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I have been reading the mystery novel The Crossing Places written by Elly Griffiths. In the story, the protagonist Dr. Ruth got involved in the case of two missing girls. Ruth finds one of the girl’s bones in the salt marsh about the middle of the book, but the other one remains unknown. Following Ruth realizing more about what means in the mystery letters got sent to the police, she notices Danie, whom she once loved, has the same handwriting as the ones on the letter. At the beginning of every chapter, Griffiths wrote a few paragraphs in the first-person perspective of a girl locked in a room; this has been an essential piece of a clue for the readers, I’ve been guessing where she might be, who is the one that locked her, and this became the motive power to keep me on reading. Because now I am almost at the end of the story, I think I have an idea of the actual murderer.

Ice cream van logo

Client name: Whitby Morrison

Background: Whitby Morrison, British engineering company based in Crewe, Cheshire East. It has been described as “the world’s leading ice cream van manufacturer”. Whitby Morrison converts production vans into ice cream vans for the mobile soft ice cream industry.

Audience: Whitby Morrison operates in over 60 countries, locations as diverse as the Middle East, Australia, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the US.

Typically, Whitby Morrison’s audience is interested in:

  • Sweets
  • Outdoor lifestyle
  • Fresh food
  • interesting life style

Context: Whitby Morrison require a logo for wallpaper on cars, web pages, caravan signage, aprons, and  menu.

Keywords: Sweet, moving, fresh

Rough ideas for the logo:

Padlet: precedents 


Made with Padlet






Lyrics & Type

My Final Lyrics & Type Design:

Untitled_Artwork 12

My Padlet:

(inspirational examples with written notes)

Made with Padlet
  • Song selection

I chosed four songs at first,

1. I Hate U, I Love U (Consoul Trainin)

2.  Mermaid (SKOTT)

3. Summer Vibe (Walk Off the Earth)

4. Young and beautiful (Lana Del Rey)

These are all songs that focus and have a strong feeling on emotions, after a hard thinking, I chose Mermaid .  

The whole song is not too slow or fast, and it gives a feeling like with love and hazy, falls into the ocean with your beloved, it’s affectionate, and resolved.

The sentence I selected at last is:

“Like Ocean dance with storm, I will dance with you.”

The reason I chose this is because not only it contains variaty things that can be really interesting to be combined in words, it also shows a whole, and attracting story just in 10 words. It contains love, nature, emotion and action, the personification of ocean, storm and dancing make me feels like there is madness and romance hidden under quiet and elegance, hidden under the calm waves. So I start drawing some fast drafts:

These are a part of my draft, many others I did on papers. I tried out different kind of fonts and techniques, also try to give different feelings to my work.

Last, I chose this out of these drafts: Untitled_Artwork 7

I like the combine of words and the circle, and how are they seems placed at will. And it isn’t that complicated, the way lines and shapes balanced quite good.

But only is circle isn’t enough, I didn’t even conclude all words, and I want it to look more full of imaginary and have a sense of a story. I decided to put more shapes and lines, and give it a structure so it really can be balanced well.

And this is what I got:

Untitled_Artwork 9

It’s very scrawly, but it already has a general shape and design, the next thing I did was to choose color and more decorations:

I tried out few color, but the top right one makes me feels the best, because it has a feeling of ocean and sky, not too bright nor dark, and makes me feels calm.

Here’s an interesting thing I choose: I don’t want it to be passionate, energetic, seems like words are gonna come out the screen. I want my design is more calm and half-conscious, because that’s what the song’s melody make me feels. But it also needs a bit of romantic darkness, let the whole atmosphere not be cheerful or optimistic, but to be calm, heavy.

And then, I start to specify the details (Sorrrryyyy I didn’t fiinnnnd picture of this version)

So I then gathered many comments from my class mates and teacher, here are some examples:

  1. The font is a little strange, needs improvements, you can refer to the Internet.
  2. Some small decorations can be appropriately reduced to make the design more harmonious
  3. The circle can be added with some design

So I changed my fancy decorations and fonts, after thinking, and I thought the font can be kept just like hand drawing letters.

At this point, I have a similar work as the final already, and now, I wish I can add some hidden meanings in the painting. For example, I added an arrow through the font to express meaning like firm and love.

Then compared with the blue sea water, I used black and chose white as the last two words “with u”. (The shape of seagulls is also a bit like hearts.)

At the same time, I use different fonts to focus on storm, and the gradient of the background from deep to light represents both clouds and waves

So now, my work has fully done.

