The Boxers do not deserve a bad reputation. After the Second Opium War, foreigners and missionaries filtered into China and began to take Chinese soil as they please. Many of the peasant’s farmland was taken forcibly which they filed as a complaint to the local government. To their surprise, the local government did not respond in any manner. Along with land being taken, there was a drought that fell upon those peasants. Therefore, those peasants concluded that those “strangers” were the root of the problem as their coming angered the Chinese gods, so farmers took action against them. As you see, the root of the problem was at the foreigners; they were the ones who acted like uncivilized people and took as much as they want. The farmers had only acted in response to the inhumane acts of the foreigners and missionaries. Those farmers only want a stable life without disturbance. Yet, history proclaimed those who desired a decent life as people uncivilized. As anyone could see, the Boxers definitely do not deserve a bad reputation.