Hierarchy for print

I came into this project feeling really good about my persona poster, but this was on a shorter time schedule so I wasn’t sure how well I would do.

We started out by really quickly sketching out visual representations of all eight of the design principles, then our teacher Mr. Griffin assigned us each a specific principle to create a poster on.


We each created five different ideas for the poster, then held a peer review session where we talked through our designs with another person and picked the two designs that best communicated the principle that we were assigned.

I ended up choosing these two as the two that I would continue to work on. For the first one, I tried to use a pyramid shape to guide the eye downwards, and I also tried to do that with the rainbow gradient. For the second one, I just tried to emphasize a white dot as much as possible.

I ended up flipping the pyramid so that it would point downwards, changing the bottom rectangle to a grey color to deviate from the rainbow gradient, and shortening the height of each layer as you go down, again to lead your eyes to the grey rectangle.


I had a lot of fun in this project, and I learned a lot. I practiced creating with limitations, and designing something for a purpose. I learned how to create a clipping mask, and how to use design elements and principles to emphasize a certain element. I am also looking forward to the next project that we have, and then beyond.