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An uprising against foreigners – The Boxer Rebellion

Short History: The Boxer Rebellion took place on November 2, 1899 and ended on September 7,1901. It almost lasted for 2 years and countless people died from this war. The Boxers – The Society of the Righteous and Harmonious Fists – were a large-scale secret society that fought against foreigners. Their resistance eventually drawn the country into a war with 8 alliance countries.


The Boxers deserved a bad rap during the rebellion because they were unreasonable and unacceptably violent to everyone. First of all, one of the reasons that the war occurred was because the Boxers blamed that the natural disasters were caused by the foreigners, especially by Christians. They believed that the Christians irritated their own gods so the entire provinces were being punished with drought. However, their beliefs were completely preposterous because natural disasters could not be their faults. People – whether they are Christians, foreigners, or Chinese – do not possess any preternatural powers that can control nature. Thus, the Boxers deserved a bad rap since they had an awkward reason for the war. Secondly, the Boxers killed an innumerable amount of innocent people during the Boxer rebellion. By late 1899, the Boxers openly assassinated civilians, including thousands of Chinese Christians and approximately 200~250 foreign nationals, mostly Christian Missionaries. Slaughtering those guiltless civilians cannot be justified in any case. They even did not try to find other better ways, such as negotiations like they did during the Opium Wars, and simply killed them. Furthermore, the Boxers burned churches, foreign residences, and legations and killed suspected Chinese Christians on sight, which means that they could accidentally killed non-Christians (Click the tags to understand how they cruelly threatened foreigners!). Lastly, the Boxers drew the whole country into a chaos. Since the Boxers’ major targets were foreigners and Christian missionaries, they slaughtered them without mercy. However, their actions eventually resulted eight countries – Austria Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States – to alliance and attack China (Click the “Canal Street” tag). China was not strong enough to fight back the eight-nation alliance, so they were defeated. As a result, forts were destroyed, the Boxers and Chinese government officials were punished, foreign legations were permitted, China was prohibited from importing arms and had to pay more than $330 million to the foreign nations, and most importantly, the Qing dynasty collapsed. The Boxers’ resistance only resulted China into a worser situation, so they did deserve a bad rap.

“The course of true love never did run smooth” – Magazine Cover


Wealthy gentleman – “Demetrius is a worthy gentleman.” “So is Lysander” (Shakespeare 52~53), “I am, my lord, as well derived as he” (Shakespeare 99): These quotes show that Lysander is an admirable noble. I personally think that nobles look gentle and smart, so I chose a man who looks gentle and neat.

Lysander’s personality

  1. “There, gentle Hermia, may I marry thee. And to that place the sharp Athenian law cannot pursue us.” (Shakespeare 161~162) This shows that Lysander persistently loves Hermia because even though everyone dislikes and execrates him, he doesn’t give up her and plans to run away.
  2. “For aught that I could ever read, could ever hear by tale or history, the course of true love never did run smooth” (Shakespeare (132~1314) This shows that Lysander is optimistic because he tries to be positive even though everyone despises him.
  3. “And my gracious duke, this man hath bewitched the bosom of my child… With cunning hast thou filched my daughter’s heart” (Shakespeare 26~37) This is Egeus’s opinion about Lysander; he considers Lysander as a nasty horrible man. Egeus insists that Lysander has cast a magic spell over his daughter and has connived to steal her heart.


Am I a Renaissance Humanist?

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“With the crown of snow, there cometh wisdom”- The Aged Mother


Julie Park 8-5

Do you think elders are ignorant and weak? Well, they are infirm, but they are not uninformed at all. I read a story called The Aged Mother by Matsuo Basho, and two main characters appear in here: a poor farmer and his widowed mother. One day, a ruler orders people to abandon their old parents, but the son doesn’t obey it and hides his mother. Time passed, and the governor orders people to make a rope of ashes. All but his mother doesn’t know how to create it, so the ruler abolishes the law as he realizes that aged people are wise and helpful.

