Color_Design Element_June P. pdf file link

  • What is the role of elements & principles in graphic design?

The role of elements and principles in graphic design is immensely crucial. Those components are the main foundation of graphic design. The use of elements and principles in design can affirmatively ornament and enhance the completion of the design.

  • What is this design task all about?

This design task is all about deepening the comprehension of students on the design elements and principles. It renders us to probe and define the design components in our own words. Also, this project incites the students to express one of the design components in their own unique fashion and advocate diverse outcomes.

  • Why did you design your illustration this way?

Personally, I wanted to show the primitive definition of “color”.  Thus, I mainly concentrated on differentiating my application of colors in the design. Later, my peers commented that they liked various use of colors rather than less use of colors but big proportion. Finally, I applied numerous hues to my poster to really describe the design element “color”.