In my opinion, the Boxers deserve a bad reputation due to their horrific and scandalous violence they operated on to the foreigners in China. “Kill the foreign devils! Kill the secondary foreign devils! (Christians). Kill! Kill! Kill!” the Boxers marched uproariously on the 15th day of June. “It was a horde of Boxers going through their rites, burning incense, crying,” Luella Miner, a devout Christian who dwelled in China, described. These testimonies state that the manner the Boxers chose to retaliate against the foreigners was immoral and unethical. The cause for the Boxers’ outrage was instigated by their delusion that having foreign churches constructed in their country was profane and blasphemous. Moreover, the Chinese deemed that Christianity annoyed their gods and rendered the phenomena of drought, which continued for two years. On the other hand, some experts argue that the protests of the Boxers are justified and was a rightful thing to do because their aim was hindering and deterring the Christian missionaries’ goal of Christianizing China and inaugurating trade with western nations. Conversely, I consider that the Boxers overreacted to what the Christians actually did in China. Although it is not acceptable to resume trading opium with foreign countries, their thoughts and actions were exaggerated by misbelieves and delusion about the gods. Besides, there are numerous interesting similarities and differences between China and Britain’s relationship and the relationship with Japan and Korea during the Imperialism in the 20th century. The fact that both Koreans and the Boxers objected to the foreign forces to be exiled from their own country is accurate; however, the ways they utilized to protest were contrasting. The Koreans objected peacefully to render the Japanese forces to leave Korea. Oppositely, the protest of the Boxers to the Christians was perilous and full of violence. Unlike China, which has been negatively influenced by their aggressive actions with unequal treaties, Korea could get rid of the Japanese forces without damaging their society anymore. Thus, the Koreans deserve a positive reputation; however, the Boxers deserve a bad reputation.

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