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Lyrics & Type

Heavy Metal:



For ‘Classical’, I really wanted to show the original standard of writing letters. Hence, I did not change any other characteristics of the fundamental setting but I made it Italic. 


In my composition of Jazz, I capitalized the first ‘z’ letter in the word. As a result, this rendered the effect of altering the x-height and expressing a sense of movement when observing that composition.


When creating my ‘K-Pop’ composition, I intentionally differentiated the baseline and angled it so that the design could entice viewers and instigate them to have more interest in K-Pop.





Hip Hop:

I stretched the x-height and strokes of the letters to be longer and higher. Therefore, it would give out the feeling of listening to Hip Hop visually.


Smell Detector 1000i

Throughout the second unit of Product Design, students, including myself, mainly focused on developing the skills of ‘Define & Inquire’ and ‘Create & Improve’ by creating diverse types of unprecedented models of a smell detector. This unit’s goal was to promote the creativity of learners from inspirations and render the students to the actual making process.

Smell Detector 1000i, a prototype of my intelligent smell detecting device, is crafted to describe various smells nearby. The function of my product is simple. Clicking the black button with or without the display detached from the body part will render the machine to detect the smell. If the smell is pleasant, then a green light will illuminate in the ‘check’ icon. If the smell is strange, then a yellow light will illuminate in the ‘question mark’ icon. If the smell is detrimental, then a red light will illuminate in the ‘exclamation mark’ icon. Moreover, detaching the display to the machine will provide more information about the smell detected by specifying the object, showing the picture of it, etc.

One dominant inspiration that  I got for my smell detector was from a flashlight. Especially the mechanism of holding the flashlight and clicking a button to light it up.

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