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Elite’s® Logo

  • Client Name: Elite’s®
  • Background information: [Elite’s] is recreating its logo to reform its company branding. They require a fresh logo that can be utilized ubiquitously across the globe and beget new looks to customers.
  • What is the product/service? [Elite’s] is a company of sports items and goods. It is one of the largest sports product producers in the world. [Elite’s] manufactures sports gear for almost all of the sports that exist in the world.
  • Context: [Elite’s] was established in 1988 by two founders: Jonathan Park and Jason Park. The head office is located in the United States, and there are more than thousands of franchise stores in the world. [Elite’s]’s motto is “Only the elites use our products.”
  • Who is the target audience of the product or service? People who play sports are the target of [Elite’s], and the age range would be 10~40 years old.
  • What 3 keywords would the client use to describe their product/service? Durability, performance, and comfort.
  • Images that illustrate [Elite’s] and its aesthetic directions:


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Thumbnail Sketches:

While brainstorming logo design ideas and selecting them, I was unsure about the concept and just wandered. However, by viewing numerous inspirational designs, I consolidated my mind and determined to design a polished and dynamic logo using the technique of logotype.


Initial Logo Designs:

Feedback from teacher and peers:

I received direct feedback from my peers that the first design (one with curvy font) was more appealing. Moreover, I personally liked the first one more. Therefore, I continued to develop my first design with various concepts:

Then, I got another piece of advice from my peers “sustain the originality.” They meant that the black-and-white design I created before was better than other designs. Frankly, I concurred with their opinion, but I also wanted the logo to be open and be in a form that could be altered with unprecedented creativity. Hence, I revised the [Elite’s] logo could be utilized more ubiquitously across the world and advertise the [Elite’s] company. Thus, I have decided not to state a strict rule regarding the logo hue alteration and logo placement to the extent that it does not affect the company’s identity.

Furthermore, Mr. Griffin has commented that the gap between the letters instigates the logo to look unnatural. Consequently, with the technical help of Mr. Griffin, I was able to rearrange the letter arrangement and refine the logo to be more polished.

Final Product:

Design 1:

Design 2:

Design 3:


Formative Panda Book Award:

At the beginning of this logo design unit, I was still unfamiliar with the tool “Affinity Designer” and was unsure how to design a logo. However, as I developed my skills throughout this logo design unit, I now feel the difference between now and then. Additionally, considering the Panda Book Awards logo and Elite’s logo, there are palpable pieces of evidence that I have developed and got used to several graphic design techniques.


  • What creative decisions did you take and why?

Throughout the project, I have made numerous creative decisions. For instance, early in the process, I decided to utilize the [‘s] style to my logo, inspired by the SSG Landers logo and Oakland Athletes logo. The reason was that I deemed that the [E’s] design was effective at conveying the message that the products of [Elite’s] are elites’; in other words, only the elites use our gears. In addition, when I had two selections of the logo, I chose the curvy handwritten style design because it was more aesthetically appealing.

  • Which design elements and principles have you emphasized and how does this make your logo effective?

I have emphasized the design elements of shape and color and the design principles of contrast and unity. These elements and principles instigate lucid and straightforward designs, rendering viewers easily discover the topic.

  • What did you do well in this project?

I have progressed a lot and made many achievements in graphic design through this unit. I not only learned about logo design but also learned about the general knowledge of graphic design.

  • What would you improve/do differently next time and why?

Next time, I would like to try designing other types of logos. For instance, I want to design a mascot or an emblem of. a brand.

Lyrics & Type Poster Reflection

Final Product:

Lyrics & Type Poster June Park Final pdf version


Made with Padlet

Personally, the P9. AEGEAN poster and the Neubad 6, Oktober 2021 poster were the most inspiring designs for me. The reason is that they effectively guided me on how to arrange the letters and illustrations in a poster to be more unique and creative.

Thumbnail Sketches:

Affinity Worksheet:

For my poster, the songs that I considered were “Let’s run away” by SWJA and “Depressing Letter” by Jaeha Yoo. However, most of them were highly depressing and profound. Also, those songs shared a sense of culture that only Koreans could comprehend. Thus, I decided to utilize a song called “산다는건 그런게 아니겠니 (Isn’t that what life is all about?)” by a band group 여행스케치 (TravelSketch). The lyrics in that song really moved me and implanted me with hope for the future.

Top 3 drafts:


One of the several pieces of feedback that I received from my peers was that the letters were too compressed in one location. Therefore, I have altered the poster’s layout to be 2:1 ratio and reduced the size of the glasses illustration so that the wording could be more concentrated when viewers saw my work. Furthermore, I received feedback from my peer, Chris, that a poster with only letters is monotonous. Hence, I decided to add an illustration to the design; and, the reason I chose my glasses for the picture was that glasses really represented my characteristics and portraited the mood of the lyrics.

