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“On the Sidewalk Bleeding” Thesis Statement

The main character, Andy, in Evan Hunter’s short story entitled “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” originally believes that he is not dying and somebody will support him to get back to Laura, but later understands he is ambushed by a member of the Guardians and realizes that he will die tragically on the sidewalk. His changing understanding is revealed through the use of weather, thoughts, and interactions with other characters (specific techniques).

  • “…I don’t want to get mixed up in this. He’s a Royal. We help him, and the Guardians will be down on our necks…” (paragraph 66)
  • “Had they stabbed him, Andy, or had they only stabbed the jacket and the title, and what good was the title if you were dying?” (paragraph 79)
  • “He rolled away from the jacket and lay quite still, breathing heavily, listening to the sound of his breathing and the sounds of the rain and thinking: Rain is sweet, I’m Andy” (paragraph 90).

English 9: Learner Portfolio and Goal-Setting

One strength among my limitless abilities is when I concentrate on something, I work immensely efficiently and finish numerous assignments in a short amount of time. Conversely, my greatest defect is procrastination. Personally, I deem that determining my mind to work on academic activity is challenging and instigates me to procrastinate on homework.

This school year,  my principal goal is to get rid of procrastination and to increase my reading speed as well as my advancing comprehension of English literature. I would like to utilize ISB’s academic materials as optimally as I can and I hope there would be no obstacles that hinder me.


June’s Design Persona Poster


Faux Leather Project: Golf Ball Pouch

The initial problem was to find a way to carry golf balls around freely in the golf park. Correspondingly, my final product solves this problem by possessing the ability to contain two golf balls inside itself. Moreover, its snap button plays a huge role in holding the golf balls and not letting them escape. In my opinion, the most integral features of my design are the way how my product functions and the shape. Users can roll up the pouch in a cylinder-like shape and close the product by snapping the snap. One skill that I learned over the course of this project is sewing. Before, I knew nothing about sewing; however, I now become a bit proficient in sewing after the repetition of lessons and practices.

Faux Leather Challenge: Golf Ball Holder

I enjoy playing golf with my family members on the weekends and I often do so. However, while playing golf, I discovered that carrying golf balls in the pocket of my pants is inconvenient; therefore, I decided to create a faux leather golf ball holder for greater experience in golf.

An ideal model of a golf ball holder


A basic template for the golf ball holder:

73_Golf ball pouch_HahnsAtelier_A4 size

Smell Detector 1000i

Throughout the second unit of Product Design, students, including myself, mainly focused on developing the skills of ‘Define & Inquire’ and ‘Create & Improve’ by creating diverse types of unprecedented models of a smell detector. This unit’s goal was to promote the creativity of learners from inspirations and render the students to the actual making process.

Smell Detector 1000i, a prototype of my intelligent smell detecting device, is crafted to describe various smells nearby. The function of my product is simple. Clicking the black button with or without the display detached from the body part will render the machine to detect the smell. If the smell is pleasant, then a green light will illuminate in the ‘check’ icon. If the smell is strange, then a yellow light will illuminate in the ‘question mark’ icon. If the smell is detrimental, then a red light will illuminate in the ‘exclamation mark’ icon. Moreover, detaching the display to the machine will provide more information about the smell detected by specifying the object, showing the picture of it, etc.

One dominant inspiration that  I got for my smell detector was from a flashlight. Especially the mechanism of holding the flashlight and clicking a button to light it up.

Period of Turmoil: the French Revolution

Antoine Dupont is a young French male priest. After attending the National Assembly as a representative of the First Estate, he finds out that he has a neutral opinion regarding the government. Later in the journal, Antoine becomes affirmative about Napoleon and develops positive viewpoints for the future. “Antoine Dupont’s French Revolution Journal” covers from the National Assembly to the rise of Napoleon (1789~1799).