I hope people who see this design can feel the deep love, calm waves, and a trace of haziness and dream.

Thank you!

: D

Reading Reflection #1

The Crossing Places is a mystery novel written by Elly Griffiths. In the story, the protagonist Dr. Ruth, a woman who is very interesting in old bones, investigates a child’s bones found on a nearby beach and finds them belongs to Iron Age. And following a detective coming up to her, she notices these bones are somehow connected to a case of a little girl who went missing ten years before. The story is attractive and in a tense atmosphere the whole time, leading readers to want to know more and more about this mysterious case. The protagonist Ruth was written as a who is used to loneliness but still attracted to the happiness of being with other people, and she does not care about their outer look. Also, she keeps a heart of brave and strong. I like and appreciate how she was living and being herself, and the feeling that she was feeling truely touches me every time. I am kind of confused about some places of the protagonist’s interpersonal relationship, but I think that’s also one of the interesting parts of the story.


Lyrics & Type

Graphic design-Educational poster design

E_P A4_Poster template


  • My element: Texture
  • Graphic design-Educational poster design
  • What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?
  • The use of the elements and principles in graphic design makes the picture basicly looks better and more appealing. The combine of elements and principles can make many interesting designs by combining elements.
  • What is this design task all about?
  • Texture  is used to represent how an object appears or feels, such as being rough, smooth, silky, shiny, fuzzy and so on.

Why did you design your illustration this way? (show evidence of your sketching, development, peer feedback & refinement)

here is my design:


My few first designs on procreate:

Untitled_Artwork 2

Untitled_Artwork 3


Untitled_Artwork 4


I chose the design of rock wall at last, because it’s the easiest way to show “textures”, and also easier to draw on computer (maybe).

First I draw out the lines for the wall using black pen

Then I check out the background, and sadly I found no any pen that can draw out the texture like rocks, and drawing rocks one by one is gonna be really hard, so I choose to use the texture in the app, even though its not texture like rocks anymore, but it still has its own texture and special one, looks out not too bad.

But the drawing is still too simple, so  I want to add some more things. Then I added a light ( ?) with simple line, because the main part is still the background-the texture. The light circle not only can show the light, the more important part is to show texture in different ways, or different situation, or to highlight the part to show texture wall clearer.

😀 Thats all it goes out.

Personal poster process

Personal poster Process

Sorry I can only upload a word file because I can’t save it in blog, it shows the picture is too big and can’t save.


Personal Poster

(I will separate process and these at two different blogs, because for some reason I cant upload them all)


My poster:


  1. Padlet pictures and influence

here are some pictures I chose to influence my design.

I got the main color I used for my design from looking at these pictures, orange, red and pink, the color like sunset, because I think it represents romantic and tender, and can  set off an atmosphere for the poster. I really like clouds and skies in the examples, so I decided to draw the background of evening sky. Then I want to add some colorful and good design in the poster, so I drew balloons with different color, it adds story to this painting. 

For example of how they influence me, in picture3, the”Lamplight” one, I really like how the designer combine different colors, purple and green gives a feeling of mystery and also adds red to create a good feeling. So because I want a tender feeling so I add pink and other warm color, and I also add blue to make character out from other colors.


2. Feedback by friends and correction

here is my how my poster look at before feedback:

And then I gathered how some other students think about the poster, I can change my words on the poster better by changing the typeface I used for my name, it doesn’t look that fit, so I changed to something that looks more free and better match my scribbled picture.  Then I should put some words that connected to the questions because these separate words can’t really represent that much, so I changed them too. At last I deleted the white flower, it looks nice, but doesn’t match my poster.



Strengths: I like to read, and I can read kind of fast. 

Weaknesses: lack of vocabulary, and bad grammar. 

Opportunities: read more books and remember some vocabulary every day. 

Threats: lack of grammar, and too lazy. 


My goal this semester is to do better at grammar, and not having any more grammar questions while writing.  

By reading more books I would like to get my grammar better, I will know I have achieved this when I can write good sentences with no any grammar questions in my essay. 

X Design Persona Poster

True North, Designed by Re, Sydney.

This is a logo of a company that focus on taking families on a journey cruise. Inspired by topographical map patterns, arrows, coordinates and grid paper, the brand nods to its nautical heritage. I think this design is pretty cool, it give me a feeling of want to go travel, want to follow the arrow to the nature. And its background has a good warm color.

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