Claim: I think that the boxers did not deserve a bad rap, but it is very arguable.
Evidence 1: The opium war, the opium war, has harmed China very visibly and clearly. The Chinese were addicted to opium and were unable to leave this opium-smoking habit. At that moment, about 12 million people smoking opium.  This has caused the loss of many cultures and above all, lot of economic losses.
Evidence 2: Because the Chinese lost lot of money in the opium trade, and the Chinese were low on crops/food as the population continued to grow.  the population in China increased by 30 percent in 60 years.
Evidence 3:There were 20 million people who were killed because they (Taipei Rebellion)  wanted to colonize and overtake the Qing dynasty.
Reasoning: This shows that they clearly did not deserve a bad rap, in my opinion, because they actually wanted peace for their own country.