to help us. We did not have to waste two classes of time to paint the alligator. That class was the last class before the zoo.


What would you do differently next time?


I could have used time wisely, we were too lazy to cut out cardboards, we just found them in the box. Next time I would use a ruler to measure the height and width to make the alligator more neat. Also I would like to change sensors to light sensor, it can be more joyful for kids to pet the animals rather than dodging it and throwing pencils in.





What did you learn about physically building a robot?

I learned that if you don’t cut out perfect pieces that are equal, your robot is going to turn out just like our robot. The mouth is not flat, it is tilting downwards to the right, the left side is higher. That can tell that our base is not flat, the sides must not be equal.


What did you learn about programming the robot?


In order to make the robot work, you must understand the programming. You cant just go and add random codes. I learned that programming the hummingbird can be hard. Sometimes the programming doesn’t work. Our battery was out so we needed to change out the batteries. The programming is the big part of your robot, if you don’t have programming, your robot wont work at all.


What more would you want to learn about the building/ or programming of these robots?


I want to learn about the better code to make for a robot. Just like the LED assignment, some people know how to make the fade and some did the long way just like how I did it.



Humanities Essay


( Should Ban )


Think in your brain, picture yourself in the woods, what do you see? Full of plastic bottles and trash. Now turn back the time to 1920. In the same woods, you can see nature and plants. There are no plastic or trash. Nowhere. We are being lazy and littering everywhere, the government should ban single use plastic because: one, plastic pollutes the environment. Two, plastic can damage marine life and three, humans use it too much.



Firstly, plastic can pollute the environment. This can be why the AQI is high. According to, an article called “ Why Canada’s Single use Plastic Ban Could Help the Environment and Wildlife” stated: In Europe, an estimate of 400 million metric tons of CO2 are made each year. Plastic is the main problem for the high level CO2. There are many effects for instance, 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic are now on earth. ( ) That can explain why the CO2 is so high. We get this consequence because we are lazy, we produce too much plastic.



Plastic is damaging marine life. Again, we are lazy and we litter. Then the garbage gets blown into the ocean.  An website called converseturtles Stated: over 1 million marine animals ( including mammals, fish, sharks, turtles and birds ) are killed each year due to plastic debris. Also, according to, 12.7 million metric tons of plastic are now floating in the ocean.  Another website called said: In the north pacific ocean, 92% of the mass is large plastic objects. These two pieces of evidence are important because the earth is now pilled up by toxic plastic.  If the government ban plastic, sea animals can be safe. Banning can also make us safe. Because humans are the one who is destroying the earth.



Third, we use plastic too much. Some people say: “ plastic is cheap and easy to use. However, stated 300 million tons of plastic is produced each year and 50% of that is single use plastic. Again, when the plastic ends up in the ocean, the sea animals will eat it and get sick because its toxic. Then, the humans capture the fish and sell it at a restaurant or eat it. This means we are also eating plastic and can get sick. Well, animals and an enormous amount of people will be sick and might die because of the toxic in the plastic.



The government should ban single use plastic and plastic because One, plastic pollutes the environment. Two, plastic is damaging marine life. And three, we use it too much. When we ban plastic, people might start taking action. Now picture yourself in the woods after the people took action to clean the plastic and after the ban, look around. You see no more plastic bottle and wildlife animals are back. For the good of the earth, plastic should be banned





Jerry-Percy Final

How can Percy Make Better Choices for Himself and his Community?



According to, the article Neurodiversity: a Different view of ADHD. The article shows that ADHD is a kind of distraction 6 million young people under the age of 17 has. On the other hand, Percy Jackson is 12. It shows that Percy has the distraction ADHD. If Percy wants a to make some better choices, he should make more friends, care about friends, and focus on certain  .


Percy can have a better life by making more friends to keep him happy and healthy. An article posted by Taking Charge of your Health & Wellbeing from the University of Minnesota said 148 studies found that you can live healthier and longer if you have strong relationship. This can tell us that Percy should try and make more friends at camp half blood to get him a healthy and longer life. Therefore, in the book, Percy only said about his only two friends Annabeth and Grover. Based on the evidence, Percy only had two friends. Grover is the one he knew at school, and Annabeth was the person that showed him around camp. When the article is talking about healthier, it says the research by psychologist Sheldon Cohen told us college students who reported having strong relationships were half as likely to catch a cold.” This experiments data should be told to everyone. It can prove that close relationships are extremely important.


Percy should care more about his friends. That will make both him and his friends happy. “ Showing up at parties tell friends that we’re thinking of them and adding positivity to their lives, making them feel loved.” Nelson said. Nelson is a friendship expert. Caring is important, they can tell you care about them if you go to a party. However, in the book, Grover gave Percy his summer address on the page 44 in the ibook, the address is a camp which is camp Half Blood. Percy didn’t go, but when Grover found he and his mother at the beach, Percy’s mom thought that it was time she had to sent Percy to camp. This can show that Percy didn’t really care about what Grover was talking about. He decided he wanted a normal holiday. Just like what Nelson said, “ Showing up at parties tell friends that we’re thinking of them and adding positivity to their lives, making them feel loved.” Same when Grover gave Percy his summer address, Percy didn’t care about it.


Percy should focus more on his important tasks. For example, i He said that on page 11, Percy asked a question. “Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that.” In the ibook, page 12 and 13, Percy said that in the fifth grade trip, he accidently blew up the school bus with a Revolutionary canon. On the fourth grade trip, he accidently pulled the wrong lever and make his class make an unplanned swim. He gave these examples himself. The reason is because he said he is a troubled kid. These can be scenes of ADHD, like I said, ADHD. ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Personally I don’t understand these words when they said ADHD is a sickness that young people have. This is a distraction sickness. Percy on the other side has ADHD. He is not focus and curious of what is going on like pulling a lever and playing with a canon cart. This shows a sign of ADHD when he is focused on something else whether then the school task.


If Percy wants a to make some better choices, he should focus on certain tasks, care about friends, and make more friends. Friendship can make him healthy, make more friends in camp he can gain more stress, catch a cold, and live a short life. If Grover and Annabeth are not his friends, He will be completely alone with his mother.




Work Cited



Works Cited

“Having good friends can improve our well-being, especially during the holidays.” Newsela,

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Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief. E-book, Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson 1.

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My Vocab

1. Amphitheater: A Greek stadium for entertainment, performances, and sports.

2. Bias: only supports their side

3. Abhor: to hate something

exp: Jerry abhors reading books

4. Abrasive: rough, rude.

exp: (name) has an abrasive way of speaking

5. Anthology: A book that has different textures written by different people

exp: I just finished reading an anthology of modern poetry

6. Apathy: not interested in doing something

7. Apprehend: to capture someone

exp: the policeman apprehended the bank robber

8. Assumption: to sure something is going to happen

exp: assume

9. Avid: Eager/ committed

exp: she’s and avid golfer

10. Authority: to have power to do something, tell people what to do

exp: president

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