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Sports Team Logo

Client Name: St Louis Slashers

Background Information: St. Louis has decided to create a new basketball team following the St. Louis Cardinals, and has decided to name it the Slashers, therefore deciding the team color similar to the name, players who can rip through the defense and a fast offensive based team color.

Target Audience: New, Young NBA fans who have not yet decided what team they will root for and has a modern artistic taste, and that have preferences on offensive-oriented basketball.

Keywords: Simple, Fast, Direct

Logo Concepts/Inspiration Padlet

Design Concepts, Mockups, Drafts

3 Example Graphics


The 3 initial logos I designed were in my eyes, reasonably efficient in meeting the criteria I had set beforehand. However,  I received feedback that 1. Some of my designs were not clear when shrunk or manipulated in another way as seen in the middle of the 3 templates above. Another was that some of my logos did not obviously show what the use was, meaning they did not apparently look like basketball logos to unknowing audiences. I incorporated my feedback by firstly simplifying the logo and making it contrast sharply to make it easily recognizable and secondly putting in a form of a basketball to make the concept more obvious, as well as employing a shield template instead of a regular circle to. Then I removed the color from the background, taking notes from the logo of the Brooklyn Nets, which also incorporates the shield design and demonstrates a simple white and black logo. This also helped in emphasizing the slash marks and letters in the center of the logo, which is the primary design concept and trademark of the team.

Final Logo Refinement and Result

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  1. Hi Jihyuk,
    Your design process and final logo are all overall good. It’s a good, challenging project idea. Your generation of ideas is not a full reflection of all the different techniques we practiced. Your reflection is also a bit light on detail in some areas, and your finished logo is not fully presented in context. Let me know if there is anything I can help you improve.

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