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How Did An Ordinary School Project Become Google?

The book “Google It” written by Anna Crowley Redding is primarily regarding the development of Google company and the story of two co-founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This book’s theme is that everybody has their thinking of success, and people do not have to follow the “successful path” that society has shaped. Throughout the story, the author establishes her opinion by demonstrating how the founders of Google enhanced their reputation and progressed their company although they dropped out of Stanford University, which was contrary to the ideal way to success. On page 42, the author writes that Larry and Sergey had to make an awkward phone call home to drop out of school. This act was contradicting to the ideal path by society. However, on page 111, the author describes that Google found its new home–a three million-square-foot office complex located in sixty-eight acres in Mountain View, California. Eventually, Google succeeded but by a differentiated method.

I deem that” Google It” should be read by numerous readers due to the two principal reasons. Initially, appreciating the course of how an ordinary school project becomes Google is utterly intriguing. Furthermore, the book’s contents are abundant with Larry and Sergey’s experiences; those descriptions are indeed beneficial to innumerable people.

One thing that I learned during this nonfiction unit is that organizing notes in a way that helps track the various categories, subtopics, or points is immensely practical. Since “Google It” comprises many additional explanations between passages, arranging notes truly benefitted me when reading and comprehending the book. Therefore, I will continue to utilize this method when reading other books.

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  1. I think you did a good job of painting eye contact and talking clearly; I like how you showed the audience your book to know what the book looks like. However, for the blog post part, you forgot to write about the book’s theme and how it develops (with specific evidence); I think you should add that ASAP because It is part of the rubric, and Mr. Carter is gonna grade it on Monday.

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