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Robotics and Coding App Reflection

In this unit, I learned how to choose a project when there is a deadline. I also learned that the projects I chose has to be able to be finished by the due date. For example, at first, I wanted to have a reminder app where people could type lists in and the app would remind the client with a ring tone and a message pops up on the phone. However, I realized that I would not be able to complete the reminder app so I had to switch to another app. Instead of an app that reminds people, I switched to an app that teach people Chinese. I used to think that programming was basically memorizing a bunch of codes and then putting them together. Now I think that programming is more about logic and how to build a code.

People would need an app that teaches Chinese because China is a fast-growing economy. This means that there will be many new opportunities in China. However, most Chinese’s english is not so good or some people can only say “hello” in English. Therefore, foreigners will need to learn Chinese in order to communicate more efficiently. In addition, knowing Chinese will create certain advantages amongst your peers. For example, a foreigner can collaborate on a project more easily if they understood Chinese.  To conclude, knowing Chinese would make your life easier in China.

According to my first design of my app, which was a reminder app, I envisioned that the user would be able to type in to do lists with specific time for each task and the phone will ring when the designed time comes and a message will also pop up on the screen of the user’s phone. When I changed my app, my design was that the user would see a picture of the Chinese character with pin yin and the user would have to type the English word for the Chinese character below.

The function of my finished app is to teach people Chinese. It will teach Chinese by having pictures of Chinese words with pin yin and the question underneath. The user will be asked to type in the English meaning of the word. I would say the quality is not the best because some pictures might show up a little blurry and there is only “hello” in Chinese and “goodbye” in Chinese.

One strength of the product I created is that it can teach you very simple Chinese words and it has pictures with pin yin on top so the user can learn pin yin and Chinese characters at the same time. One weakness of the product is that the app can only teach very simple Chinese words, not phrases since Chinese grammar and English grammar are different. One strength of the process is that English users can type in the words and it is also easier than looking at 3 answers and determining which one is the closest. One weakness of the process is that if the user accidentally types a typo, the process will mark it wrong. Another weakness is that if the user uses a different English word, the process will also mark it as incorrect.






Reflection on One Day

 This is an argument that I wrote for my English tutoring class. It features the reason of Ancient Egypt’s downfall.

I Am From My Piano and Dusty Old Books

In humanities, we each wrote a “Where I’m From” poem. The poem is about what things are important to you and things your family says.

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