In the story The Aged Mother, the author believes that aged people have bountiful wisdom even though they are old and infirm. The evidences constantly appear though the mother’s action and speech. First of all, when the son carries his mother and climbs up a mountain to abandon her, the mother breaks branches and drops them: “Her son did not know the mountain’s many paths and his return might be one of danger… snapping the twigs from brushes as they passed, she quietly dropped a handful every few steps of the way…” (Basho 1). Here, the mother is making an indication for her son’s safe way back home. Generally, people would only feel fear when the death approaches to them, but the aged mother is worried of her son rather than being afraid. Therefore, beyond fear, the caring mind for her son has eventually connected to a wise action: dropping the snapped twigs to make an indication. This action is a very clever idea because it is the most concise and quickest way to make a sign. Especially, devising this action on her way to death is not general and difficult to do, so we can know that she is a wise elder. As the story continues, the mother assists her son and neighbors through her sagacious thinking: “’Make rope of twisted straw,’ she said. ‘Then stretch it upon a row of flat stones and burn it on a windless night.’… there upon the stones, with every twist and fiber showing perfectly, lay a rope of ashes” (2). This is when nobody, but his mother knows the answer for a herculean problem. Other youths straightforwardly try to make a rope by using ashes, but the mother thinks in an inverse way – burning a rope. This shows that she is a wise old woman because she is the only person that finds the answer by thinking backward.

The elder in the story The Aged Mother represents old people in the world. The aged mother is depicted as a wise elder in this short story because she constantly helps the son through intelligent action and suggestion. As the aged mother represents elders in real life, elders are wise and helpful. Do you still believe that aged people are helpless and ignorant?


More information about the author: https://biography.yourdictionary.com/matsuo-basho#:~:text=Matsuo%20Basho%20(1644%2D1694),numerous%20anthologies%20and%20travel%20diaries.&text=1680%2D1730)%2C%20which%20saw,typical%20literary%20and%20artistic%20personalities.

Full story: https://americanliterature.com/author/matsuo-basho/short-story/the-aged-mother#:~:text=Also%20known%20as%20The%20Story,abandoned%20and%20left%20to%20die.&text=Long%2C%20long%20ago%20there%20lived,and%20his%20aged%2C%20widowed%20mother.

Be proud of yourself – Fish Cheeks

My found poem from a short story “Fish Cheeks”

I used a short story called “Fish Cheeks” by Amy Tan to make my own found poem. The protagonist in this story is a 14-year-old Chinese-American girl who falls in love with the minister’s son named Robert. Amy, the protagonist, despaired when she found out that her parents invited Robert’s family because she felt ashamed of her Chinese culture compared to the American culture.

This story contains “character vs. society” type of external conflict. I know this because the narrator used the terms such as “shabby,” “noisy,” and “littered” to describe her culture and traditional foods – “shabby Chinese Christmas,” “noisy Chinese relatives,” “the kitchen was littered with appalling mounds of raw food.” This shows me that Amy did not respect or feel proud of her culture at all.

I included the dark and negative terms in my found poem – “shabby,” “noisy,” “terrible,” “despair,” “grimaced,” “disappear” – to deliver the conflict between the main character and Chinese culture to readers. I also included the part where her mother brought the steamed fish and her father offered her the fish cheek to emphasize that Chinese culture is the antagonist.

I used black background to express the conflict and the protagonist’s dark and heavy feelings. I drew a spoon and a pair of chopsticks on top and a fish on the bottom of my found poem, so the readers can see at a glance what the content of this poem is.

The Bubonic Plague VS Cholera



Chinese New Year Door Design

In class, we need to create a door design for Chinese New Year. Me and my partner Mea decided to make a door design of a lunar calendar. We inspired this idea from a picture of this lunar calendar.

The first step to create the door design was to plan and sketch the design we want to do. There were three designs we thought about. The first design was the lunar calendar and the second design was a picture of the lantern and the last design was the picture of the rat. We sketched and scaled all three designs on the paper. Finally, we chose to make a door design of a lunar calendar.  2827_001 , 2828_001  These are designs that I sketched.

The second step was to measure and study the door we are going to put our design on. We measured the door with the ruler and wrote down on the paper, so that the paper that can cover the door well.

