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The Spell of the Monkey’s Paw

the monkey’s paw cer june p.

Have you ever imagined having a little paw that can make your wishes come true? Do you think that you will probably become a greedy person if you have one? Throughout the story, ‘The_Monkey’s_Paw‘ written by William W. Jacobs, Mr. White and his family attain a unique little paw spelled by an old fakir, which allowed a person to wish three wishes from it. Mr. White wished for two hundred pounds of money to pay for the house. Although their family got two hundred pounds, Herbert, Mr. White’s son, got trapped in machinery and dies the next day. It was an exchange. Mrs. White could not endure her loss and wished Herbert alive again with the paw. Soon as she wished, she heard a knock on a door. Mrs. White tried to open the door for a stranger outside the home; meanwhile, Mr. White wished his third and last wish. When the door powerlessly opened, there was no one, but only the streetlamp shone the road flickeringly. When reading the passage, I have noticed that there are approximately 32 words of ‘wish’ written in it. This is a motif that implies how greed the characters are in the story. So, I regard that a big idea and the main theme topic of the story is greed.

In the story ‘The Monkey’s Paw,’ by William W. Jacobs, the author believes that greed often corrupts people and renders them to determine imprudent choices that negatively affect them. Earlier in the story, Sergeant-Major Morris warns Mr. White to throw away the little paw: “Better let be burn… Be sensible–throw it on the fire!” (Jacobs 2). However, Mr. White ignores Morris’s advice and wishes two hundred pounds: “I wish for two hundred pounds” (Jacobs 3). The next day, Herbert, Mr. White’s Son, gets trapped in a piece of machinery and dies. In this piece of evidence, even though Morris alerted about it, Mr. White behaves greedy and makes an unwise wish for money. As a result, the little paw’s spell brings a negative effect to Mr. White’s family, which is Herbert’s loss. Further in the story, Mrs. White could not resist the sadness of losing his son and seek for the little paw. Although she knew the aftermath of her action, she shouts, ‘” Wish! Wish! I wish my son alive again'” (Jacobs 5). By observing Mrs. White’s actions, I can know that her greed has made herself ignore the consequences which will occur after it and got control of her body, which caused Mrs. White to make an imprudent choice.

In conclusion, the author, William W. Jacobs, metaphorically wrote ‘wish’ as greed and described how desire could negatively affect a person’s mental health. Mr. and Mrs. White could not resist their avarice and wishes with a little paw in a shortsighted way. As a result, it provided their family a misery for the cost of being greedy. What do you think was the best choice for Mr. White’s family?


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Being Old.. (‘The Last Kiss’ Found Poem)

‘Being Old’ Found Poem, June P. pdf

I used some of the words in the story ‘The Last Kiss‘ written by Ralph Fletcher. During the story, the main character encounters a challenge with his father. Because the writer has been kissing his parents since young before going to bed, he went to his father to get a goodnight kiss from him as usual. However, his father did not kiss the main character and just uttered, “Good night.” And, this was the time when his father became the antagonist in the story. The main character was stunned and he determined to try him one more time the next day.  Nevertheless, his dad only spoke the same two words that he had said last night and kept doing his own work the next day. Subsequently, the writer understood and accepted that he is too old to get a goodnight kiss from his father.

When creating this found poem ‘Being Old’, I have mostly focused on internal conflicts in the story ‘The Last Kiss’. For example, there is a sentence ‘I merely watched with a sinking heart’ in the story, and this is inferring how the character was nervous when waiting for his father. In addition, by using the phrase ‘I was stunned’, I was able to guess that the writer was mentally wounded when his father refused to kiss him. My design of the found poem helps the reader to understand the conflicts in the story by sticking an icon of a broken heart, black pieces of paper, and coloring the page in black which is implying the main character’s mind.



Black Death and Spanish Flu: How Did They Affect Humans?



Legacies of Ancient China and Ancient Rome


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Robotics and Coding Blog Post (MIT App Inventor)

Personally, I think this unit has taught me a lot of information about coding. When I first started this unit, I felt like I was not going to be successful in this unit. The reason was that I was not familiar with coding and programming even though I have already used another platform to code my robot in the last unit. However, my thought was wrong, Ms. Kim has given me and others many sources that have helped us a lot. Also, the website called appinventor.org really supported me a lot, too.

