‘Being Old’ Found Poem, June P. pdf

I used some of the words in the story ‘The Last Kiss‘ written by Ralph Fletcher. During the story, the main character encounters a challenge with his father. Because the writer has been kissing his parents since young before going to bed, he went to his father to get a goodnight kiss from him as usual. However, his father did not kiss the main character and just uttered, “Good night.” And, this was the time when his father became the antagonist in the story. The main character was stunned and he determined to try him one more time the next day.  Nevertheless, his dad only spoke the same two words that he had said last night and kept doing his own work the next day. Subsequently, the writer understood and accepted that he is too old to get a goodnight kiss from his father.

When creating this found poem ‘Being Old’, I have mostly focused on internal conflicts in the story ‘The Last Kiss’. For example, there is a sentence ‘I merely watched with a sinking heart’ in the story, and this is inferring how the character was nervous when waiting for his father. In addition, by using the phrase ‘I was stunned’, I was able to guess that the writer was mentally wounded when his father refused to kiss him. My design of the found poem helps the reader to understand the conflicts in the story by sticking an icon of a broken heart, black pieces of paper, and coloring the page in black which is implying the main character’s mind.