My Found Poem from “The Last Kiss”

This found poem was made by the words from “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher. This story is about a conflict between a child who still wants to be kissed goodnight, and his father who decides not to kiss him anymore because he has become too old. The conflict in “The Last Kiss” is external; developed from factors outside of the main character. The specific type could be ‘character vs. character’ conflict, which has the child as a protagonist and his father as an antagonist because it is happening between him and his father. For instance, in the sixth paragraph, the main character becomes shocked because his father, who exactly knew why he came to see him, just ‘said’ goodnight instead of kissing him. And this is where the conflict starts. On the other hand, it could also be ‘character vs. nature’ conflict, since the root of it was the aging of him(you can see the narrator saying that he was too old to be kissed in the last paragraph), and it is not something he can change after his will.

In the poem, I tried to highlight what goodnight kisses meant to the narrator, how the conflict grew, and how he realized the truth through it, which contains all the parts I think is essential for the climax. I inserted the picture of a baby being kissed by both his parents, but in black and white, to show that the perfect balance of goodnight kisses from his mother and father has now become a memory. Also, I placed a broken heart symbol in the middle of the poem to show that the reality was too grim for him.

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