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The Raging Torrent

Off With Their Heads!

This is our CommonCraft video about the French Revolution.

Want to Know the History of Google? Google It.

This book is called Google It, by Anna Crowley Redding. The theme of this book is that a goal is very important to push you through life. For example, Larry and Sergey’s goal to construct Backlinks. They have a ton of goals in their lives and one of the important ones is to make an online map. These goals kept pushing them and the company forward, solving more social problems in the process. You should read this book because it describes every important event in the history of Google in detail, and teaches you to set goals to become successful. One thing I learned in this non-fiction unit was different ways of taking notes on theme, central idea, and issues.



Does the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

The Boxer Rebellion does not deserve a bad reputation. First, when the Christian missionaries arrived at Shandong, a drought was happening. The Boxers thought that the churches poked so high that it angered the Gods. So, they destroyed churches and tried to get the foreigners out. This was only an act of self-protection and religious thoughts. The Boxers did nothing wrong.

Second, the canal is an open sewer, and foreigners are sneaking in without permission. After they’ve rescued the prisoners, they started slaughtering in Beijing, killing those who they thought were Boxers. The Boxers has only trapped the foreigners for their own countries’ faults. The foreigners are sneaking in to save people who are rightful prisoners of the Chinese government and the Boxers. (As the real troublemakers cannot be caught, so they were substitutes.) The foreigners robbed and slaughtered many people that were not Boxers, causing many innocent deaths.

In general, the Boxers were only protecting themselves and giving rightful punishments to the foreigners. They shouldn’t have a bad reputation just because of this.

Theseus, Duke of Athens

This character, Theseus, is from Mid-Summer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare.

I chose Theseus because he has different personalities. I chose Prince Charles, Duke of Wales as the picture for Theseus because his personalities and social status is very similar to Theseus. I am proud of my simple design, and the texts appeal to the audience.

What is Humanism?

Business Infographic

The Strength of Youth vs. The Wisdom of Elders

Picture from here

The strength of youth Vs. the wisdom of elders

Are elder people always less smart than the youth?

The theme in the story was Elder people can be way wiser than people of youth, as they have a lot more experience in life. In the story The Aged Mother, by Matsuo Basho, The leader of the town Shining created a cruel law that was to kill all elderlies in the town. A poor farmer did not want his mother to die and the order of the leader was to present him with a rope of ashes. The mother of the farmer suggested to burn a rope of twisted straws into ashes. The leader was pleased at the sight and demanded to know where the farmer obtained the wisdom. The farmer couldn’t lie so told him the truth. The leader pondered after hearing the story and decided to abolish the law. He realizes the importance of the wisdom of old people and they are not necessarily dumber than the youth.

When the son told his mother the order, she said, “’ Wait! … I will think. I will think’” (Basho 2). This means although she is old, she has confidence in solving the problem. The son is worried, but she seems calmer and fuller of knowledge.

At the end of the story, the text said “Shining needs more than strength of youth” (Basho 2). This suggests that the elderly can be wiser than the youth. Elders can be very wise and beneficial, and the wisdom can surpass the strength of youth.

In general, the theme of the story The Aged Mother is that the elders often hold more wisdom than young people.


Caught for a Purse

This Found Poem is from “Thank you, Ma’am” by Langston Hughes. The conflict in it is the boy named Roger attempting to steal from a woman, and getting caught. Then, the woman did not punish Roger, but instead let him wash his face and made him eat dinner. She even gave him money for a new pair of shoes.

Picture: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/367747125792518831/

The Spanish Flu

~$How to Prevent the Spanish Flu

This is a project I did in the Plagues, Pandemics, and people ISB summer course, and we were supposed to make an infographic explaining the virus outbreak we chose (for me that is the spanish flu), and come up with a prevention plan (as if we were to time travel back).

I think I did good on the steps of the prevention plan, and the most challenging part was to research. I wish to learn more about the differences of the spanish flu and the flu right now.

Robotics Reflection

a. What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my animal as it took the most energy and time to make.

b. What is something you would change if you did this again? (besides being at school with all the resources)

I would maybe add some actions in the fins (I didn’t do it this time because it’s too complicated and I didn’t have time)

c. What have you learned about yourself through this project?

I find myself very lazy as I didn’t start it until the week it was due on. I wasted a lot of time and next time I will start earlier and not stress myself out by starting on the last week.

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