The Bridge Above the Ocean

During my second semester at ISB, there was a rough start; it was online school, again. At the same time, it was when the Lightbox Project started. Our Product Design task was to build a so-called “Lightbox” with Adobe Illustrator and a laser cutter. The subject of the project was a location where we couldn’t travel to because of the ongoing pandemic. Consequently, I picked the Golden Gate Bridge (no, it’s red). Since I lived in the Bay Area, California. The Golden Gate Bridge was a landmark near where I lived. Now that I moved to China, it was not fun to go to the United States and back, considering the prices and the time spent quarantine.

Why is it called a “Lightbox?” Well… it lights up.

Because of technical reasons, I had issues downloading Adobe Illustrator on-to my computer, I had to request help of my school’s technical help and my product design teacher, Mr. Layman. I would also like to thank my peers for giving advice on how to assemble and paint the Lightbox.

When the pandemic ends, I wish to visit the place I had left. It would be a pleasure.

From a Monarchy to another Monarchy: The First French Revolution

The French Revolution started in 1789, it was bloody and, yet, illuminating. It showed how much anger was buried within the Third Estate,, under the unjust system. It was a civil war within, and a favored weapon, the guillotine. This was a Humanities project in which I and other fellow ISB students, William Kim and Arthur Wu, created.

The Quiet Revolution

Do you have a quiet friend or two? Are you the type of person who just reclines party invitations? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Quiet Power, by Susan Cain, is an informative story about introverts, humans that tend to prefer quiet time, observant, or simply just shy. Of course, humans are diverse, so why not introverts? They have all sorts of personalities and different hobbies. There are introverts hidden around you that may not even seem introverted. This book is centered around introverts who are not the center of the spotlight but visit there once in a while. Quiet Power teaches us to be attentive to our surroundings; the quiet person next to you may hide a forte under their cloak of quietness. The author takes examples where everyday introverts use their temperament to great effect. If you are an introvert and doubt yourself, reading this will make you discover those who have been in similar shoes like yours. What about being an extrovert? No worries, this story will teach extroverts what introverts think and do, a great learning opportunity. Although the center is on introverts, it also introduces that introverts and extroverts actually match well together; both personalities will allow them to thrive. There is nothing wrong with being quiet, or with your nature. Just be yourself!

Is violence appropriate here?

With the treaty of Tianjin, the foreign parties had been able to control parts of China. There was a province where the foreigners controlled with the name of Shanxi, where the original Boxer Rebellion began. Because the Shanxi civilians lived in a rural area, their main source of wealth is from crops. Because the tallest structure at the time was a colossal church, the residents believe that this had obstructed the sky, resulting in a lack of rain. Those who were specialized in martial arts had fought the church causing them to flee or to lose their lives in the battle. The building was also destroyed during the attack. This caused a chain reaction for the other providences and territories to fight off the foreigners as well. The major attacks happened in Beijing since the major legations were there. Actions that had the goal of ejecting foreigners included violence. When the word “violence” is used, it means mass destruction or genocidal. During this event, legations were burned to the ground, and bodies were buried. Because the acts of violence were not justified, Boxers deserve a bad reputation. This is represented by their ignorance of science, and strong appeals to emotion. 

Three Wishes: To Wish or To Not

From the short story of “Alladin,” we have imagined what would happen if a genie appeared for them and would grant them three wishes, as well, but what if the wishes came about the least favorite way you would prefer, like money in the price of the death of a loved one. In “The Monkey’s Paw,” Mr. White has wished for two hundred pounds but at the unbearable price of his son’s decay. At the beginning of the story, there were hints at not wishing for anything. “’ The first man had his three wishes … but the third was for death.’” (Jacobs 2). Meaning that the first man with the paw had wishes that resulted badly that he wanted to die. When we continue reading, we can see that Mr. White asks a hypothetical question if the major would have another three wishes with the pawhowever, he replies,  ‘I don’t know, I don’t know (2). This means that the pros may not necessarily out way the cons. From these two pieces of evidence, we can generalize that the wishes will be granted, but it will come out twistedIf we go back a couple of steps, authors draft books to express what they feel about a certain belief. Jacobs also used symbolism in this story as the monkey’s paw is taken from a monkey who was either already dead or now disabled. This relates to the results of the wishes since they caused death and others have caused disabilities; one example of death is Herbert. When we add all the pieces of the puzzle together, we will get that a lack of rationality always leads to failure. During the conversation with Major Morris, it was explicitly hinted that the monkey’s paw would not bring fortune, but disaster, and despite the numerous warnings, Mr. White chose not to heed the major’s suggestions. These acts led to Herbert dying, rebirth, and dying again. What about you? If you had the monkey’s paw, would you use it? If so, what would you use it on?

Circuit and Me #1

This is a circuit that I made.

I believe I created a decent circuit, and I could do better next time by placing some space between the path to the LED and the path to the battery. This is because I almost made them touch, which would make a short circuit. I also think I could’ve made things larger. I also should add more decoration to it; it seems too plain. 

For the course, I definitely showed my understanding of circuits since it works. However, I shouldn’t have made the paths so close together, or else it will result in the LED not lighting up. I also should have placed the legs of the LED on top of the copper wire with the cellulose tape because it might not have worked. Next time we make circuits, I would focus on bringing the copper tape paths some distance from each other.

My First Found Poem

In a story called “Fish Cheeks,” the setting is set in the States. A girl named Amy with Chinese parents and been living here ever since her birth wants to fit in with her friends, classmates, and the rest of American society. During a celebration for Christmas, in which her relatives were invited, her family invited her crush, Robert, and the rest of his family. When she knew this, she was really upset. “When I found out that my parents had invited the minister’s family over for Christmas Eve dinner, I cried. What would Robert think of our shabby Chinese Christmas? What would he think of our noisy Chinese relatives who lacked proper American manners? What terrible disappointment would he feel upon seeing not a roasted turkey and sweet potatoes but Chinese food?” means that Amy is upset about the invitation that her parents sent. This is because she feels that they would detest it and then form opinions on her. This is definitely not what she wants.

During dinner, Amy’s relatives were behaving normally. This is exactly why Amy didn’t want her crush to get invited. Evidence could be seen here: “Dinner threw me deeper into despair. My relatives licked the ends of their chopsticks and reached across the table, dipping them into the dozen or so plates of food.” It was rather appalling.

The final straw has done it was when the fish was brought on to the table and then her father “poked his chopsticks just below the fish eye and plucked out the soft meat.” It was then, Amy, as if her life depended on it, “wanted to disappear.”

This may seem like an external conflict, but it is rather internal. Amy thinks that it is shameful to be different. However, that may apply in some cases, but not in this case. Every culture is unique. It is part of the reason that we have cultures. If they were the same, we would just have one culture, which is, to be honest, a bit boring. Amy needs to adapt, but some things just cannot be changed, like your ethnicity. Life is full of changes and Amy needs to get over with believing that they wouldn’t accept her just because she’s not American.