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Diary of Michael Scott in Cuba

Michael Scott was a very loyal solider that served Fulgencio Batista. He served the army for a very long time, even before Cuba was in the hands of the US. Michael has fought for Batista with his ears covered from the truth that was happening beyond his luxury; he thought people were just overreacting, that Batista was the enemy to the people but for him Fidel Castro was the enemy.

The sugar business was still running while before and after Fidel Castro’s take over ,however, the US has broken all business relationships. Soon, two other countries (USSR//Russia and China) agreed to buy Cuba’s sugar with an exchange of mechanics and other items that Cuba lacks. There is still a wealth gap between the rich and the poor (and middle class) but education was provided to all Cubans, guaranteed healthcare for everyone and  no private farms, therefore everyone shares a farm which is great for the poor//peasants but bad for the wealthy. Cuba is still a country that can be possessed by larger countries, but how their economical system is set up by Castro it’s similar to Communism.

It’s the Cuban Revolution: Who? What? When? Where? How?

By: Katie and Yifan

The Cuban Revolution, it started with a fight for independence then onto a fight for power. From a country fight to a nuclear criss that almost ended the war. This is the Cuban Revolution in Plain English.

Cuba was a country that had a change of government power multiple times. Which in the process many were murdered, tortured or imprisoned. From the conflict of Cuba and America to the friendship between the USSR and China. Cuba is now a stable independent country that has a great economy, all children received some education, more than before. Most of the Cubans had housings healthcare and in Cuba women had equality. So, in my opinion the revolution was totally worth it even if many people died- but that’s not important right now- we should all be grateful that the Cuban Missile Criss didn’t end all of us.

Lip Blam Trial 3

The process did not run smoothly at all, I had to remake the same batch 3-4 time trying to fill it to the top. According to the feedback I got this trial was a fail, the smell was alright, but they said that the texture of the lip balm was very hard and dry. It won’t do any good, it lacked the moisture and it was bit chunky as well. I wasn’t sure why it kept shrinking when it cooled down, but I had to remake the same batch over and over again. The lips balm cracked the first time I tried it out. For this trial I only used beeswax and shea butter, but now I realized coconut oil, or some kind of oil is very important in a lip balm. Looking forward, for trial 4 I decided to increase the ratio of the ingredients and go with the ingredients for the first trial because from the feedback I received, a lot of the people liked the first trial so I decided to go with the things I did in the first trial. I also wanted to change the amount of essential oil because for all 3 of my lips the smell wasn’t that strong or too on point expect the first trial. I was thinking to do a mixture of trial 1 and 2 because if I do that it seem like it’ll be right for any type of season.


Lip balm (trial 2)

2nd Trial


The procedure did cut off a little bit, but in the end everything was well. First time I did it the mixture was too little, and it only filled around halfway or more, so I needed to make another mixture to fill it up. Later on, I added half the amount of each ingredient to fill up the rest of the container.  The scent was just right however it was hard to pick up what the scent was, so maybe next time I’ll put around 3-4 drops a mixture. The mixture hardened a bit when I poured it in the container, but I managed to pour all the mixture into the container. The color is the same color was the beeswax and it has a natural color for a lip balm. This lip balm doesn’t make my lips chapped and it’s very easy to put on, it’s very smooth as well. I think this trial went great!

This trial:

Before: 2 gram shea butter, 1 gram coconut oil, 1 gram beeswax

After: 2.5 gram shea butter, 1.5 gram coconut oil, 1.5 gram beeswax

I have tried the 1st trial along with the 2nd trial with my mom and sisters. They preferred the 2nd one since it applied on the lips very smoothly and it made the lips very moisturized, while the first trial, for them it made their lips chapped and it didn’t apply very smoothly but it was alright.

Because this trial was kind of spilt into two parts so for the third trial I will be increasing the amount. But with different ingredients increased differently.

3rd trial (didn’t try yet)

Before: 2 gram shea butter, no coconut oil, 2 gram of beeswax

After: 3 gram shea butter, no coconut oil, 2.5 gram of beeswax

First Time

Second Time


Lip Balm Trial 1


The procedure did run very smoothly however there are some changes I’ll be needing to make such as how long I should melt the beeswax for, etc. The lip balm turned out well enough, even though it only filled half of the container; it goes on smoothly on my hand and lips but my lips get very champ when I put it on. My lip balm scent is a bit too strong since I put a bit too much in one lip balm, so next time I’ll put a bit less. The color is constant, it’s the color of it is natural, basically the color of beeswax. I think next time I should put less scent0 oil and melt the mixture for a little while longer.