The third step was to create the design that we planned. Our background paper was black and we cut it by using the measurement of the door. Then we cut out the circle and made the lunar calendar. Lastly, we made the arrow and made it to point the rat because 2020 is the year of a rat.

The last step was to install our production! We used duct tape to sticked our production on the door.

These are the pictures of the door decoration


My biggest success was when me and my partner were planning the design. We didn’t have any trouble between our opinions. Skills that I learned or developed was to cut and measure precisely. My biggest obstacle was when the length of the background was bit shorter than the door. Furthermore, we ripped the bottom of the paper. If I did this this again, one thing I would do differently is to decorate more on the background of the paper because it look empty. Overall, I think this product was successful because we finished our design in time.

School uniform

Many students don’t like to wear because it is uncomfortable. However, there are more good advantages in uniform, so they will have benefits to themselves. In various advantages, there are 3 main advantages and reason why school shouldn’t ban uniform. Schools shouldn’t ban uniform because there will be no social segregation and bullying, students can focus more on study, and it is not as expensive as new clothes. Social segregation is the first important reason why schools shouldn’t ban uniform.

Uniform helps to reduce social segregation and bullying in high rate. A student at ISB states that she feels segregation between herself and rich students. She isn’t poor, but riches always come to school wearing expensive clothes, shoes, and using the latest phone, so she said that she feels gap between herself and them. Moreover, according to sanduskyregister.com, some students are judgmental, so if children are allowed to wear their own clothes, children would judge each other, and make friends base on clothes. This can be one of the reasons why outdents feel segregation. In addition, students believe that uniform can prevent the risk of bullying. According to recent study, 70% of students believe wearing uniform help reduce the risk of bullying. Also, 89% of teachers and 68% of parents believe it. Most of the students, teachers and even parents believe that uniform prevent bullying, and uniform helps reduce social segregation. Furthermore, uniform helps to create safe and quiet environment.

Students can concentrate more on studying if they wear uniform. According to Mykarv.com, wearing uniforms encourages good discipline, and a safe learning environment for the students. If students are allowed to wear their own clothes, those clothes can be distracting to others, and mess up the safe quiet environment. Expensive and pretty clothes can attract students’ eyes, but if they wear uniform this problem will not cause, because they are wearing all same clothes. Furthermore, wearing uniforms increases attendance. According to cleveland19.com attendance rates at school increased an average of 3.5 percent in four schools. This can also mean that uniform affect both attendance and studying in good way. Moreover, increasing attendance is associated with concentrating with on studying because increased attendance means that there are more students who come to school to study. In addition, uniform isn’t very expensive to buy.

Some students argue that uniforms are too expensive to buy, and it is true that uniform is expensive. However, it isn’t more expensive than buying new clothes. They only need to buy uniform once, and this means that students can wear uniform for a year or two by buying it once. If they don’t wear uniform, they need to buy many clothes to wear for a year or two. The price for new clothes costs more than uniform. Moreover, according to 2013 survey from the National Association of Elementary school Principals (NAESP), 77 percent of respondents estimated the average cost of school uniforms per child, per year was $150 or less. If they just wear this uniform for a year, they only need to spend $150 for school clothing. This had more advantage for spending less money than buying new clothes evert time the season change. Therefore, uniform helps students to use less money on clothes.

These are the reasons why schools shouldn’t ban uniform, because uniform has many advantages for students. First, there’s no social segregation, second, they can focus more on study, and lastly, it is not very expensive. Students shouldn’t just think that uniform is uncomfortable to wear and should consider the advantages of uniform.

My amazing phone case

To make the phone case, the first thing I did was to study the locker. I measured everything in the locker, so later I could make the phone case base on the measurement of the locker. 2725_001This is the URL of the measurement of the locker.

After I finished finding the measurement, I studied my phone. I drew my phone, and measure every part of it. 2727_001 This is the URL of the measurement and picture of my phone.

After that, I searched the locker organization, and drew all things that inspired me. The thing that inspired me the most was the hook because if I make a hook on the phone case, it can hold not only a bag, but also some other little things. However, I didn’t add a hook on my phone case because there wasn’t any hook. 2726_001 This is the URL of the locker organization.

