In Engineering, we were given a design challenge of creating a cup insulator. It has to be removable, pretty, keep the beverage hot, and people can easily drink from the cup. I don’t have anything to be proud of because I think we could’ve did a better job. If I can do a third prototype, I would choose materials that are thinner and can better prevent heat loss.  For me, the hardest part of this Cup Insulator Design Challenge was trying to make the cup insulator wrap around the cup since the materials we chose were so stiff.  

This is our storyboard for the Cup Insulator Project and the Penguin Dwelling Project. During this task, I learned how to write procedures and record and measure data. I’m not proud of our storyboard because it is very messy and does a poor job of explaining each project thoroughly. If we could do a second storyboard, I would definitely include more information about each project and organize it better.



In Science, we were given the task of making a home for the penguins. It had to be a conductor and keep the penguins cool.  In this project, I learned how to hot glue foil and mylar together. One thing that I’m proud of is that we managed to reduce the transmission of heat. One thing that was hard for me was buying materials since we had a set amount of money and the materials were really expensive.