Lip Balm outcome ^

Items used ^

Lip Balm procedure ^

Unbroken Mind

Microsoft Video (Unbroken)

(I didn’t know how to put the video here)

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand is about a story of Olymapin Louie Zamperini’s breathtaking, cunningm and fortitude adventure he overcame and endured following up with a plane crash over a enemy’s territory. It was during WWII, the America and Japanese war. Louie needed to go through painful sufferings from floating on a raft for several days and being tortured //beat up by the Japanese countless times. One theme of this book is that with right mind set or a positive view of things will change the future outcome to turn out better; even in the worst situations.

Two reasons you should read this book are, 1) It tells a story of ones prespective of the World War that people didn’t know until they were rescued. And it showed the a even darker side to WWII and the sufferings dozens of people needed to go through. 2) This book is very sad and quite scary as well, however, it tells a great hidden message. Even though Louie was being tortured in unimagineable ways he still believed that he’ll be saved and everything will get back to normal. It told me that even in the worst sitations, you just got to believe something good will happen even if it takes a while.

Something I learned in this unit was that behind the pages and words there is a hidden message that the author is trying to tell or let people realize. I personally do not like reading books but finding some hidden details in the book can get a bit irritanting however I enjoy it as well. It also helps me deepen my understanding about this book and how earlier information, that I didn’t think was related, came connecting together later on.


Turquoise Icons Process Infographic

Thank you ma’am poem

The found poem above was taken from “Thank you ma’am” by Langston Hughes. It shows the internal conflict between the protagonist in which the boy doesn’t know if he should run out the door or stay with the women. When the woman dragged the boy by his neck, he was very desperate to run away. “Then, Roger, you go to that sink and wash your face,” said the woman, whereupon she turned him loose — at last. Roger looked at the door — looked at the woman — looked at the door — and went to the sink.” On page 2. This part showed that he had two choices, but he chooses to stay because before this part he was desperate to have a chance to escape but when he had the chance he stayed. In the end, he learned something he never thought he’ll ever understand. The poem shows two choices that the boy had; there wasn’t a good or bad decision, but he decided to stay and learn something new.




Black Death vs. Covid-19



Essay (Plastic)


Try thinking about being trapped in a plastic bag or eating plastic for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plastic is killing our animals and the planet. The best way to keep our earth nice and healthy is to ban single-use plastic because of 3 amazing reasons it will kill less animals, there will be less pollution, and overall it will be better for the environment.


            If we banned plastic less animals will die. Right now, we are using plastic bottles, cup, and straws. Where we use these the most are places like beaches. Sometimes the plastic items will get carried away and go in the ocean or the sand. The problem is that animals don’t know if plastic is toxic, so they end up eating it. According to The Wildlife Federation (WWF), “Plastic bags look like jellyfishes”. And because plastic bag looks so much like jellyfishes, they end up eating them.  WWF also said, “Nearly all species of sea turtles are classified endangered and plastic is doing more than its share of damage. Because of this problem plastic kill over 100 million marine animals and 100,000 land animals. Onegreenplanet also said, “plastic pollution affects at least 700 marine species”. This means that plastic has made at least 700 marine animals to go endangered! But plastic is not only damaging our animals.


            Single-use plastic also creates pollution which affects more than just animals, but humans too. Plastic can cause a lot of things like water pollution, air pollution, and land pollution. Water pollution call causes marine animals to die and cause people to get diseases from unclean water. Places that have unclean water is like Africa and other developing countries. Telegraph said, “between 400,000 and one million people die every year because of diseases”, which also includes eating fishes that ate plastic and unclean water. These diseases can be cancer, and maybe even death, because usually plastic is made out of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, and sulfur which is all toxic items. Another problem is that human population is growing causing the plastic land pollution to increase. One way was to throw it to the ocean, but that was leading to a bigger problem. Such as ocean pollution, marine animals dying out, and death of a lot of innocent people because of unclean water. One of the ideas was burning plastic. But, burning plastic and cause air pollution causing more people to get sick and causing global warming. Which will lead to everyone’s death and the planets.


            Some people can argue that single-use plastic is one of the best man-made products because you can use it then throw it away. Also, single-use plastic is too ‘convenient’ and if banned it, it will be chaos. However, banning single-use plastic will make us and our planet, if it wasn’t that important why should we even care? Banning plastic will be better for the environment because overall something that was harming our planet is getting erased. Therefore, our planet will last longer, and we can make better changes to keep our long-lasting earth healthy. Earth is a home for all living things not only for us but for all living things. If we stop using single-use plastic the animals and the planet will be alive.


            So, the best idea and intention is to banned single-use plastic because it will kill less animals, there will be less pollution and last but not least it will be better for the environment. We only have one earth and we have to protect it; we should take a stand before we all end up eating deadly chemicals.  










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