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Chinese Revolution in Plain English


The Chinese Revolution started from 1966-1976. Mao Zedong popularity grew and many of his supporters were young people and they would carry a little red book with them which contained quotes from Mao. Later on Mao suppoters also known as the red guards would go and harm innocent citizens if they did not go by Mao’s ways. Watch “The Chinese Revolution in Plain English” to find out more about what happened in the Chinese Revolution

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Chew this poverty!


“Chew on this” by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson is a nonfiction book, that shows us the reality of the fast-food industry and how it has affected the world. This book will show us (the readers) what we are really consuming in our bodies and do we really want this in us?

In the book “Chew on this” authors Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson both believed that poverty frequently prevents the working class who are trying to accomplish their goals.

Why you should read the book:

I suggest that everyone should read chew on this, as a person who isn’t very fond of books let alone non-fiction books I found this book particularly interesting. I got to learn a lot of facts and details I didn’t know the fast-food industry does and also how everything formed.

What I learned about this unit is:

Something I learned about this unit is how to take notes and also what is the central idea of a story.


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