Personally, the French Revolution was not worth it. One continuity of the French Revolution was the government system. Before the revolution, King Louis XVI had the ultimate power to rule over the country. Moreover, that government structure stayed the same for Napoleon Bonaparte as he was an Emperor of France which signified that the French government was a monarchy. However, one of the Third Estate’s goals was to reform the government with a novel system, which did not really succeed. Some experts state that the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, one change in the French Revolution, has rendered the French community to be equal by demolishing the Estates system and demonstrating the thought of democracy. Conversely, I deem that the cost of people’s death during the Reign of Terror is much more valuable than a dim sign of equality. Lastly, France’s territory eventually continued to stay equal because later the European states interfered with Napoleon’s plans and reclaimed all the land that he gained during his campaigns. Therefore, it was not worthwhile to slaughter thousands of people and gain a little equity.

Baseball Stadium Lightbox

For the duration of the first unit in the Product Design class, students have designed and built a box called a “Lightbox”. Generally, a lightbox is a suitable size box that contains a landscape of a unique place. As an inspiration and representation of my lightbox, I chose a baseball stadium which is one of my favorite places in the world. Personally, the baseball stadium is a memorable place because I used to enjoy going there watching baseball with family members or friends.

My biggest obstacle throughout the whole project was my plan A being unavailable. Plan A’s goal, which was my original scheme, was to only render the scoreboard to illuminate. Thus, I created an additional structure that can retain the lightbulbs to brighten the scoreboard and which can also function as a spacer between the background layer and the scoreboard layer. Unfortunately, when assembling the layers, that lightbulb frame fractured. As a consequence, it was ineluctable for me to proceed with plan B: illuminating the background. Finally, the finalized model of my lightbox was impressive but the wonder of ‘what if plan A succeeded?’ still remained in my mind.

One of the skills I learned or developed includes my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. During the unit, I learned the fundamentals of utilizing the illustrator and became proficient in creating shapes and polishing them. In addition, I was able to acquire a knowledge of how to paint more elaborately by using tape.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project would be “inspect, inspect, and inspect”. The principal reason for this advice is that I have witnessed a multitude of students failing due to not inspecting their work. For instance, Samuel, who is also a Product Design student, did not fully scrutinize his work on Adobe Illustrator before laser-cutting the pieces and resulted in wasting wood.  Hence, it is best to examine and check your work before proceeding to the next step.

Overall, I think my lightbox was a success because it effectively represented the characteristics of a baseball park and renders the viewers think of a crowded and cheerful baseball stadium which is amusing.

This video, which Takumi, Alex H., and I dedicated our weekends, briefly give an explanation of the French Revolution that occurred between the year 1789 and 1799. Throughout the video, Takumi and I clearly describe the French Revolution’s main events, such as the Tennis Court Oath, the Reign of Terror, and more, in a comprehensive manner. In the latter part of the video, we share our opinion about this revolution, whether it was worth it or vice versa. Our group hopes that the conclusion of the video provokes viewers’ profound thoughts regarding the French Revolution and render a genuine opportunity for them to ponder the value of our topic deeply.

Direct Link to Our Full Version Video

How Did An Ordinary School Project Become Google?

The book “Google It” written by Anna Crowley Redding is primarily regarding the development of Google company and the story of two co-founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin. This book’s theme is that everybody has their thinking of success, and people do not have to follow the “successful path” that society has shaped. Throughout the story, the author establishes her opinion by demonstrating how the founders of Google enhanced their reputation and progressed their company although they dropped out of Stanford University, which was contrary to the ideal way to success. On page 42, the author writes that Larry and Sergey had to make an awkward phone call home to drop out of school. This act was contradicting to the ideal path by society. However, on page 111, the author describes that Google found its new home–a three million-square-foot office complex located in sixty-eight acres in Mountain View, California. Eventually, Google succeeded but by a differentiated method.

I deem that” Google It” should be read by numerous readers due to the two principal reasons. Initially, appreciating the course of how an ordinary school project becomes Google is utterly intriguing. Furthermore, the book’s contents are abundant with Larry and Sergey’s experiences; those descriptions are indeed beneficial to innumerable people.

One thing that I learned during this nonfiction unit is that organizing notes in a way that helps track the various categories, subtopics, or points is immensely practical. Since “Google It” comprises many additional explanations between passages, arranging notes truly benefitted me when reading and comprehending the book. Therefore, I will continue to utilize this method when reading other books.

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