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Reading Reflection No.2

Recently I have finished “The Keeper of the Mist” and have just started a new novel that is called, “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien. It is a fantasy adventure story that introduced a ton of fictional material into its world and I can already tell even if I am only 121 pages into the novel that there was massive amounts of world building done by the Tolkien. At the beginning of the story, the main protagonist Bilbo was just a normal hobbit but later becomes a well equip traveller.  This all started when a group of dwarfs and a wizard barged into his house uninvited and tried to recruit the timid hobbit into their little group for the goal of taking back their kingdom that has been lost do to the cause of a dragon. What I appreciate about this book is the mystery and action that is woven through is pages. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy adventure fantasy, or for readers that would like a more challenging read.

Logo Design

Client name: Terrakth

Background: Terrakth Studio is a new MMO 3D sword fighting game across the world. They were made to entertain the curiosity of people of sword duals. They represent a new step/progress for game design.

Audience: Terrakth’s whose main client base consists of teens that is around 14+ and other networks to partner with.

Context: Terrakth requires a logo for shop merch (bags, cloth, cups).

Keywords: Strong, spirited, sharp, spiky, stone.



Lyrics & Type Reflection


This poster has several features that were intentionally added. From the cover, you can see a night sky and song lyrics. But the poster has other representations of the dreamy night too. First, the words(lyrics) go from up in the sky down to the dark grass. This indicates that there is a drifting deeper and deeper into sleep, if you know what I mean. Second, If you look closely there are some whirling winds in the background.  When you combine everything together, you see a word floating behind the main text, ‘silent’.


The poster above is called: “Night”, the lyrics are from a song called “Dreamy Night” by LilyPichu.  Out of the three potential songs, I initially chose a different song and lyric but changed my mind during the second class. The reason being was that the theme was too difficult to develop and it was really time-consuming.  

Out of all the lyrics in Dreamy Night I chose, “It was so late in the night, my mind is drifting away” because of the fact that it had the most potential to have a definitive effective impression on the audience. I tried to convey a deep slumber and dreamy state with the night sky and the mist hovering above.

This project was daunting for me personally. I had to analyze what the lyrics were really expressing. Moreover, it was also hard to pick one inspiration to go off of for the reason that there were so many inspirations and each of them left a different impression on the audience.  One negative about the project was that it was hard to find the time. For instance, we worked for an entire hour during one of the work classes,  but it seemed merely 20 minutes passed when the class ended.  But on the other hand, aside from all the difficulties, I got to experience many other ‘Affinity’ features. For example, the Affinity Photo’ liquified persona.

The poster was also affected by the feedback that was given by other people. Two of the suggestions that my feedback partner gave were to change the color that made the lyric 3D, and to cast some shade on the grass. So I did just that, and the changes influenced the illustration in a positive way.

Before                                                                                                                                      After



Process & Drafts

My Beginning Inspirations On a Padlet

Made with Padlet

Reading Reflection No.1

The novel that I have almost finished is called the ‘Keeper of the Mist’ written by Rachel Neumeier. It is a fantasy adventure story featuring magic in its world. At the beginning of the story, the main protagonist was just a baker. Due to the protection of the magical mist disappearing and Nimmira being exposed to the outside, she was forced to rise to the throne and rule over a kingdom that is called Nimmira. The story itself moves at a slow pace due to the descriptive text that Neumeier uses.

What I appreciate about this book is the mystery and anticipation that is woven through is pages. For instance, when the mist disappeared and Lady Kerianna left her bakery for the royale palace, the neighboring country came over and crossed Nimmira’s boundary. You could sense that danger was on the horizon. It left me longing for some action and for what might come next.


I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy the all around fantasy, or for reading who would like to explore the genre.

Styles Typography

Educational Poster Element:Point

Sky of eagle and stars

This piece is based on the design Element:Point. When I first got assigned the element of point, I thought about making an eagle in the skies so here I am. The black dots represents stars and the solid blue background is the sky. Almost everything in this poster is made up with the dots, this design task is interesting because there is so many styles to pick from. I really think this design could be more polished and creative if given enough time.

The reason why I chose to do this idea instead of the other 4 examples is due to the fact that this piece has more detail also I just like eagles in general.

Persona Poster Reflection

The portrait even though its  appearance does not look like me but, The physiological/inner ‘illustration’ part does (Like the emotion) .

It represents a once trapped but released environment. As you can see in the poster chains attached onto the body is breaking away. The shadow on the right side of the poster resembles emotion. You were once trapped by it when you were small. But now the chains that bind you and hid you from everything is breaking. Only half of the body is in shadows now.


After this project I have learned that choosing an attainable and practical to reaching the project deadline. This would allow me to focus on the quality of the work rather than attempting to cram to much stuff into it/

I was able to successfully illustrate and complete the poster which only several minor aspects was not attached to the project. The biggest success was this knowledge that I gained about the  pen tool.  The repetitive tracing gave me ample opportunity to learn and master this technique with action.

Persona Poster Me as a designer!

My inspiration:

  • What is Graphic design?

Graphic design is to design pictures, illustrations, etc. It is a way for creators to communicate messages. To express what your mind is imagining and critical thinking.

  • What inspires me about design?

Creating and designing allows you to draw/design down your ideas in your mind. Like wanting to draw a character in a creative story you have wrote or just simply copying something off in real life and drawing it on a piece of paper.

Go to my Graphic Design Padlet for my favorite design and examples of inspiration!

  • Who are my favorite designers?
  • Lucas Duan <–Best Designer.

Me as a designer:

  • What’s my most memorable experience designing (or creating) something? Why?

My most outstanding experience designing something was for a story that I began writing in the sprint of 2020. It was an adventure tale that had some fantasy elements to it. There were a lot of geographical locations so a map of the world that i created was needed. It was my first semi-large illustration project that I had to do all by myself. Creating the map helped to keep continuity in the story too!

  • What would I like to get better at doing as a designer? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

I would like to better organize the individual elements and layers in my deisgn projects. At the same time, I would like to devlop my photo editing techniques and illustrations. Also the deadline of a project too. ;-;

  • What do I already do pretty well? (Eg drawing, presenting, digital design, fabrication, photo-editing, sharing, collaborating, etc)

I have done well at critical thinking and the creation of ideas.  Also putting a pencil to a paper and presenting drawing.



<div class=”padlet-embed” style=”border:1px solid rghttp://

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Persona Poster

Portrait OutlineBased on: Black Clover

SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis  



I don’t really like reading, and I’m not fast at it either. So by reading more than usual. I would like to speed up how fast I read. 



Thinking critically 

I think a new school and a new environment can have many opportunities. In a new environment, nobody knows who you are, that allows you to build yourself from scratch again. Thinking critically means I actually use my head for assessments and other opportunities. 


Strength –  


Writing is one of my hobbies that I love to do. I mainly write short stories with protagonists because I watch anime too much. 




Laziness could really be a threat. It happens to almost everyone when there is a massive amount of work In front of us there is often stress, and laziness.  



By really focusing when I am reading, I would like to increase the amount of vocabulary I know and the speed that I read. I will know that I have achieved this goal by the number of books I read per month. 

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