The meaning of the song lyrics in the poster is this: “Isn’t that what living is like? We can’t live the way we want to, but the fact that there is an unknown future is a throbbing thing although it is kind of fearful.” The mood of the song is mostly hopeful but also practical at the same time. Thus, I intended my poster to give out the feeling of that mood. I added bright colors in hopeful words and added dark colors in adverse words. My poster successfully communicates the style of the song “Isn’t that what life is all about?” by having a general greyish tone by the combination of black & white and by the inclusion of diverse hues. I maintained the x-height and the baseline of the letterings to be uniform in order to express the neatness of the design. Additionally, I have polished the background of the poster to show the texture of the paper. Consequently, I emphasized the design element of type and texture as well as tone and color in the creation of the product. These elements render the overall design to effectively convey the mood of the song.


Creation Process:


Lyrics & Type

Heavy Metal:



For ‘Classical’, I really wanted to show the original standard of writing letters. Hence, I did not change any other characteristics of the fundamental setting but I made it Italic. 


In my composition of Jazz, I capitalized the first ‘z’ letter in the word. As a result, this rendered the effect of altering the x-height and expressing a sense of movement when observing that composition.


When creating my ‘K-Pop’ composition, I intentionally differentiated the baseline and angled it so that the design could entice viewers and instigate them to have more interest in K-Pop.





Hip Hop:

I stretched the x-height and strokes of the letters to be longer and higher. Therefore, it would give out the feeling of listening to Hip Hop visually.


Design Element: Color

Color_Design Element_June P. pdf file link

  • What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

The role of elements and principles in graphic design is immensely crucial. Those components are the main foundation of graphic design. The use of elements and principles in design can affirmatively ornament and enhance the completion of the design.

  • What is this design task all about?

This design task is all about deepening the comprehension of students on the design elements and principles. It renders us to probe and define the design components in our own words. Also, this project incites the students to express one of the design components in their own unique fashion and advocate diverse outcomes.

  • Why did you design your illustration this way?

Personally, I wanted to show the primitive definition of “color”.  Thus, I mainly concentrated on differentiating my application of colors in the design. Later, my peers commented that they liked various use of colors rather than less use of colors but big proportion. Finally, I applied numerous hues to my poster to really describe the design element “color”.

“The Paper Menagerie” Thesis Statement

In Ken Liu’s short story “The Paper Menagerie”, Jack, the main character, changes and develops his understanding of his identity through the author’s use of characterization, dialogue, and symbolism.

  • POV (point of view)
  • Symbolism
  • Characterization
  • Dialogue
  • Interactions

“On the Sidewalk Bleeding” Thesis Statement

The main character, Andy, in Evan Hunter’s short story entitled “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” originally believes that he is not dying and somebody will support him to get back to Laura, but later understands he is ambushed by a member of the Guardians and realizes that he will die tragically on the sidewalk. His changing understanding is revealed through the use of weather, thoughts, and interactions with other characters (specific techniques).

  • “…I don’t want to get mixed up in this. He’s a Royal. We help him, and the Guardians will be down on our necks…” (paragraph 66)
  • “Had they stabbed him, Andy, or had they only stabbed the jacket and the title, and what good was the title if you were dying?” (paragraph 79)
  • “He rolled away from the jacket and lay quite still, breathing heavily, listening to the sound of his breathing and the sounds of the rain and thinking: Rain is sweet, I’m Andy” (paragraph 90).

English 9: Learner Portfolio and Goal-Setting

One strength among my limitless abilities is when I concentrate on something, I work immensely efficiently and finish numerous assignments in a short amount of time. Conversely, my greatest defect is procrastination. Personally, I deem that determining my mind to work on academic activity is challenging and instigates me to procrastinate on homework.

This school year,  my principal goal is to get rid of procrastination and to increase my reading speed as well as my advancing comprehension of English literature. I would like to utilize ISB’s academic materials as optimally as I can and I hope there would be no obstacles that hinder me.


June’s Design Persona Poster


Faux Leather Project: Golf Ball Pouch

The initial problem was to find a way to carry golf balls around freely in the golf park. Correspondingly, my final product solves this problem by possessing the ability to contain two golf balls inside itself. Moreover, its snap button plays a huge role in holding the golf balls and not letting them escape. In my opinion, the most integral features of my design are the way how my product functions and the shape. Users can roll up the pouch in a cylinder-like shape and close the product by snapping the snap. One skill that I learned over the course of this project is sewing. Before, I knew nothing about sewing; however, I now become a bit proficient in sewing after the repetition of lessons and practices.

Faux Leather Challenge: Golf Ball Holder

I enjoy playing golf with my family members on the weekends and I often do so. However, while playing golf, I discovered that carrying golf balls in the pocket of my pants is inconvenient; therefore, I decided to create a faux leather golf ball holder for greater experience in golf.

An ideal model of a golf ball holder


A basic template for the golf ball holder:

73_Golf ball pouch_HahnsAtelier_A4 size

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