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My Character during the American Revolution

The American Revolution had changed a lot. It had started a new way of ruling a nation, one ruled partially by the people instead of just one person. It had also toppled the leading nation at the time, Britain. The most professional army in the word at the time, had lost to a random group of civilians and untrained farmers. However, there were also things the revolution kept the same. One of them is rights of women and blacks. They still had no rights, and they weren’t allowed to vote after much later during the civil war. After the revolution, things stayed the same for people in America. The taxes imposed by the British weren’t that much, so it didn’t affect the average American that much. Social classes stayed the same as the rich stood on top and the poor stood on bottom.


A revolution against the time

The American revolution is an intricate revolution with many battles. It went against the world and challenged it. In a time of kings and queens, the American revolution toppled the leading nation at the time established one of the first democracies. Me, Alex and Hyeyoung created a video explaining all about it. Im not gonna explain it all here, but what I did learn from that is that revolutions change many things. Sometimes it is a massive change, sometimes it is a little change. Sometimes there is no change at all! They are the most interesting because of the logic behind fighting a war for nothing to change. Another thing I learned was that it’s important to look at both sides during a revolution. For example, from the perspective of the British they never intended any harm. In fact, their taxes and their shootings seem perfectly reasonable. However, from the perspective of the Colonies the British were cruel people who were taxing them without them having a say in the matter.

Salt by Mark Kurlansky

by Mark Kurlansky
Salt is an interesting book about the history about salt around the world. It explains in great detail about all the events in history about salt. With this it explains how salt can affect our world and something so overlooked has interesting and deep history behind it. If you are looking for a history book, you should definitely read this book. If you like facts about food, this book is also great because it contains a ton of recipes for food and sometimes the history behind them. Overall I think it is a great book.

Smell detection prototype

The machine I have designed is supposed to detect smells by sucking in some of the smell through a vent in the front. Then, the particles in the air are detected by the small detectors in the air vents. The information collected is then sent to your phone, where it is then sent to a server for processing. Once it is processed, it is sent back to your phone where you can see what smell it is. At the back of the machine, there is a clip for you clip it onto.  There are buttons on the sides to control the machine, and a charging port on the bottom. The top opens up, but the front isn’t supposed to open but theres no other way to show what’s inside the prototype.

The Boxer rebellion was an even that aimed to drive out foreigners and Christians. Although the war was very bloody and disastrous for both sides of the war, I do not think the Boxers deserve a bad reputation. Usually, people would pay attention to the fighting, and especially in this case, the horrific war between the Boxers and the foreigners. Because of this, usually people would ignore the causes of the war and just say, ‘oh, this war was really bad, and the Boxers started it.’ But if you pay attention to the causes of the war, you can see that the Boxers had a perfect reason to rebel: they were under constant pressure from the west. If I was to suddenly come into your house and start enforcing rules on you without your permission, I bet you would be pretty mad too. In the case of the Boxers, the Legations had a whole street to themselves and no Chinese villager could enter the street without permission. Another reason would be that the Boxers were very ill-informed. Because they were anti-Christian, they probably did not go to school. Because of this, they did not really know what was going on and why the foreigners were pushing these new laws on them. All they saw was that they were an invasive group of people and needed to be driven out of China. Because of this, there is almost no documentation from the Boxer’s side of the war at all, so it was hard to get a full perspective of the war. One final reason was that the Boxers were mostly made up of unemployed men. When the foreigner came to China, they also brought western technology with them, such as railways and telephone lines. Railways were constructed and the need for people who carried goods from place to place were gone. Telephone lines were constructed and the people who sent messages were gone. As such, these young men lost their jobs. Because of this, they went to the Boxers. In conclusion, The Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation because they were mis-informed, under constant pressure, and most men had lost their jobs from western technology.


Good As Looks?

if you need to deal with selfish people in your life, here is something for you:

how to deal with selfish people in your life

if you need some advice on how to see if someone is selfish or not, here is something for you:

how to identify selfish, unwise, or wise people in your life

My Lightbox

In this unit of product design, we made light boxes of our favorite places, or our most memorable places. For this unit, I made a light box of my most memorable place, Cypress mountain. I started this unit by picking out an image for my light box. Although other images stuck out to me, Cypress mountain stuck out to me the most because it was so close to my home, and we would go there every day in the winter to ski. Once I had picked out my image, I decided to go and pick out how much layers there should be and what layer is what. Once that is done, I moved onto making the design in Illustrator. It turns out, Illustrator is very hard to use. I couldn’t cut the box the way I wanted, and it was pretty hard for me to find the tools I wanted to find. Once, I had to take a screenshot, edit it in preview, and edit it back in! But in the end, I managed to pull through.

One regret I had while making this was being a bit behind on schedule, and because of that I wasn’t quick enough to grab myself some yellow lights. In the third picture of my lights, I feel like it would work even better with yellow ones.
Another regret is that I should have used blue lines to make an indent instead of black lines. Apparently, Black lines cut really really deep, and they don’t look very good on my light box too.
One final regret I have is painting the mountain black instead of dark brown. I also wish that my painting was a little better, as my shadows aren’t very good.

Am I a Humanist?

To learn more about humanism today, here is an article for you: https://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/atheism/types/humanism.shtml

To learn more about humanism in the renaissance, here is an article for you: https://www.oxfordbibliographies.com/view/document/obo-9780195399301/obo-9780195399301-0002.xml

Leon Zhu CER Summative Assessment

Leon Zhu

September 29, 2020

The Aged Mother

       The Aged Mother is a story that, on the outside, is a story about the compassion between the son and his mother. But there is more to that. On the inside, the story is about how old people have more wisdom. On paragraph 7, the mother thought up of a brilliant idea of making a knot of ashes with a straw rope. This means that with more experience, you tend to think better, be more cautious, and more mature in thinking about ideas and plans. The son thought and thought, but could not find a good way to combat the order given by the emperor because he did not have the wisdom and experience of his mother. Another example is when the emperor himself, at the end of the story, said that: “With a crown of snow, there cometh a wisdom.” (Basho 2). This saying means that with a crown of snow, or with a head of old white hair, will come a wisdom only obtainable with age and experience. Also, when the son was climbing the mountain, the mother had noticed that the son was hurrying up the mountain without care. Immediately, the mother thought about how the son would get back down. This means that the mother knows about the dangers of the mountain and can think ahead of time. Thus, the mother tore sticks from trees and bushes to make a ‘path’ that the son could follow to get back down. Again, an example of how older people who have more experience think better. With lots of evidence saying that the fact that older people tend to have more wisdom, it is irrefutable that my claim is incorrect.

Amy Tan’s conflict



The conflict in this story involves Amy Tan being conflicted about the culture her family grew up with or the culture she grew up with. I would say this is an internal conflict as she is not fighting anyone or anything on the outside world. In the story, when Amy’s mother declared that her family would be having dinner with Robert’s family, Amy had a breakdown. In her head, she thought to herself, ‘what would Robert think of our shabby Chinese Christmas? What terrible disappointment would Robert feel upon seeing not a roasted Turkey but sweet potatoes?’ This example shows Amy being very afraid of what would happen when Robert finds out about her culture. Because of this, I decided to include words such as ‘terrible disappointment’ and ‘wanted to disappear.’ Along with the words, I also added images to improve upon my poem. Since the story‘s climax revolves around food on the outside, I decided to draw a bowl with chopsticks, a fish, and a shrimp. All of those drawings and words represent the embarrassment Amy feels and the conflict between American and Chinese cultures. I feel that reflects the conflict in ‘Fish Cheeks’ well.

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