From Absolute Monarchy to Absolute Monarchy: Why French Revolution Worth the Cost?

If we look back into different parts of history, through the origin of all of these revolutions that marked turning points off human history, we would find them being surprisingly simple. Both the turning point of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and even the Boxers’ rebellion later in Asia, was hunger and famine. In other words, to survive.

As the upper classes got more and more privileges, the lower classes will be exploited more and more. As this unhealthy cycle goes on, a change will eventually appear. Normal people will never think about changing the whole world if their life works well. Yet, when they started the change——no matter what the result in short terms was like———the thoughts and goals will always be there, waiting for the next chance to change.

The video below made by me and my partner, Judy, will talk though the French Revolution.

The Two Different Personalities: Quiet Power

“Quiet Power” is a book by Susan Cain, throughout the book it uses different extracts to describe introvert’s situation and challenges in a different situation. I think that the theme of this book is “the best result comes when introverts and extroverts work together”. At the start of the book, page 14, the author describe herself and her husband’s relationship as “I really can’t say enough about the yin and yang of the two personality types. When we join together, we are so much better than the sun of out two parts… Together we are more”. As the book goes on and when the author started to talk about other’s stories, she went over an exact about how the Apple computer was created by two people with a different personality on page 88. “Together, these utterly different personality types—one introvert, one extrovert—shaped the Apple brand”. This two example shows that the collaborate between introverts can not only happen in large and important goals, but also in families and daily life where the details of a person matter more.
I recommend this book because this book is a good fit for people with all personality types—no matter if you are an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert—it is very important for people to understand themself and the rest of the world—others around them. Second, the author uses a very interesting method, small extracts, to layout different situations and different challenges that introverts face.
One thing that I learned throughout this unit will be that it is very important to think deeply about the things that the author is describing, not only just look at the word and the facts that it gives out. It is because that the authors of literary non-fiction will insert their theme into the book in small parts and not as a big whole chunk in fiction. The book that I am reading does not even have the main plot, so the theme of the book is hiding under these little extracts. If we just read those extracts, the information that I gain will just be facts. However, if I connect each part together, thinking about the causes and effects behind them, the theme will come out.


Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Reputation?

I think that Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation. After losing wars such as the Opium War, two wars that China has with the British due to the trading balance and the trading barriers, China become destitute. It results in the bad condition that the people live in, especially in places like Shandong. Due to the environmental condition in Shandong, such as flooding or drought, and the robbers, these villagers usually form their own power to protect themselves. The Shandong governments member do not want these Boxers, what foreign named these anti-Christian and anti-foreign people, to thrive in Shandong and keep creating conflicts, however, they do not want to, or cannot stop these Boxers. So, the Shandong governments decided to expel these Boxers away from Shandong towards the north, which was located in Beijing and Tianjin. (Jenne). At the start, the Boxers are just settling in Beijing. However, they started their rebellion in Beijing after a group of missioners killed innocent people who lived in Beijing when they are actually targeting the Boxers. Even at the beginning of the rebellion, the conflict is not so extreme, however, it was Cixi, the Empress Dowager or the mother of the emperor’s mother, who give them weapons such as guns which then makes the conflict more dangerous. Due to the condition that these people, who then later on formed the Boxers, live in, their information is mostly base on their experience from before. Most of these people are just struggling to survive, at that time education is only for a small proportion of people who is either rich or have high social status. Without enough education for them to gain the ability to read and write, their sources of information were very limited, so the most effective way for them to gain information is from other experiences. However, clearly, this source of information is very unpriced, which not only pays tribute for their misunderstanding about the missionaries but also causes the spread and thrive of some false beliefs such as how the unpleasant of god caused the drought. So, this lack of information given caused how the Boxers target all of the Christians and the foreign with no separation between the ones who malice and the ones who are not. Also, both the Qing government and the foreign missioners paid tribute to the Boxer’s Rebellion. If the Qing government at first give their people better life quality that the does not need to struggle about living and gain more education, the misunderstanding of Boxers towards the foreign and the Christians will not happen in the first place. In the second place, if the Shandong government does not expel these Boxers to Beijing, the political center, the conflicts will not evoke such a big problem. On the other hand, we need to admit how yearning was these countries was to take a bite of China after China loses in the Opium Wars. It is understandable how the Chinese do not want these foreigners to earn money from them and tries to resist. All in all, now it is very clear that the Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation, because they have no malice towards innocent people. What they are wanting and thinking at the whole time is just to protect the Chinese in their own way, which seems somehow very violent from our perspective in this peacetime.

