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The Revolution of a”big ideas”- The Proletariat Cultural Revolution

Are you interested in a decade-long drama? Do you want to go into China in the mid-1960s and feel the civil strife? This video I made will give you more details you want to know. In this video, you will see the second stage and also the ending of the Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution. This is a huge revolution, it was at the same time, has caused the Party, the country, and the people to suffer the most serious setback and loss since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The “Cultural Revolution” was initiated and led by Comrade Mao Zedong, the first Chairman of China. It is called “culture” because it is triggered by the “criticism” of the cultural sphere. After learning about this revolution, I understand that we should accept all kinds of ideas, which can make a whole better develop and progress.


Unbroken-a survival story in World War II

In this unit, we went a step further and learned how to read and understand non-fiction. The book I read was “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand. This video is an introduction to the book and an analysis of the theme.

The book that I read is called “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand. This book showed World War II to the readers and goes deep into what the people were experiencing and their true state. The story of Louie Zamperini, a talented runner who joined the Army during World War, to become a bombardier. With a little luck and his strong physical and mental power, he was miraculously survived by a drift, a shark attack, a captive. The big theme of the book is that we must have strong personal perseverance and determination to support ourselves to pass the difficulties and the pain.

There are two reasons that I recommend this book. First, while I was reading this book, I was able to follow Louie’s real experience to understand the real state of the war at that time, the damage and influence of the war on the country and the people. In the book, after the war was over, many of the cities were unrecognizable. People at that time, such as Louie and the other POWs were being tortured in a prison camp. Even after the war was over, they suffered from PTSD. The description of these scenes in the book is very deep, describing the real situation at that time vividly and incisively. Second, after reading the book, you will have a deep feeling and understanding of what the book is trying to convey and be amazed at the power of determination and perseverance, which is the theme. There is a scene that makes me struck by the quality of Louie, he believed: He cannot break me. This kind of determined conviction has allowed him to defy evil forces, fear, and pain. It’s like the sportsmanship that he had when he was running — persevering and never letting it break down.

The best thing that I learned from this unit is how to understand a book in depth. Non-fiction involves a lot of backgrounds, real characters, places, or events that strongly related to the story. Without this information, we might not be able to deeply understand what the book is trying to tell us. At this time, we can re-read and look up relevant materials, this really helps me when I am reading. These techniques made it easier for me to understand the further story, at the same time gaining more knowledge. For me, it was very rewarding to finish a book of non-fiction.

Did the Boxers Deserve a Bad Reputation?

The Boxer Rebellion was a group that launched an uprising against the West and Japan in northern China. The end of the Boxer War was also the end of the last Dynasty of China, the Qing Dynasty. Through the previous learning and the field trip; I claim that the Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation. As we know from the previous information, after the Second Opium War, many treaties were signed, at the same time, many foreign legations were built in the capital of Beijing. Although opium was banned, large numbers of foreigners and missionaries entered China to spread their faith and establish churches. More missionaries came in, and more Chinese Christians appeared, which made the Chinese people thought Christianity was a threat to Chinese traditional belief and culture. Because of the previous opium wars and the current situation, the Qing government failed to resist, uniting these young civilians and initially seeing the Qing government as their enemy as well. The Boxers hated foreigners and did not allow the spread of their religion in China, so they opposed these people, killed foreigners and burned the church. Or use some other ways to express their resistance and dislike to foreigners: the Canal next to the British legation is used to deal with dung; they kept foreigners and some Chinese in the church, they cut off all the communications, such as traffic and telegrams with Beijing, there left about 3000 people in custody waiting for rescue… Although the boxers use violence, they could resist in a better way, but will these young men turn a blind eye to the threat of their culture and the occupation of their land? From the source of this incident, the cause of these revolts is that foreigners think their own culture is the best, it can influence others, they want everyone believe in their culture, which is also a kind of disrespect for China. And in the subsequent war, the multinational troops also caused serious harm to China.


Characteristic CER: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” written by William Shakespeare, the character that I am going to profile is Lysander who loves Hermia and wants to marry her.

Through the first scene, I think Lysander is optimistic and brave.

First, I think he is optimistic, because in the play when Hermia is going to marry Demetrius who she doesn’t love because her father insists on it, she is very sad, Lysander says “Ay me! For aught that I could ever read Could ever hear by tale or history. The course of true love never did run smoothly. But either it was different in blood–” (line 132) This shows that he is comforting Hermia through this way, tells her that all true love is not easy, let her not give up, they could always be together, even though it is not smooth and tough.

I also think Lysander is obsessed with love and this love made him brave, because Demetrius also likes Hermia, but he will be more “smooth” because he has the support of Hermia’s father, Lysander countered: “You have her father’s love, Demetrius. Let me have Hermia’s. Do you marry him?” (Shakespeare, line 93) Through this line, I can see Lysander is daring to fight for the above. He had the courage to use such direct language before Theseus and Demetrius to fully show his true love for Hermia. It also shows that the road for him and Hermia is fraught with difficulties.

