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The most valuable revolution, The french revolution

In this video, our group discussed the French Revolution’s summary. We talked about four main events about the french revolution, such as the Reign of terror and King Louis XVI’s execution. Then, we divided the speaking parts, and we used Powtoon to firm each event, and we filmed this video by iMovie. Also, our collaboration went very well, everyone has done works that they were supposed to do even though we couldn’t meet on the weekend. Therefore, our teammates collaborated very well, and I really enjoyed making this video.


The 57 Bus- A Book that Will Make You to Rethink about GENDER

The 57 Bus is written by Dashka Slater, and this book is based on the fire crime that happened in Oakland, California. Also, this book mainly tells us about gender, including sexism. The main characters are Sasha and Richard. Sasha is an agender who cannot identify their gender, and Richard is homophobic who doesn’t like their same-gender people. The main theme of the story is People should not have any prejudice of gender.
In this book, three events show that my theme is correct. First, on page 59, Sasha looks like a boy, but Sasha likes to wear a skirt so, she wore a skirt at the bus stop, and old woman approached Sasha, “Why are you wearing a skirt? She demanded. You are not a girl!” and this shows that the theme is correct because this grandmother had the prejudice that a guy should not wear a skirt so, she blamed Sasha. Also, on page 67, The school didn’t allow girls to wear pants but only skirt, and this shows that this school has the prejudice that girls should wear a skirt, which made the girl students very angry, which led to a small protest toward the school. Lastly, on page 157, they said that Sasha likes to wear a skirt even though Sasha looks like a guy and one kid thought that guy wearing a skirt is weird so, this kid committed a crime against Sasha this shows that the boy had a prejudice that the guy wearing a skirt is weird which led to the crime. These three events show that prejudice of gender leads to a bad result so, the theme of this book will be People should not have any prejudice of gender.
By reading this book, I learned more about gender and the seriousness of sexism, and I will recommend this book if you like nonfiction books or you are interested in gender. Lastly, I will rate 3/5 because  I don’t like nonfiction books, but still, this is interesting.

Master Lego

My Lego is an upgrade version of the ambulance, and the purpose of my Lego is to put a lot of things inside this Lego. When a patient is in a serious emergency in the ambulance, the doctors need many surgery tools, but there isn’t enough space to put the ambulance tools. Therefore, I made the ambulance’s inside space bigger by sticking the wheels on the hospital’s bottom. Also, I like my Lego’s top part because I made the hospital’s logo that looks like the hospital’s logo at the top of my Lego. Lastly, next time I will make it vertically because it will take lots of time to go through the road because it is made horizontally when this goes to the road.


Boxer CER

Some may think that boxers deserve an excellent rap, but I think boxers deserve a bad rap because of three reasons.

The first reason that boxers deserve a bad rap is that boxers have killed lots of foreign missionaries. This shows that boxers deserve a bad rap because the foreign missionaries were just in China to share their idea of Christianity that may improve China. Still, the boxers just killed those missionaries because they did not like the idea of Christianity. For example, there were lots of Chinese, foreign missionaries in the church, and the boxers just burned it and killed all the missionaries.

The second reason that boxers deserve a bad rap is that they have destroyed lots of service in China. If they were the excellent rap, they should work to develop their country’s service, but boxers have destroyed lots of service, including the telegraph and the train line, so, at that time, the only thing to communicate was the post office.

The third reason that boxers deserve a bad rap is that they have killed lots of Chinese citizens. If they were the excellent rap, they should help and try to save their citizens, but boxers were the bad rap, so they have killed them. For example, one day, citizens ran away from the boxers and went to the Beijing government building. However, there were only boxers in that government building so, all the citizens died. Also, they have killed lots of Chinese missionaries which are still Chinese citizens.

Therefore, I think boxers deserve a bad rap because they have killed the foreign missionaries, destroyed lots of Chinese services, and killed many missionaries.


Combined Lego

My Lego is a combination of submarine and bookshelf so I created the submarine that has a bookshelf in it.  I am pleased with the front part because we can open it and also, it looks like the actual submarine’s front part. Next time, I will change the middle part of the submarine because it is not round.



I feel confident about my vehicle because my vehicle has a purpose that is to carry a lot of things. Also, next time if I have a chance to make my vehicle again, I will make the driving part of my vehicle better because my vehicle driving part is so weak and it is not smooth enough to go right and left.  Lastly, I am very proud of my final vehicle because it is stronger than before, and it is more beautiful than before.


Lego Vehicle

My Vehicles’ purpose is to carry lots of things because in the Lego class I have to move a lot to get Lego pieces so I made a Vehicle that can carry a lot of things so, I made  a place to put a lot of things. I think I may improve by making the Vehicle bigger because I have to put more thing in it so, I am going to put more Lego blocks to make the carrying place taller and bigger.


Humanities Magazine

theseus is a impatient preson (1)

My Lego creature

1. I made the ears that look like the elephant’s ear
2. I made the tusks that look like the elephant’s tusk

Things I would improve next time
1. I have to use a lot of gray lego.
2. I have to make the face more clearly.

Are You a Renaissance Humanist?

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