Personally, I think this unit has taught me a lot of information about coding. When I first started this unit, I felt like I was not going to be successful in this unit. The reason was that I was not familiar with coding and programming even though I have already used another platform to code my robot in the last unit. However, my thought was wrong, Ms. Kim has given me and others many sources that have helped us a lot. Also, the website called really supported me a lot, too.

The reason why I came up with this idea and made this application is that our family had numerous disagreements about what to have for lunch. So, I decided to lower the rate of disagreements because I did not really enjoy hearing them.

My app had 2 screens, but it was not very necessary. The reason why I have added another screen is that when people go into the app, they need to know what this application is about. And I just wanted to introduce my app by making a title screen that includes the phrase Lunch Menu Chooser and have some pictures of food. In addition, I wanted my application to look clean. So, I try to make it clear and explained ‘what is what and what is what’ in the second screen.

Lunch Menu Chooser is basically an app that automatically and randomly chooses a user’s lunch. If a user types or clicks the food button/s to their own list of food and click Start button. It will randomly choose the user’s lunch. The coding and the programming for this app was a huge challenge for me. However, I have used the learning resources that Mrs. Kim has given me such as App Inventor YouTube or to accomplish the challenge.

In my opinion, the strength of Lunch Menu Chooser is that users can use this app as a ‘random list picker’ not just a Lunch Menu Chooser. It is because users can type in any list they want to in the text box. For instance, this application may become a random name chooser for parents having a hard time giving a name to their son or daughter. The one weakness of this app Lunch Menu Chooser can be the inconvenience that the user needs to click the ‘Reload List’ button when the list is over. I have tried to solve this problem, but I had no time to investigate that problem deeply.