Lysander’s insistence gives Hermia a sense of security and shows he is reliable. When Lysander proposed that they could escape from Hermia’s father, Hermia had 100% trust in him and agreed with the idea, “I swear to thee by Cupid’s strongest bow. By his best arrow with the golden head. By the simplicity of Venus’ doves. By that which knitteth souls and prospers love…” (Shakespeare, line 168) Because she loves him, and yet she was willing to elope with Lysander. Something mentioned in this line: Cupid’s bow, doves that innocent by the god of love. Dido, too, burned herself because of true love and her lover, she uses these to prove their love, trust, and commitment.

Through the above examples, it’s clear to see that Lysander is usually positive and has the courage for love even in the face of challenges.






Humanism Infographic


Theme Summative Assessment

The story “The Aged Mother” written by Matsuo Basho is about a mother’s love. In the story, the main character and his mother depended on each other, had lived a very peaceful and happy life, but he has to follow the cruel announcement that all the old people should be put to death. He carried the old mother hard uphill; the road is long and steep, crisscross, he gradually lost the direction. On their way up the mountain, the mother broke off the branches and paved a path for her son to return. Then, after an order to make a string of ashes, he asked his mother for help, and finally succeeds in telling the truth to the governor, and the cruel law was abolished.

In the story “The Aged Mother”, by Matsuo Basho, the author believes that love always renders one to succeed. The word “Render” there means what is needed on the way to success is love, no ordinary love, but the kind of love that renders you a wise lesson which could be an important step on the road to success. In the first part of the story, the old mother’s wiser and strong love for her son was reflecting. When the character carries his mother up the mountain, the road was very rugged, they lose their way, but the character had to return the same way. His mother realized it and “she stretched forth her hand and snapping the twigs from bushes as they passed, she quietly dropped a handful every few steps of the way so that as they climbed, the narrow path behind them was dotted at frequent intervals with tiny piles of twigs.” (Basho 1) And when they arrived, the old mother told her son to look carefully and follow the path which holds the piles of twigs. The love from the mother was shown even though the character follows the cruel rules and had to put his mother to death, the mother still wants to keep her son out of danger and “pave” a path which holds the piles of twigs, help along the way, guaranteeing his safe return.

As the story develops, When the governor again orders his subjects to give him a rope of ashes, the character goes to his mother for help. He whispered the news to his hidden mother, “ ‘Wait!” she said. “I will think. I will think’. On the second day she told him what to do. ‘Make rope of twisted straw,’ she said. ‘Then stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it on a windless night.’ ” (Basho 2) He called the people together and told them to follow what the elder said. Once again, the wisdom of the mother, of being able to come up with an idea helped her son, even though she was hidden in such a difficult situation. It shows the fact that the old mother loved her child by gives him the advice a lesson. And because of the wisdom of the mother that saved her son and the people, and abolished the rule, truly telling that as the old mother’s grey and white hair growth, the more reflect that shining also needs the crown of snow.

Behind the success, the mother is always stand behind you to support and encourage. This kind of love is selfless, even with sacrifice and pain that will always be your strongest backing.


“Thank You M’am” Found Poem

My found poem is in the article Thank You M’am. The found poem is going to show the internal conflict in the article. The internal conflict in this article is in paragraph 32. “The water dripping from his face, the boy looked at her. There was a long pause. A very long pause. After he had dried his face and not knowing what else to do dried it again, the boy turned around, wondering what next. The door was open. He could make a dash for it down the hall. He could run, run, run, run, run!”  After Roger washes his face, he looks at Mrs. Jones and thinks about what he should do next. He looks at the open door over there. He can go out through the door. Contact the after context I can learn that he did not escape. But in the previous article, Roger was trying to escape and struggle. My found Poem is also focused on this part, there is a connection. I began with “the boy” in the 11th paragraph, and I start with “the boy” every time when I start a new sentence, which makes the poem feel more and emphasize the boy. So, you can pay more attention to his changes. First, I chose “face is dirty”, “looked as if he were fourteen or fifteen”, “in tennis shoes and blue jeans”. I chose these short sentences to give a simple description of Roger’s appearance, which is also a premise. Then, I found Roger’s initial performance and reaction, which describes that he was struggled, desperately trying to get Mrs. Jones to let him go. So, I added the phrase “Here I am trying to get home” to the sentence. “Maybe, late as it be.” The reason for me to put these sentences is that in the latter story, Roger had a hesitating and internal conflict, so Roger said he wanted to go home now, but he was hesitating so it means “I am going to escape,  but, maybe later or not?”  He wanted to run away, but he didn’t want to lose his trust. Because he felt Mrs. Jones’s trust in him (in the later story), he finally gave up his idea of running away. That plot will happen in the following story but I add it there because I wanted to make a comparison and one was “here I am trying to get home” and I put Roger’s hesitation (the hesitation that will flow up)at here. Then I found the reason to explain why Roger was going to steal the purse because he wanted a pair of blue suede shoes. The next part that I found is the most direct expression of Roger’s internal conflict. After he washed his dirty face, he was wondering what he could do. At that moment, he could choose to run away, and without being seen. He can do this, but he doesn’t. here is a manifestation of conflict. So I choose to create my found poem through, me a brief introduction, the character’s previous thought, a little hesitation (conflict) that will appear later, and the main conflict. I add “the boy” before every sentence, I think it makes the poem more focused and sounds better. I use a different highlighter to tag the words that I select, and drew some illustrations to show the character’s different psychological activities (from the dark green to grey) also express the level of internal conflict.


