For the duration of the first unit in the Product Design class, students have designed and built a box called a “Lightbox”. Generally, a lightbox is a suitable size box that contains a landscape of a unique place. As an inspiration and representation of my lightbox, I chose a baseball stadium which is one of my favorite places in the world. Personally, the baseball stadium is a memorable place because I used to enjoy going there watching baseball with family members or friends.

My biggest obstacle throughout the whole project was my plan A being unavailable. Plan A’s goal, which was my original scheme, was to only render the scoreboard to illuminate. Thus, I created an additional structure that can retain the lightbulbs to brighten the scoreboard and which can also function as a spacer between the background layer and the scoreboard layer. Unfortunately, when assembling the layers, that lightbulb frame fractured. As a consequence, it was ineluctable for me to proceed with plan B: illuminating the background. Finally, the finalized model of my lightbox was impressive but the wonder of ‘what if plan A succeeded?’ still remained in my mind.

One of the skills I learned or developed includes my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. During the unit, I learned the fundamentals of utilizing the illustrator and became proficient in creating shapes and polishing them. In addition, I was able to acquire a knowledge of how to paint more elaborately by using tape.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project would be “inspect, inspect, and inspect”. The principal reason for this advice is that I have witnessed a multitude of students failing due to not inspecting their work. For instance, Samuel, who is also a Product Design student, did not fully scrutinize his work on Adobe Illustrator before laser-cutting the pieces and resulted in wasting wood.  Hence, it is best to examine and check your work before proceeding to the next step.

Overall, I think my lightbox was a success because it effectively represented the characteristics of a baseball park and renders the viewers think of a crowded and cheerful baseball stadium which is amusing.