The video contains some details on the story, central ideas, the theme and other elements of the book “Unbroken”. Under the video is some of my thoughts and information I got after reading the book.


“Unbroken” by Lauren Hillenbrand is about Louis Zamperini’s life and how becoming an athlete and World War 2 has affected him. It talks about Louis Zamperini throughout his life, from being an Italian immigrant as a child to becoming a soldier, and the many different problems he has faced along the way. One of the themes in this book is always have hope as it can help you in difficult situations.

You should read this book because 1) it can teach you about living in a racist society as an Italian and how foreigners were treated in that era. 2) The way Louis Zamperini changed over the years can inspire you and shows that if you have hope and be resilient, you can achieve many things. I was inspired by the fact that Louis Zamperini always had hope and survived many difficult situations. 3) The book shows what captured American soldiers had to experience as Prisoners of War and what they risked to protect their country.

After reading this book, I learnt that re-reading a book or parts of a book can help you understand the plot more clearly, find out more themes, or take in more information you missed the first time.


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  1. His theme and the whole book are very relevant. His reason for reading this book is a great idea.

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