Renaissance Humanism

What Would Three Unlimited Wishes Bring? —-The theme under the story “The Monkey’s paw”

What would invincible power bring to us? Freedom and joy or would it lead us to deeper holes? In the story “The Monkey’s Paw”, the monkey’s paw can make three of the wishes come true, with no limits told in the story, we can say that it is a “invincible power”. For his first wish, Mr. White only asked for two hundred pounds to finish paying for his house, however, he got the two hundred pounds later from his son’s death. Mr. White’s second wish is to make his son alive again, but later he realizes that he lost at the same time as he picked up the monkey paw… Too much power, which means the monkey paw with three wishes in this case, with no limit will never bring real freedom nor joy.


In the story “The Monkey’s Paw” by Willian W. Jacob, the author believes that too much power or freedom without rules often develop unpredictable ending. In the start of the story when Mr. White is making his first wish, he only asked for just enough of money to finish paying for the house: “’If you could finish paying for the house you’d be quite happy, wouldn’t you?’, Herbert said. ‘Wish for two hundred pounds, then. That’ll just do it’” (Jacobs 2). It is very hard for me to say that two hundred pounds to finish the paying for their house is a greedy choice comparing to an unlimited wish, especially when it was trade for a life. However, the monkey paw is “breaking the rule” by its power—-change some one’s fate and cause them to be dead—-to fulfill Mr. White’s wish. No matter what Mr. White had wish for, nor if his wish is greed or not, the monkey’s paw is “breaking the rule”. Without the limits of rules, the monkey’s paw can fulfill Mr. White’s wish. However, at the same time, using the same power that breaks the rule, it can cause Herbert, his son, to the death. Mr. White and Mrs. White was nearly despair after Herbert was gone, especially Mrs. White, so she put her eyes back on the paw: “’Go down and get [the monkey’s paw] quickly and wish our boy alive again’… ‘Bring [Herbert] back. Do you think I’m frightened of my own son?’” (Jacobs 5). Even though the wish of “getting some one back alive again” seems to be greed, and any cost for trading this wish will looks fair from a reader’s view, when we actually get ourself into Mrs. White’s perspective, feeling her despair of suddenly sending her son into the graveyard, it is not actually that hard to understand why Mrs. White choose to make that wish. Although it might be wrong and greedy to bring someone that is dead back alive, but I can’t tell how “UNFORGIVEN” the old couple was to tolerate through all of these. All in all, the main reason was always on the Monkey paw, or to be clear, the wish that contains the “power to break the rules”, and not on an old couple who is just a victim for this tragedy of the rules that is broken. It seems like if there are no rules and we got all we want, we will stay thrive for ever, but the truth is far from it. Though rules might limit our freedom in some ways, but these limitations are for our bigger freedom, real freedom that is for everyone, but not freedom only for the powers.

The Change.

My found poem is about the internal conflict in the story “Thank You Ma’am” by Langston Hughes. The conflict that is showed this poem is about the change of the boy from beginning of the story, where the boy steal things and lie to the woman, to the end of the story, where the boy really understand the trust between people. In the start of the book, the boy wants to steal the women’s pocketbook and lied “I didn’t aim to” (page 1)  when the women catch him. This shows that the boy does not understand the importance of trust and is just thinking about how to get away from the trouble. However, at the end of the story, the boy “did not trust the woman not to trust him. And he did not want to be mistrusted now.” (page 3).  This tells the reader that the boy now really understand the trust between people, and he wants to keep and protect this trust and relationship.

Life Imitating Art


I don’t have the robe for Gryffindor, so I used the robe of Slytherin instead. Plus, who will chose Gryffindor when you have the choice Slytherin?!! (Just kidding, but Slytherin is always the best for me!!)

I don’t have the bottle in the women’s hand, so I chose these bottle with plants instead. A bottle with life is much more better!

I don’t have a sunflower in my home, so I chose to use these plants again, it is the same one as the picture before. I am pretty sure that these plants are also as beautiful.


“In China, stone statues are always standing still” (Just kidding)

“When I am still alive…” We don’t have a smoke, so I used a pencil and a post to pretend it.

I wonder what is inside the book in the original art. I cannot find enough candles for this picture, so the smaller candle is actually an apple pencil.

Geology Time Project

Reading project: What makes Harry hero and what makes Riddle Voldemort.

I read Harry Potter #3 for my reading project, and I am studying about the characters in this book. While I am reading, I found that Voldemort, or Riddle is actually a very interesting person. So, I did a time line about what makes Harry hero and what makes Riddle Voldemort.

COVID-19 Origin in China?—Final Prodct

This is my final product for the Mythbust project. For this project, I am working on to ensure if COVID-19 is a China virus, and the result came out that even though the first report of COVID-19 is from China, but there is no evidence that shows COVID-19 is a China virus. And I put my research  in the PPT below.

Click here to view the PPT

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