In the play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Shakespeare, Theseus is the duke of Athens and is going to marry Hippolyta. Theseus, the duke of Athens, is a multifaceted person, because he is severe but also loving. “By the time of the next new moon” (Shakespeare 83). It shows Theseus is a severe person that gives ultimatums since he gave Hermia a choice that she has to decide by the next new moon that would either end her relationship with Lysander, marry Demetrius, become a nun or be executed. Even though Theseus could be hard to work with, he still has another side to him. He is a non-aggressive dominant person since Egeus asked Theseus for consent “I beg the ancient privilege” (2) but he is not controlling anybody but rather fulfilling his duty of being the duke of Athens and making decisions that he is supposed to make. Theseus cares about his job but also has a loving heart. “The old moon wanes” (4). Theseus is impatient because he can’t wait to marry Hippolyta. Even though he has a loving heart for Hippolyta, he is still part of the patriarchal society. “You should think of your father as a god” (48) shows that Theseus is a conformist and is part of the patriarchy society because he tells Hermia that she should listen to his father and obey his orders/decisions. Theseus can be hard to work with at times, but he still has a loving heart and cares about people.