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The Great Chinese Revolution ft.Steven, Credit to iMovie.

Creator of video- Jordan Fung.

The Chinese Revolution- The great Chinese proletariat cultural revolution, from 1945-1952. This period of time started with the great leader, called Mao Ze Dong, and he was with the people called the red guards, who supported him throughout the historical moments.

I learned many things about this cultural revolution, for example, the statistics of how many deaths has this famine Mao Ze Dong has lead to, and how many people were included and counted as a red guard, and how many civilians were affected by this movement.

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  1. Hey Jordan and Steven, I love the pictures! They were on point and helpful for me to understand what you guys are talking about.
    Love the intro, love how you changed your accent/voice to hook the listener in. I also loved the memes in your video!
    I learned that there was also a great famine during the Chinese Cultural Revolution just like some of the other revolutions. However, the Chinese Cultural Revolution lead to 30 million people starving to death.

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