Next, I wrote the wants and needs for my phone case. Then I drew 2 types of the phone case to get an idea how would I make it. Idea 1 was a phone case that front is shorter than the back, and has BTS logo on the front. Idea 2 was a phone case that front and back are all same height, but has BTS logo on front, and has ARMY logo on back. I decided to use idea 1 to make it. 2729_001 This is the URL of my product ideas and wants and needs.

The next step was to make a prototype of my phone case, but before I make it, I drew a net of the phone case. 2728_001 This is the URL of the phone net. After that, I made a prototype of it with a thin wood. First, I sketched the net by measuring precisely so that everything fit together well. Next, I cut the net out, and tape it together. Finally, I test it if the phone fit or not. The phone did fit but there were too much spaces left, so I decided to make it shorter when I really make the phone case.

This is the prototype.

After that, I used ‘Maker Case’ to make the net of it, and used Adobe Illustrator to do the design. Then, I printed out, and glued them. I used rubber band and masking tape to hold it tight so that it dries well. It took 1 to 2 days to dry. After that, I sand the rough part nicely, and painted the phone case. I wanted to paint both BTS logo and the outside so first, I covered outside part with masking tape  to only paint the logo. 2 days later, when the paint all dried, I covered the logo with masking tape and painted the outside. The final part was to stick magnets on the back after the paint all dried.

This is the final phone case.

The final thing we did was to find 5 students and have 2 stars and 1 wish from each of them. The most thing I have heard was to paint it on the back. 2724_001 This is the URL of the stars and wishes from students.

Skills that I learned or developed were being precise and accurate. If I don’t be precise and measure my phone or locker inaccurately, my phone wouldn’t fit in it or it wouldn’t stick onto the locker. One thing I’d like to change is to paint the back, where the magnets are sticked, and the inside. In this way, I could feel more like universe. Overall, I think this product was successful, because my phone does fit in the phone case, and I like the design. Furthermore, it fits in the locker.


Percy Jackson Final

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou. Percy Jackson is a boy who has difficult to control the emotions and have strong relationships. However, Percy Jackson can make better choices for himself and his community by having more patience and trying to befriend with other students.

Percy can make better choices by controlling his emotions, especially patience. Percy has a personality that often explode with anger in a small problem. This can be seen from page 159, where he throws the newspaper with anger after he reads it, “I wadded up the paper and threw it away, then flopped down in my bunk bed in the middle of my empty cabin.” He could just ignore that and trash it or think it positively, but he received this situation with being enraged. Instead of being angry, having positive mind and having more patient could be more beneficial to Percy himself and his community. In addition, from the article ‘Recognising and Managing’, I know that positive mind or actions help you manage emotions, so I want Percy to think positive, be open and accept what is going on around him, talk with someone and notice good things good in his life. These small actions could make himself and his community much better because these actions make him more patient and if he has more patient, he would not be angry or have quarrel with others. Furthermore, as Percy became kind to others, they will change the mind about Percy, and they would also treat him nicely. It is beneficial to everyone.

Percy should try to befriend with other students at camp half-blood. Percy is lonely and depressed about not having friends and family. I can see this from page 34 and 35 where he talks about being nobody and seems to not exist from everyone, “I was a nobody, from a family of nobodies.”, and “They went back to their conversation as if I’d never existed.” He is stressed about being lonely and treated like being not exist in the world. However, he could just go and try to talk with other students so that he can make new friends. He needs to have more confidence and effort to make some friends. In addition, Percy is a demigod, and most of the demigods have dangerous life because monsters smell them and pursue them to kill. As he is a demigod, he could have shorter life than normal boys, and from the article ‘Why Personal Relationships Are Important’, I know that strong relationships are 50% less likely to die prematurely, so he should make friends to increase his ‘short’ lifespan. Also, strong relationships help to be healthy, so Percy could become stronger and protect his community from monsters.

Percy is not a bad kid. He is just a boy who has difficult to control his emotion and making friends. However, he could overcome these difficulties and can have better choices for himself and his community by controlling his emotion and having good relationships.This advice can tell everyone why strong relationships and controlling emotions are important. Furthermore, it can tell that Percy isn’t bad boy.

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