For my padlet, I chose dark and rough pieces, which was the concept of my first song. However, I thought that a more upbeat song would be easier to capture the feeling and create a piece that reflects it well. I also thought that vivid coloring and emphasis would be simple to convey effectively.

The song I chose was “Good Day” by DNCE. I chose this song because its lyrics had the same type of positive emotions as the rhythm itself. I also thought it had qualities that would be easy to convey without thinking up something overly complicated.  I also considered “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio. It completely contrasts the song I ultimately chose. I thought of choosing this song because I had seen a music video that inspired me a lot; it had many styles that I thought were not too focused on the “dark” part of the song.

Since I did not have a specific design technique I wanted to employ due to only using simple elements to my advantage, I tried to create different types of fonts and judge which might be the most fitting for the song. I tried to mainly use shapes, curves, and angles in making a style that would be useable, although the font I ultimately chose was downloaded.

Since I was not really a planner or slow worker, I almost whipped up my first and second designs, which were finalized with virtually no significant changes, so my detailed drafts are also my final drafts as well.

The feedback I got was initially positive, complimenting me on my use of fonts and the utilization of colors. I did get a suggestion to add more to the background, but I decided that the simplicity would help emphasize the contrast between the text and the background more.

The thing I focused on most when creating my poster was how well the song’s feeling and lyric was conveyed to the audience. I used bright colors and a dark background to emphasize the text itself and tried to make my piece similar to graffiti, an art form that utilizes typography very well. The leaning of the text and the variation of size was used to capture the upbeat and skipping, popping feeling that the lyrics had when sung. To summarize, I focused on 4 components, font, hierarchy, contrast, and color, to create a piece that clearly reflected the song’s feeling.