Banning single use plastic is an effective way to save our ocean.

Single-use plastic is convenient and durable but is also destroying the environment, destroying nature and the ocean. Banning single-use plastic is an effective way to save our ocean because it can save marine life and banning single-use plastics has been implemented and proved to be a good way to save the oceans. Some may argue that it is hard for citizens to stop using single-use plastic items.

First, banning single-use plastic is an effective way to save our ocean because single-use plastic items are seriously harming marine life. The researchers show that in 2010, 4.8 million to 12.7 million tons of plastic went to the ocean. This data shows that many single-use plastic wastes from different places all went into the ocean. If this problem doesn’t improve, according to the investigation by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. More than 80 percent of marine wastes are plastic. For seabirds and larger sea creatures like turtles, dolphins or seals the danger comes from getting tangled up in plastic bags and other mistaking plastic. In fact that turtles can’t tell the difference between the plastic bags and jellyfishes, so they probably swallow plastic as food. Swallowing a plastic can cause internal blockage, often leading to death. Larger pieces of plastic can also damage the body system of seabirds or whales. We cannot allow the sea to become less and less alive, devoid of a great deal of life, it’s threatening the life in the ocean, as a result banning single-use plastic is an effective way to save our ocean and marine life.

As the ocean is filled with plastic, some country realizes the problem and has carried on an effective solution measure. Not long ago, at the 25th commonwealth heads of government meeting in London, British prime minister Theresa May announced the establishment of a new “commonwealth alliance for clean oceans” and called for joint efforts to tackle Marine pollution and protect the marine environment. So far, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Ghana have responded. The alliance says it is committed to reducing the use of plastic and preventing further pollution of the oceans by plastic waste. Theresa May also announced a 61.4 million pound grant to support research, cleaning up plastic in the oceans and disposing of plastic waste. With dispose and prohibition, there will be far less plastic in the oceans. I believe more countries will join them to protect the oceans and ban single-use plastic. The project has brought huge benefits to the disposal of single-use plastic in the ocean.

Some may argue that it’s difficult to control citizens to stop using single-use plastic. China Taiwan has a ban on single-use plastic that was introduced in  January 2008 but there is still a big loophole in the ban which allows people to use a plastic bag for takeaway food. There was a Seacon Square test, found that 453 shoppers still asked for plastic bags, while conversely, only 29 either rejected them on using their own cloth bags. It means citizens think the single-use plastic bag is provided with convenient. The citizens will keep using single-use plastic bags in their life. Although this situation will happen, many citizens want to protect the environment and protect the ocean and will take the initiative to bring their own bags for shopping. If more and more citizens like this, the probability of producing single-use plastic will become smaller and smaller, and the probability of people using it will also decrease. The survey found that citizens in countries such as Poland do not use single-use plastic bags for shopping, while supermarkets in countries such as China charge for most of the single-use plastic bags, which can also reduce people’s use of single-use plastic bags.

Therefore, an effective strategy is to ban single-use plastic. Without single-use plastic, life in the ocean would be more alive, many countries are also actively implementing it. Similarly, citizens need to work together to reduce plastic use. Hence, banning single-use plastic is an effective way to save our ocean.


Percy Jackson Response

This book named Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief. The mean point in the story iabout  after Percy entered the Camp Half-Blood. He needs training more than catch the true lightning thief and bring peace to a warring Mount Olympus. In these quotes below from the book and research articles shows how could Percy managing his various emotions and establish his positive relationships scientifically. 

First of all, Percy Jackson needs to manage his emotions so that he can make better choices.  In the book, when Percy saw her mother got in danger he shouted “No! You are coming with me. Help me carry Grover.” (pg.49) Percy was crying, calling for his mother, but he held on to Grover— He wasn’t going to let him go. Researchers shows that why emotional response is very powerful: you want to cry, or run away, or shout. It because these response are based around the need to survive. Another example, Percy feel accepted his life, he feel he had home in camp half-blood in cabin eleven and he might be a normal kid—or as normal as you can be when you’re a half-blood. (pg.27) As the experiment says, thoughts from various perspective that can make your decisions balance. You need to “combine your emotional response with more rational considerations”. (Self-management/managing emotions) 

Positive relationship is also very important in Percy’s life, he has good relationship. In the book Grover said: “I was supposed to protect you.” “Don’t strain yourself.” (pg.60) Research shows that the support offered by a caring friend can provide a buffer against the effort to stress. People with satisfactory social communication can reduce depression. On the other hand, Percy also care about his friends. In the book Percy hoped Grover won’t got in too much trouble and he said Grover was a good protector (pg.76).  Researchers found that people who have friends to count on are generally more satisfied with their personal health than people who feel isolated (Why Personal Relationships Are Important). 

 Therefore, from those quotes, Percy needs self management so that he can make better choices in his life. He also has positive relationships to relieve his stress and eliminate his worried with his friends, which influence his mood and affect his life. 

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