The reason why I came up with this idea and made this application is that our family had numerous disagreements about what to have for lunch. So, I decided to lower the rate of disagreements because I did not really enjoy hearing them.

My app had 2 screens, but it was not very necessary. The reason why I have added another screen is that when people go into the app, they need to know what this application is about. And I just wanted to introduce my app by making a title screen that includes the phrase Lunch Menu Chooser and have some pictures of food. In addition, I wanted my application to look clean. So, I try to make it clear and explained ‘what is what and what is what’ in the second screen.

Lunch Menu Chooser is basically an app that automatically and randomly chooses a user’s lunch. If a user types or clicks the food button/s to their own list of food and click Start button. It will randomly choose the user’s lunch. The coding and the programming for this app was a huge challenge for me. However, I have used the learning resources that Mrs. Kim has given me such as App Inventor YouTube or AppInventor.org to accomplish the challenge.

In my opinion, the strength of Lunch Menu Chooser is that users can use this app as a ‘random list picker’ not just a Lunch Menu Chooser. It is because users can type in any list they want to in the text box. For instance, this application may become a random name chooser for parents having a hard time giving a name to their son or daughter. The one weakness of this app Lunch Menu Chooser can be the inconvenience that the user needs to click the ‘Reload List’ button when the list is over. I have tried to solve this problem, but I had no time to investigate that problem deeply.

Robot Petting Zoo Reflection

Movie on 11-11-19 at 1.10 PM                          4128_001

What was the most difficult aspect of this topic?

The most difficult aspect of this project was getting into an agreement between the two of us. While Alex thought that coloring the robot simply with colored pencils and markers are enough, I insisted that using acrylic paint is the better choice. However, Alex believed that it was too time-consuming. I eventually surprised Alex by finishing the robot in time for Robot Petting Zoo.

Tiger Robot by Alex Huang and June Park

What was the most enjoyable aspect of this project?

The thing that I enjoyed very much during this project was properly functioning our robot for the first time. When some object was about 10 centimeters away from our robot’s distance sensor, the robot activated a servo attached to the right arm and made a gesture that meant “hi”.

What did you do well?

I think Alex and I did a great job of thinking about many ideas for my robot. When we were planning what kind of robot we will be going to create and how will the robot work, we had some disagreements. However, I think without those discussions and disagreements between Alex and me, we would not have created the robot that we wanted to make.

A servo attached to the robot in order to activate to the robot.

What would you do differently next time?

I would have made more parts to move and function next time. When doing the Robot Petting Zoo, I thought just moving robot’s arm is not enough. If I get another chance to make my robot, I would activate the robot’s head to turn around or make the eyes to roll 360 degrees.

What did you learn about physically building a robot?

When physically building a robot, I learned that designing and planning should be very clear before building a robot. Once Alex and I were assembling parts of the robot’s body, we found out that there was no hole for a servo to go inside the robot. Eventually, I got an idea to fix that problem. Also, physically building a robot can make you make a lot of unexpected mistakes. So once again, planning is really important when building a robot.

What did you learn about programming the robot?

Before we have started the unit Robot Petting Zoo, I learned a lot of new things about programming the robot such as sensors, servos, or motors. However, during the unit, Alex and I only used one coding and only activated one part of the robot, which caused us to have much less time to learn and explore about programming. But if I have to say what I learned about programming the robot, I will probably answer, using a variety of sensors and ways to activate the robot.

Inside part of the robot

What more would you like to learn about the building and/or programming of these robots?

One thing that I would more like to learn about the programming of these robots is using Arduino to program to activate my robot. I have heard that it is way harder than Hummingbird, but I would like to learn about code language and use that language to program my robot. Also, I want to learn how to activate other parts of my robot in a variety of ways. The reason is that when I look at my finished robot, I feel like something is missing. The robot’s motion is too obvious if I knew more about building a robot. I may have built a better robot than this one.

What advice would you give to a student who is beginning of this unit?

My advice for students who are starting this unit, Robot Petting Zoo, is that planning is really important in this unit. I choose to say this because I have experienced some problems affected by my plan and design of my robot. The building is also important, however, if they plan and design their robots well. It will be easier for them to build their robots.

Culture of Ancient Greece

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